Basketball Betting

Singaporeans’ love for basketball is very evident in the impressive performance of the Singaporean team at the SEA Games and ASEAN Basketball Championship. Furthermore, basketball betting has also successfully captured the hearts of Singapore sports fans as it offers them a thrilling way to connect with the game while potentially earning profits as well.

And, much like the global scene, the basketball betting landscape in the country has grown exponentially while providing hundreds of betting options through various bookmakers. Whether you’re a fan of the NBA, ABL, or EuroLeague, you can now conveniently place bets on different matches happening daily at LuxeBet88.


The Basketball Betting Landscape In The Lion City

In Singapore, the government has strict rules about gambling and they’re just allowing its residents to engage in this activity only in licensed forms. And for you to legally participate in NBA betting in Singapore, you can only place bets on Singapore Pools (SP).

Singapore Pools is a government-owned lottery organization that offers both online and offline sports betting options for Singaporeans. However, government restrictions limit the full utilization of the services offered by SP. Thankfully, Singaporeans can open betting accounts at the age of and explore more online sports betting choices with platforms like Luxebet88.

The popularity of regional and global basketball tournaments is continuously rising. And with that, Singaporean punters now have numerous opportunities to place bets on these events. With the widespread availability of online betting on Singapore sites like LuxeBet88, you can now enjoy the diverse range of sports betting activities that LuxeBet88 offers. From basketball, football, volleyball, and other niche sports, LuxeBet88 always has something to offer you.

Explore The Best Basketball Leagues For Betting At LuxeBet88

National Basketball Association (NBA)

The NBA is a professional basketball league with 30 teams all over North America and features some of the world’s top players. While other countries have their leagues, like the Pro-Am SBL in Singapore, the NBA is considered the best worldwide.

The basketball teams are split into two groups — the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. Each team is playing against the others in their conference during the regular season. And when they manage to make it to the playoffs, winning teams will be competing against the other teams from other leagues.

If you want to participate in NBA betting in Singapore, you can place pre-match bets at LuxeBet88 if you don’t want to stay up late and watch the game live.

FIBA World Cup

The FIBA Basketball World Cup is equivalent to the FIFA World Cup competition that is held every four years, whereas, different countries worldwide are expressing their interest in hosting the event. Despite its quadrennial occurrence, this prestigious basketball competition consistently piques the interest and excitement of basketball fans and punters alike.


EuroLeague Basketball is a multinational sports and entertainment organization that primarily focuses on arranging top European championships for pro basketball teams. In addition, EB also oversees the two main men’s basketball tournaments in Europe which are — the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and the 7 DAYS Euro Cup.

If we’re getting to look at the structure of this league, it resembles that of the NBA. Wherein, 18 clubs are playing against each other twice — both at home and away. Then, it’ll be followed by playoffs for the qualifying teams. At LuxeBet88, you can still enjoy the excitement and excellence of the EuroLeague even if you’re not betting on the games. Just by watching all the game streams live on our platform, you’ll be able to witness all the captivating moments of each match on EuroLeague.

ASEAN Basketball League

The ASEAN Basketball League, ABL for short, stands as the main regional professional basketball league in Southeast Asia. Additionally, ABL has its own set of rules and regulations which involve teams that are playing four times each, whereas each team will be pacing the others twice at home and twice away during the regular season. Overall, this sums up to a total of 20 matches per team, resulting in a combined 60 games throughout the entire season.

Pro-Am SBL

Established in 2014, Pro-Am SBL, or the Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League is a professional basketball league in Singapore, and it features a combination of elite and amateur basketball players. Pro-Am SBL is currently expanding and is now boasting 12 teams across Singapore.


The National Basketball League, NBL for short, is considered one of the top basketball tournaments in the Asia-Pacific region. In fact, the NBL has become the starting point for some seriously talented players despite the NBL’s humble beginnings. Currently, the National Basketball League has nine teams from Australia and one from New Zealand.

LuxeBet88: Your Go-To Spot For Basketball Betting In Singapore

Basketball betting is a popular pastime for many basketball fans in Singapore. LuxeBet88 offers a wide range of basketball betting options and covers major events like the NBA and FIBA World Cup. You can also bet on various basketball leagues happening in the country like NBL, Pro-Am SBL, and ASEAN Basketball League, too. LuxeBet88 is definitely your go-to choice for a secure, reliable, and fun online betting experience in Singapore.


Can I Legally Bet On Basketball At LuxeBet88?
Basketball is loved by many in Singapore, so it’s not surprising that you can legally bet on basketball at reputable sites like LuxeBet88. Aside from backing Singapore’s national team in local tournaments, you can also bet on popular leagues like the NBA and Asian basketball competitions at LuxeBet88.

What Makes LuxeBet88 The Best Choice For Basketball Betting In Singapore?
Aside from being a secured and regulated platform, Luxebet88 offers you diverse basketball tournaments and various bonuses that you can use for basketball betting. In addition, this sportsbook offers you competitive odds and live betting options as well.

What’s The Best Way To Bet On The NBA Or Basketball?
To maximize your profits from betting on basketball, you can go for simple bets and combine a few games, known as an accumulator bet. With games happening almost every day during the long season, smaller ACCAs can work well.