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Tips To Win In Online Fish Shooting Game

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Online fish shooting game at LuxeBet88SG casino attracts thousands of people in Singapore with its stunning visuals and attractive high-value rewards. Thanks to its easy gameplay, you can easily win some money. But if you’re a smart player, you will know when to collect huge amounts of coins in fishing games without spending too much money.

How do they do this? Well, they use some strategies so they can skillfully maneuver through the game and aim for spectacular winnings by killing the big fish. Do you want to win money at the fish shooting games at LuxeBet88? Then, you may consider using our tips below.

1. Shoot Fish With Enough Bullets

When you manage to shoot enough bullets required, the fish will die. Let’s say a fish needs 4 bullets to die, then you need to shoot up 4x to ensure it’ll die. This is a very simple and highly effective way to win money at fish table games at LuxeBet88SG.

2. Use the Mustache Method

For many beginners who aim to make money in online fishing games, you may probably want to focus on the big fish. While targeting the small fish may not seem the best move, it can be part of your strategy. However, focusing solely on big fish can be risky when you have limited bullets to use.

Our top tip to help you win in online fish shooting games is to consider shooting slowly and consistently turning the barrel around the table. Then, shoot one by one in each direction, ensuring that one bullet hits one fish.

Always keep in mind that stray bullets won’t give you any points and it doesn’t matter whether you kill a small or big fish with it. What’s important is that you make use of the small angle of your shot machine. With this technique, you have more chances of killing a fish as your bullets goes in different directions.

3. Try Playing Ballpoint

For many LuxeBet88 fish hunt players, playing ballpoint is one of the most effective fish table strategies as you may increase the number of bullets you fire at a go.

How to do this? All you have to do is try shooting a few bullets on the wall so that the bullet will bounce back towards the fish. You may think that the bullet has not arrived but you fire it directly at a fish.

In this way, there’ll be 2 bullets that may go through the fish at the same time, thus increasing the probability of the fish dying. However, take note that this may require bullets on your part. Also, you are likely to succeed in this strategy when the fish is going toward the corner.

4. Shoot Gradually – Slow But Fast

If you want to surely win in online fish shooting games at LuxeBet88SG online gambling, then don’t be too eager to shoot the big fish that many people shoot. Rather, you need to slow down and shoot bullets gradually and focus on smaller ones. When the fish dies, you get the infected spots without needing to sacrifice too many bullets after a few minutes of playing.

5. Try Aiming At Bonus Targets

Even though dice balloons, pearls, iridescent fish, and many others don’t appear frequently, many LuxeBet88SG players aim to shoot the bonus targets because they are easy to shoot down. These bonus targets usually move slowly on the screen. Then, they smoothly go toward the middle of the screen, giving you ample time to focus on shooting.

With bonus targets, you have 90% of them killed because their path is long and their movement speed is slow. When you manage to shoot them down, the points you may receive can be 2-6 times higher compared to normal points.

Play Exciting Online Fish Shooting Games AT LuxeBet88SG Betting Platform

Now that you know how to play fish-hunting games and have armed yourself with effective strategies to win, you are good to go and try your luck at the best online casino in Singapore. If you’re ready to try the tips we’ve mentioned above, LuxeBet88SG has a great collection of fishing games that you can play on the go. Visit LuxeBet88SG today!


How To Play Online Fishing Games And Win?

You can check out the tips we mentioned above to help you improve your strategy and win a fish table game at LuxeBet88SG. All these tricks can help you become a great fish hunter.

Can I Play Fish Shooting Games On My Mobile?

Yes, of course. These types of arcade gambling games are best played on mobile devices because you can easily navigate and control your barrels using the touchscreen.

How Many Players Can Play In An Online Fish-Hunting Game At The Same Time?

Well, this depends on the online fishing game for real money you’re playing. Usually, 4 players can play and enjoy in one game but some can cater to 6 to 10 players all at once.