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Colossal Slot Machine: Exclusive guide to play WMS Colossal reels

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Playing an online colossal slot machine can be mind-blowing. Even if, you are an experienced slots player, you may still find it hard to grasp the game. So today, we are going to take a closer look at how to play the game. In addition, we will discuss how to find the perfect colossal reels slot machines. Read how How Does Slot Machines Work?

What are colossal reels in slot machines?

Colossal reels is a unique slot machine feature introduced by Williams Interactive (WMS).

The colossal reel features two sets of reels that you will see on the game screen.

  • Like a traditional video slot, it features a small set of reels played over three rows.
  • Alongside this is a five-reel set with twelve rows.
colossal slot machine
What are colossal reels in slot machines?

With a colossal reels slot machine, you can gamble across 100 paylines. Thanks to the many reels that you can play at the same time. You now have more chances of hitting huge winnings.

The original colossal slot machine featured titles like Van Helsing and Forbidden Dragons.

Furthermore, the colossal reels generator works on two sets of reels. It has a four-row main reel set of five reels together with a huge colossal reel set. This WMS colossal reel contains 100 paylines. Additionally, it features extra content and wild switch in the bonus slots as well.

This is the reason why it has been the best trend in casinos all over the world. To the point that it surpasses the popularity of Cleopatra and Buffalo slot machines. It has been a huge hit ever since the colossal slot machine has been released. Plus, the online version of these colossal reels has begun to appear in most online casino Singapore.

Even though, as the years pass their success diminishes a little. Still, many players continuously love the games. That is why you still find them in almost every online casino Singapore that you walk into today.

What makes WMS colossal slot machine so special?

WMS colossal reels are not the typical slots that you are playing. Currently, you will find online colossal slot machines that enhance your gaming experience. Here is the reason why there has been a rise of online colossal reels slot machines.

  1. With colossal reels, you can play up to 100 paylines.
  2. There are many stacked symbols on all reels.
  3. Moreover, you can play on two sets of reels at the same time.
  4. It features ‘Transferring Wilds’, which are similar from one set of reels to the other.
  5. When you play online, you can work off a welcome bonus while enjoying winning big money.

How does colossal reels slot machines work?

As mentioned, colossal reels offer 100 ways for you to win. Besides, the game is comprised of stacked symbols. Moreover, this increases your chances of winning. On top of this, it allows you to increase and decrease the number of paylines you can activate. Do you want to learn how this slot machine functions? Read more.

  1. First, you need to open the game.
  2. Once opened, you will see the main grid shows 5×4 reels.
  3. Then, look at the grid on the left. Here, you can find the 5×12 reels.
How does colossal reels slot machines work?

This huge reel layout was first introduced in the conventional casinos in the US. From this point, colossal reels have changed the gaming landscape. In addition, it reshapes the mind-set of developers and operators.

Is this your first time playing a colossal slot machine? On the other hand, you find it hard to understand how the game works. Then, you should consider playing the free colossal slots online. So that you can get a hold of how to play the colossal slots. In addition, you can experiment with the different platforms of online colossal slots. Therefore, you understand the different attributes associated with them.

What is the advantage of WMS colossal reels?

The prime advantage of WMS colossal reels is the stacked icon feature. This gives the player the ability to gain many small winnings on a regular basis. Moreover, the involvement of “transferring wilds” adds up the fun of playing colossal slots.

Furthermore, you can easily distinguish the colossal reel slot. Thanks to the “Transferring Wilds” feature. This feature is very handy in increasing your chance to win.

  1. When you receive a stack of the wild on the grids, the machine will clone it.
  2. Then, it the wilds will be transfers to the next grid.
  3. Thus, it will multiply your earnings. By having two sets of reels, you are also doubling your chances of winning.

Additionally, most colossal slots display Wild symbols. These symbols are special icons. Thus, it overrides all the standard slot machine icons on the reel. Thus, aids in completing the winning paylines.

Furthermore, the “Stacked Wilds” features can also fill a reel of two or three spaces. Thus, it increases your winnings. In Colossal slot machine, the “Stacked Wilds” appear only on a limited set of reels. However, when the Wild transfers began, it can take up the whole reel.

colossal slot machine
What is the advantage of WMS colossal reels?

How to find the best colossal reels slot Machine?

So far, you won’t find too many other developers offering colossal reels. Because WMS has trademarked this colossal slots feature. They patented the colossal reel layout, so this feature is only available from the WMS slot machine only. Thankfully, Williams Interactive has produced many pretty mean colossal slots. So that you can still try playing the free colossal slots online version.

Popular Colossal Real Slot Machines

Epic Monopoly II (WMS)

Over the years, WMS releases many slot machines based on a popular board game – Monopoly. Even so, Epic Monopoly II takes the feature of Transferring Wilds and ramps everything up to 11.

Therefore, when the player hits the four Stacked Wilds on the main reels, then the Wild transfers will begin. This will turn the ENTIRE mini-set reel into Wilds. Simply put, the 12 symbols in your reels will be turning into Wilds on the second set of reels all at once.

Queen of the Wild II (WMS)

This colossal slot machine is part of the “Innovation Series” of WMS. In addition, Queen of the Wild II features two sets of reels as well. Wherein, the 4-stacked Wilds transfers over the big reels.

Yet, there is an added twist on this new game. These gigantic reels offer Free Spins Scatters. Wherein, it can appear on Reels 1, 3, and 5 on both sets of reels. Here, two will multiply any wins that hit on the 5×12 set of reels. Additionally, when the spin is retriggered, you are lucky. You can look forward to winning 100 free spins. Very nice, right? This is why playing this game can be so rewarding.

Some colossal reels you should try:

colossal slot machine
Spartacus Gladiator Of Rome Colossal Reels Slot Machine
  • Spartacus Gladiator Of Rome Slot Machine
  • Giant’s Gold Slot Machine
  • Kiss: Shout It Out Loud Slot Machine
  • Fire Queen Slot Machine
  • Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Slot Machine
  • Lil’ Red Riches Slot Machine
  • Zeus 100
  • Lunaris
  • King’s Honour

Wrap-up: WMS colossal reels slots machines take the stage

Now that you know how colossal slots work, you are set to go and play these gigantic reels. Note that colossal slot machines offer low RTP with higher betting limits. So, ensure that you are ready to play the game and enjoy the thrill.

Colossal Slot Machine FAQs:

Colossal reels are a unique feature offered by slot machines – developed by WMS. They patented these innovative slots. Then, add a 5×12 grid to the regular 5×4 main slot. Here, you can get a chance to win 100 paylines and Transferring Wilds.

Williams Interactive (WMS) develops most of the colossal slot machines we played today. However, Barcrest develops the gigantic Rainbow Riches Reels. Even though WMS patented the colossal reel features, you may find it unusual. Because both these companies are currently owned by Scientific Games.

There are many amazing colossal slots. However, King’s Honour offers the best bonus features among the rest. Here, you can experience ten whole bonus features. This includes re-spins, bonus multipliers, and so much more. Plus, you can even get a random chance to get huge symbols. When appearing on the reels, you can get exciting rewards. In colossal reels, most bonuses appear in the free spins. So, make sure that you aim for those colossal slot bonus symbols.