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Blackjack Shoe VS. Card-shuffling machine: Which is better?

The Blackjack shoe or a shuffling machine is something that most people overlook. They thought that the chips, cards, and money are the only essentials in a Blackjack table. Only dedicated and professional Blackjack players recognize the importance of this item. In this article, we will be discussing shuffling machines and deck shoes. In addition, we will dive into details on how this two can affect the Blackjack game.

Back in the day, gambling games were once all about skill, brain, and luck. The first casinos catered to the upper class. However, gambling dens for the public soon followed. During that time, casinos are small and lack glamour. Still, gamblers enjoy playing incredible games like:

The history of cards and Blackjack are both fascinating. And we will gladly tell you all about it in a separate article. This time, we’ll look at the deck shoe and its variants. Why these devices are vital components of fair gaming? We will explain the differences between:

  • Handled cards
  • Multiple decks shoes like the 6 deck Blackjack shoe
  • Mechanical card shufflers

Blackjack Machine VS. Blackjack Shoe

At land-based and online casino Singapore around the world, players can try dozens of card games and their modern versions. Also, there are numerous sites for specific games, such as the best blackjack casino for 2021. Aside from an incredible number of games, casinos also offer additional bonuses and prizes. Furthermore, you can enjoy the hundreds of fantastic entertainment options they provide.

Shoe, Machine, or Handled Decks: Which Blackjack dealing style is better?

Although the gambling industry is rapidly evolving, many Blackjack players prefer to play on land-based casinos or their live online alternatives. Why? They do so to have a traditional experience with real skill games for real money. The main difference is that while you can use the casino’s hotel, bar, and other amenities at land-based casinos, you can play online from anywhere.

Even the best RNG Blackjack games cannot replicate an unforgettable experience that live Blackjack brings. Nothing compares to the feeling of touching the Blackjack table’s fabric. And there’s the awe of watching the dealer shuffle the deck. Below, we will list the differences between shuffling machines, card deck shoes, and handled decks.

Blackjack Shoe

blackjack shoe
What are the best shoes for shuffling?
  • Uses 2-8 Decks with no Jokers.
  • Cards are inside the shoe.
  • Cards dealt are facing up.
  • Player-Cards contact is not allowed.
  • Tap on the table with your index finger to indicate a “Hit Me” Sign.
  • Waving your hand over your cards indicates you want to “Stand”.
  • Put another bet next to the one you have already made indicates you want to double or split.
  • Blackjack natural & bust means do nothing. Then, wait for the dealer to pays you off afterward.
  • With Blackjack Shoe, you have a low chance of getting a 21 while the dealer’s 21 chance is high.
  • Furthermore, there is also a low chance for double down and dealer bust with Blackjack shoes. In addition, the house edge in this dealing style is much higher.

Shuffling Machine

blackjack shoe
What is a card-shuffling machine?
  • Normally, the shuffling machine uses 4-8 decks of cards with no jockers.
  • The cards are inside the shuffler, too.
  • Same with Blackjack Shoe, the cards dealt are also facing up.
  • In addition, there is no Player-Cards contact allowed.
  • Furthermore, you need to tap on the table with your index finger when you want to hit another card. While you need to wave your hand over your cards when you want to stand.
  • When you put another bet next to the one you have already made means you want to double or split.
  • When you jot a natural Blackjack or Bust, do nothing. Then, just wait for the dealer to pay you off afterward.
  • Just like the Blackjack Shoe, there is a low chance that you get a 21 while the dealers have a high chance.
  • Also, there is a low chance for double down as well as a low probability of busting the dealer.
  • However, the house edge is higher when using a shuffling machine.

Handled Decks

Does handled deck a better Blackjack dealing style?
  • For a Blackjack game with a handled deck, they use 1-2 decks of cards with no jockers.
  • Since this is a handled deck, the cards are in the dealer’s hands.
  • However, the cards dealt are face down.
  • In addition, the game rules allowed a player and cards interaction.
  • When you want to hit, then you need to gently scrape the card’s corner.
  • In addition, you need to slide your hand under your chips when you want to stand. Notably, avoid touching the bet.
  • Turn your cards face up and celebrate when you get a natural Blackjack and bust. Then, wait for the dealer to pays you off.
  • In the handled deck, there is a high chance that the player will get a 21 while the dealer has a low chance of getting it.
  • Furthermore, there is a high probability to double down and bust the dealer.
  • Furthermore, when compared to shoe and shuffler decks, the house edge for handled decks is much lower.

So, which Blackjack dealing style is better?

As you noticed, the Blackjack shoe and shuffling machine allow the game to last longer. In comparison to handle decks, card dealing is faster. Despite that, there are still casinos and high-stakes games that prefer to use the old way of dealing with the cards. And this is through manual hand-shuffling.

So, Gambling institutions, professional Blackjack players, and gambling authorities all conducted a study. And they found out that there is no effect on the outcome of any dealing style whether you use a machine, shoe, or manual shuffling. Although, card counting is much easier to accomplish with handled decks since it only uses 1-2 decks of cards.

Where Can You Usually Find Blackjack Shoes and Shuffling Machines?

The simplest answer to where you can find these devices is at gambling halls. Wherein, they forbid card counting. When only one or two decks are in play, counting cards is a piece of cake. A skilled player can easily predict the winning odds and upcoming cards with this. Also, they can easily take appropriate action when playing with handled decks. To prevent card counting, all online casino Singapore used different anti-cheating strategies. So, they can keep the games fair all the time.

Gambling Rooms and Land-Based Casinos

Nowadays, every gambling room of casinos is using Blackjack shoes. Certain games can use an 8 deck blackjack shoe, depending on the operator’s policy. To determine how often the decks are shuffled, the casinos use a timer or a percentage policy. They also established a policy regarding the number of decks added after each shuffle. All of this serves as a deterrent to small-scale schemes. At the same time, reduces the number of master players who receive all the prizes.

Have you ever heard about the groups of MIT that use their ability in card counting?

Everyone admires the geniuses behind the MIT blackjack team. However, no casino wants card counters on its premises. That is why, aside from Blackjack shoes, casinos also employ a variety of cameras and techniques to catch cheaters. Although, card shuffling machines are rarely used today. Still, most casinos keep them as a curious novelty at low-stakes games.

Blackjack Shoe at Online Casino Blackjack

With the growing popularity of online casino Singapore, gamblers now can play online Blackjack anytime and anywhere. If you are of legal age, you can easily register with one of the best online casinos in Singapore. Then, try your luck in any of the Blackjack games available. Many SG gambling sites offer a variety of Blackjack games. However, the real action can be found in the live dealer section of the casino and in real money Blackjack tournaments online.

What is a Blackjack Shoe?

The main live casino game providers are NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. Their games are usually played with six to eight decks of cards. In addition, several videos demonstrate how the next shoe is shuffled. For the sake of convenience, many players prefer live dealer online casinos to land-based casinos. They can play the game while sitting on their couch or camping in the woods in this way.

Private Homes & Public Events

Shuffling machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, it can be found in:

  • Private homes
  • Retirement homes
  • Parties
  • Charity events and more

On the other hand, deck shufflers come handy when card-shuffling skills are not required. Automatic shufflers sometimes have an automatic dealing function. Moreover, it makes things even easier for the players.

Furthermore, you can easily obtain a 6-8 deck Blackjack shoe and Shuffling machines online.

You can easily obtain an 8 or 6 deck Blackjack shoe and shuffling machines from any online retailer. In addition, there are good shufflers at reasonable prices and there is a wide range of models to choose. You can easily buy a Blackjack shoe and shuffle yourself if you have some skills. These simple options can help you get started in the world of card games. However, you will need to practice Blackjack magic tricks if you want to become a professional dealer or shuffler.

Blackjack Shoe FAQs:

The Blackjack shoe and card shuffling machines are widely used devices for all types of card games. Not only casinos but also private homes are using these devices. They are handy devices that reduce the dealer’s contact with the cards. In addition, they make card counting difficult and allow for the better shuffling of up to eight decks of cards.

The technological version of the 8 deck Blackjack shoe is the mechanical and automatic Blackjack machines. These machines, which can shuffle up to eight decks of cards, take the place of the dealer or a casino employee. Some shufflers will even deal with the cards for you. These machines prevent inside jobs by limiting contact with the cards.

These two devices have one thing in common: they both make it harder to count cards and cheat. Overall, the various card-dealing methods reduce cheating. At the same time, increases game speed while keeping the odds the same.