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Find Your Winning Edge: The Best Sports Betting Tips Here In LuxeBet88 Casino

Online sports betting is becoming more and more popular in Singapore as the days go by. Even though the prize can be huge when you, let’s be real — it’s not easy to beat the house. But you shouldn’t lose all hope because LuxeBet88 Singapore Casino is here to help you improve your chances. By studying out what sharp bettors do, you can learn the best sports betting tips to help you find your winning edge.

Find-Out The Break-Even Rate For Your Wager

The break-even rate refers to the rate you will need to win a wager at the same time not lose money in the long run. One great thing about knowing your break-even rate is that you will also know if you have an edge over the house. This happens when the odds are on your side at the same time it is better than your break-even rate. Simply put, if you have a bigger difference between the odds and your break-even rate, then you’ll also have a greater advantage over the house. 

Calculating your break-even rate in a football game at LuxeBet88 varies depending on whether the moneyline is positive or negative.

  • If you have a negative moneyline, then you must take the absolute value of the moneyline. Afterward, you need to divide it by itself plus 100. Let’s say LuxeBet offered a moneyline of -110. Then, your break-even rate will be 110/(110+100) = 52.4%
  • If you have a positive moneyline, then you must take 100 and divide it by the moneyline plus 100. Let’s say LuxeBet offered a +100 moneyline. Then, your break-even rate will be 100/(110+100) = 47.6%.

Shop Around For The Best Odds

To gain a winning edge over the house, you need to think of sports betting as if you are buying a car, wherein you are comparing the prices offered by different sellers. But in sports betting, this strategy is called line shopping wherein, you are finding the lowest vig. Let’s say Sportsbook A offered -105 and Sportsbook B offered -110. If you opt for the lowest vig, then you are also minimizing your losses in case your prediction is incorrect. When betting on sports at LuxeBet88 Singapore Casino take note that the vig usually falls between 4-5% for straight bets and it can be higher on futures bets.

Avoid Making Parlay Bets, Particularly On Single-Game

If you want to be successful in sports betting at LuxeBet88 Casino, then you should steer clear from making parlay bets. One reason for this is that it’s difficult to win on your parlay bets. Additionally, the odds for single-game parlays can be very different from the odds offered on individual bets.

Concentrate On One Sport

When you are playing at LuxeBet88 Casino, it is not wise to spread your bets across different sporting events. Why? It’s because betting on different sports with different landscapes, rules, and abilities, means you need to pay more attention, research, and more understanding of each sport. Unlike when you only focus on football sports betting, you can have more time to study, analyze, and develop a deeper knowledge about the sport.

Final Say

Finding your winning edge and making a profit in online sports betting can be tough if you are a beginner. But by following our simple tips, you can have a head start and improve your results when betting on sports at LuxeBet88 online sports betting. But don’t stop there, you must continue learning and trying out new strategies to keep on improving your sports betting skills. If you want to try your skills in sports betting, check out LuxeBet88 Casino. 


1. What Is The Best Strategy For Online Sports Betting?

In online sports betting, there is no best strategy but there is a solid approach that you can use to increase your odds of winning at LuxeBet. You need to research the team, analyze their statistics, and stay updated on injuries and trends. Additionally, you can follow our tips above to help you find your winning edge on sports betting.

2. Is It Possible To Bet Online Without Making A Deposit?

Yes, it is possible to bet on sports online without making a deposit. Some sportsbooks and online casinos offer no deposit bonus that you can use in online sports betting.

3. What Is The Simplest Strategy That You Can Use In Sports Betting?

Betting on the moneylines or totals can be a great starting point for new punters. From there, you can one-by-one try out new strategies to improve your betting skills.