Cricket Betting

Started in England way back in the 18th century, Cricket is considered one of the oldest sports in the world. More and more countries, especially in Singapore, are now loving the game, too. Amazingly, even youngsters are getting into the hype of this sport. And when compared to other Asian countries, there’s a remarkable number of people that are enthusiastically participating in cricket betting in Singapore.

And recognizing the sport’s rising popularity among players and punters, organizers in Singapore are keen to host local cricket events in the country. As the sport gains more traction in the Lion City, so does interest in cricket betting.

LuxeBet88 offers an avenue for fans and bettors alike to engage in excitement, whether it’s five-day test matches or fast-paced T20 clashes.


Cricket Betting In Singapore

Back in the day, cricket was a sport that used to be played mostly by rich people and they do this by placing high-stakes bets. But now, just like football and basketball, this bat-and-ball game is widely enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. The truth is, that you can participate in cricket betting at the best online betting sites across the globe.

And if you want to participate in cricket betting in Singapore, LuxeBet88 is the best place for you. Aside from offering you the most extensive range of betting options for cricket, LuxeBet88 makes sure that you’ll catch all the thrilling action of each match by watching the game streamed live. Furthermore, you may bet on cricket both in-play and ahead of time with our online betting platform.

Cricket Tournaments You Can Place a Bet On At LuxeBet88

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

The International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup stands as the ultimate event in cricket. The world’s best cricket players get together to compete in this renowned tournament once every four years. At LuxeBet88, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup also holds the title of the most-watched bat and ball game tournament in the world.

Not only that but the ICC is also lauded as the most important event of the sport. ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup consists of four stages: the Super 8, the knock-out stage, the semi-finals, and the finals. As the teams compete for the most coveted cricket trophy, there are plenty of options to take part in cricket betting at the best online betting site in Singapore — LuxeBet88.

ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy is considered one of the top-notch tournaments in this bat and ball game. Unlike other competitions with different formats, the ICC Champions Trophy exclusively centers on One Day International (ODI) cricket. Here, two teams will be competing for 50 overs each, with one inning per team. In addition, it makes ODI cricket more fast-paced and exciting due to increased player offensives.

If you’re keen to participate in cricket betting in the 2025 ICC Champions Trophy, make sure to keep an out on the odds and betting options that will be offered by LuxeBet88.

T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is globally considered the most popular bat-and-ball game tournament. Not to mention that its 7.5-kilogram trophy has seen some of the biggest sixes in the game, which is a very exciting opportunity to place bets on an online betting in Singapore site.

India’s surprise victory in the inaugural 2011 competition propelled the T20 format’s popularity. Since then, the T20 World Cup has grown to become one of the world’s most well-known bat-and-ball game championships.

Ashes Series

This bat-and ball game competition represents a monumental clash between two continents which extends to its nations – England and Australia. The Ashes Series occurs approximately every two years and it usually involves five test matches that typically run five days each. The team winning the most matches concludes the series and retains the Ashes until the next series.

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