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Checking The Top Fish Games In LuxeBet88: Reel In Your Rewards

Are your digital fishing rods ready to cast into the vast ocean of fishing game machines at Luxebet88? If so, strap on those gills and start reeling in your rewards from the top fishing games this year.

But before anything else, what makes fish hunt games so appealing to many Singaporean players? Before you dive deep into exploration, check out the advantages of playing fish game machines at LuxeBet88.

Royal Fishing

Game Type:Fish Shooting
Free Spin:Yes
Max Win:x1000.00
Features:Bonus wheel, Multiplier

Created by JILI Gaming, this top fish table game at LuxeBet88 offers you several exciting activities to participate in. At the Royal Fishing Shooting Game, you have a chance to win regular big prizes and special prizes within the game.

In Royal Fishing, you have four game room modes to explore.

  • Ecstasy Room (Bet limit 0.1-10)
  • King’s Room (Bet limit 1-80)
  • Qianlong Room (Bet limit 10-100)
  • VIP Room (Bet limit 10-100)

In the Target Lock Function, you have the power to lock in the fish you wish to kill. Then, the gun will fire at the selected fish automatically. In the Auto Mode Function, you can set the number of fish that you want the gun to freely shoot. Then, the gun will automatically select the fish to target.

To win a reward in this top fish hunt game at LuxeBet88 Singapore Casino Online, you need to determine the size of your bet. Take note that the smaller the fish you target, the lower the payout. Consequently, large fish give you large rewards as well. However, do not forget that these larger fish require multiple shots for you to kill and each shot is paid. Therefore, you need to plan your shooting style, so you can win more.

Mega Fishing

Game Type:Fish Shooting
Free Spin:Yes
Max Win:x950.00
Features:Bonus wheel, Multiplier

Another JILI masterpiece is almost similar and works exactly the same as the Jackpot Fishing game. The only difference is that in this game, you have a chance to spin the Golden Wheel and win up to x950. In Mega Fishing, you will surely enjoy the special effects when you manage to kill the explosion bomb crabs.

In this top fish game at LuxeBet88, you have three levels to choose from:

  • Newbie Room (Bet 0.1-10) *Best for beginners
  • Honor Room (Bet 1-100) *Expect high rewards
  • Joy Room (Bet 0.1-50) *Most played level

Take note that every sea creature in Mega Fishing pays differently. Therefore, you need to check the paytable so you’ll know which game to target.

To win real money with Mega Fishing, you need to come up with better shooting plans for different game levels, so you won’t have to spend too much on weapons. Additionally, you need to be patient and wait for the right time to attack the fish. Remember that timing is very important when it comes to fishing. So make sure to plan out when to use your special skills to kill your target fish.

Why Play Fish Games At LuxeBet Online Casino Singapore?

There you have it, these are just two of the top fishing games that you can play at LuxeBet88 Singapore Casino Online and there are many of them that are waiting for you to explore. If exploring the underworld appeals to you more than beating a blackjack dealer, then good fortune is coming your way in big waves. At LuxeBet88, you can enjoy hunting different fish species and reel in unending prizes.

Fishing Games by JILI offers you plenty of bonus features, too. So, if you are ready to get rich overnight by hunting fish in the online ocean, let’s check out the best fish-hunting games in Singapore. Visit LuxeBet88SG Casino Online today!


Can I Play Mega Fishing Game On My Mobile Devices?

Absolutely, yes. All of the fishing games that you can find at LuxeBet88 Singapore Casino Online are available to play on mobile devices.

What Are The Minimum And Maximum Bet Limits For Royal Fishing?

The bet limit for the Royal Fishing game depends on the game room modes you are playing. For the Ecstasy Room, the bet limit is 0.1-10. At King’s room, the bet limit is 1-80, while Qianlong room has a stake limit of 10-100. For the VIP room, the bet limit ranges from 10 to 100.