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Amazing Casino and Gambling Stories

Amazing Casino and Gambling Stories

Indeed, there is nothing sweeter than the money you’ve money than the money you’ve earned. Just like what Paul Newman says in his 1986 film “The Colour of Money”. We couldn’t agree with him more, that is why we decided to write some of the most amazing and craziest gambling stories out there.

These gambling stories are about people who had unbelievable luck and people who became gambling heroes because of their massive winnings and losses. Also, we will cover the stories of people who devised strategies that shattered the house edge as well as people who saved their companies and gained fortunes on their casino trips. Furthermore, we will also cover the stories of people who set new World Records.

No matter how we look at these gambling stories, we cannot help but believe that chance and faith are the most powerful allies that a gambler can have. Thus, no dreams seem unrealistic as well as no ambitions are unfulfillable if you have them behind your back. Because in the world of gambling, anything is conceivable. Not to mention that any strategy can succeed and it could change one’s life with a single spin. If you want to try your luck and put this to the test, then look into the top live casino in Singapore.

Can you become wealthy through gambling?

Do you know any successful gambling stories?
Do you know any successful gambling stories?

Yes, many people have acquired a fortune through gambling. There is no guarantee, however, that it will happen to you as well. As a result, be ready to face the risk that comes with games of chance.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of people cannot and will not get wealthy through betting. Because Singapore online casino games are set up in such a way that the house always wins. As a result, the casinos stack the deck against you. Furthermore, casino players are always up against the rake, whereas punters are always up against the vig. Despite this, some people do manage to outperform the odds. As a result, there’s a good possibility it might happen to you as well. However, please don’t get your hopes up too high.

Incredible Gambling Stories Of All Time

Craps Stories #1: Patricia DeMauro

Do you know who Patricia DeMauro is?

If not, let’s fill you in with these amazing craps stories. Patricia DeMauro is a gorgeous girl from New Jersey. On May 23, 2009, she tries her luck at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

Just like what thousands of others before and after her, she decided to play craps. Patricia set a new World Record, let’s just assume that Guinness kept track of dice games at all. On that particular lucky day, she threw the dice 154 times within 4 hours and 18 minutes. Sadly, she did not even hit the seven. This is due to the reason that there is only 1 in 1,56 trillion probability of that happening. Patricia DeMauro broke a record set 20 years ago by throwing dice. The person from Honolulu threw dice for one hour more than Patricia.

Patricia DeMauro Winnings – Setting World Record in Dice Game

Not only that, but she also shattered another World Record with the largest number of consecutive winning dice rolls. According to Frank Scoblete, the maximum number of winning dice rolls was 147. In 2005, a man called “Captain” set this record.

Before evening out, the average chance of dice rolls is about 8.5. The best thing is that it was only Patricia’s second time playing craps. Because she had been enjoying herself with slots earlier in the evening. However, she gets bored spinning the reels, so she went looking for her friend. Her friend had already lost all of the money he had.

No one knows how much money Patricia DeMauro took out of the casino when she left. Apparently, she made a lot of money. Some people say that she got $100,000 while others say that she got $1 million.

One thing is only certain about this incredible gambling story. Patricia DeMauro accomplished the impossible. Not to mention that her good fortune is something that many people may admire! It also made her a well-known figure in gambling success stories!

What are Patricia DeMauro’s total winnings?
What are Patricia DeMauro’s total winnings?

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Gambling Loss Stories #2: Kerry Packer

Another noteworthy character in gambling stories is Kerry Packer. He is a media mogul that had more money than he could throw at casinos, which was lucky for him. Packer is well-known among gamblers for his massive losses and victories at card tables all over the world.

Gambling loss stories?

Some say that within three weeks in a London casino in 1999, he have lost around 28 million dollars. This is the largest gambling loss in British history! Good thing that they made a big comeback after this huge gambling loss. He once won $33 million while playing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Moreover, Aspinall had to close down another time in London due to Packer’s Blackjack success!

Kerry Packer was both a desired and feared customer at casinos. He was a man of contradictions, with a fiery temper. Packer spends a lifetime ignoring journalists and ducking questions. Yet, he pulled off some of the most spectacular casino stunts. This media mogul wanted to tip a croupier. However, he demanded that the manager fire her because croupiers share tips. He can be crazy, but he gave her $80,000. And he asked the manager to hire her again. In addition, there are also incidents that Packer offers to pay off a waitress’s mortgage.

As we mentioned earlier, Packer is a media tycoon and he owns a majority of shares in Nine Television Network. Being a bad-tempered as he is, he happened to see a show that he disliked. So, he called the station giving an order to remove that show from the airwaves.

Despite all his faults and virtues, he remains a legend in society. In addition, he donates foods for tens of articles among which many for his bad gambling stories. Moreover, it is said that he enjoys playing poker so much.

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Interesting Gambling Stories Wins #3: Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

Born in Madrid in 1947, Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo is a record producer and math genius. In addition, he is well-known for his Roulette victories. He made a lot of money from the game by inventing a lawful approach.

His strategy is based on statistical analysis as well as on the idea that the Roulette table. Like any other mechanism is certain to have defects. As a result, certain numbers have a high probability of appearing. Pelayo gathered data from thousands of launches for years. Then, he discovered a Roulette wheel in the Madrid Casino that favors certain numbers.

Is it true that when one door closes, other windows will open for you?
Is it true that when one door closes, other windows will open for you?

He began gambling at the Gran Madrid Casino at the end of 1991. By mid-1992, he won over 70 million pesetas, which is around 700,000 dollars. Pelayo and his two children could not enter the Gran Madrid casino. They are banned after winning over $500,000 in one day. But that does not stop Pelayo and his family, they went on a globe tour and visit other casinos from all over the world including:

  • Las Vegas
  • Austria
  • Holland
  • Australia and many other nations

Although the exact amount of his winnings is still unknown, they thought that he and his family won about 250 million pesetas. In estimates, their winnings could be between one and a half and two million dollars. His amazing techniques and fame inspired two films like the:

  • Breaking Vegas: The Roulette Assault – documentary of The History Channel
  • The Pelayos – a fiction movie by Eduard Cortes

Furthermore, Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo himself wrote a book entitled – “The Fabulous Story of Los Pelayos”. In 2003, Pelayo publishes his own gambling book.

Casino Stories #4: Phil Laak

Another World Record is about to be broken with this amazing gambling story! Phil Laak is a professional poker player who broke the record for the longest single poker session in 2010.

He’s known as the “Unabomber” because he survived a 115-hour gaming session at the Bellagio in Las Vegas! The best thing is that he did it for Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine is an organization that provides ailing children with summer camp experiences. Laak was given a five-minute break every hour and decided to play through so that he could have a 30-minute snooze.

During these 115 hours, the Unabomber did not consume any caffeine, stimulants of any type, or illegal substances. Moreover, he claims that his dietician was the most helpful person around. Laak performs a few hundred push-ups in the middle of the game to prove that he was healthy and fit. As a result, he received a $1000 donation to Camp Sunshine. More than 130 thousand people watched the live streaming video of the session. After that, the charitable organization collected more than $3000.

Inspiring Gambling Stories Wins: FedEx

FedEx is a very well-known company. It is founded by Frederick W. Smith in 1971. FedEx  (Federal Express Corporation) is the world’s first overnight courier. The company is operating in over 200 countries and handling over a billion shipments yearly.

However, 3 years after the company started, it only had $5000 in the bank. In addition, it was unable to pay for jet fuel.

And Frederick Smith did something that no one else would have considered. With the last $5,000 of the company’s funds, he traveled to Las Vegas. This came as a complete shock to everyone at FedEx!

Saved by the Blackjack

Smith sat at a Blackjack table in Vegas. Then, he spent the weekend there. The amazement was even greater when he raised $27,000. The company’s gasoline bills were roughly $24,000. Fortunately, you only have to worry about internet bills when you play at the best Singaporean live casino sites.

Although this was not the perfect solution, it gave time to Smith to find investors and get FedEx back on its feet. He raised $11 million, and by 1976, FedEx had made a $3.5 million profit. The corporation made $65.450 billion in revenue in 2018.

That’s what we call good fortune!

Are you inspired and awed by this incredible gambling story? Well, you are not alone. Who would have thought that gambling could save a company from its impending bankruptcy?

Crazy Gambling Stories #6: William Hill

We put together two of the oddest and most unbelievable bets in recent history. Both of these bets were made at William Hill, wherein both stakes pays out handsomely. The first bet occurred in 1964. It started when William Hill received the following bet from David Threlfall, who is a 20-year-old boy.

Have you heard the craziest casino Singapore stories?
Have you heard the craziest casino Singapore stories?

David was given a 1000:1 chance. Following his wager, Moon betting became extremely popular. However, after the Luna 9 and Gemini 9 landings, the odds plummeted to 8 to 1 and subsequently much lower. Nonetheless, David Threlfall, the first bold sci-fi fan, earned a total prize of £10,000, which is almost $250,000 today. Even before Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, a spokesperson from William Hill said that they were happy with their winnings.

The second astounding case of irrational betting is Harry Willson, a professional football player who was born in 1997. Harry is also Liverpool’s youngest international. When Harry was three years old, his grandpa, Peter Edwards, placed a £50 bet with William Hill in Wrexham on the chance that he would play for Wales one day. They gave him odds of 2500 to 1 by William Hill. In 2013, Harry’s debut game as a Wales national resulted in a £125.000 win for Peter. After receiving the funds, Mr. Edwards chose to retire and spend more time with his wife.

Do you know the craziest Singapore stories?

There are many astonishing gambling stories out there that are worth listening to. However, don’t expect the same level of success that some Singaporean players do at the best gambling sites in the country.