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Gambling Addiction Problem: How to quit gambling?

Gambling has been a popular kind of entertainment for a long time. Moreover, as long as you don’t go crazy, it might be a good method to get your pleasures. However, some gamblers face issues because of their passion, whether they are financial, emotional, or social. How to quit gambling? The majority of gamblers find it hard to stop gambling and pay off their debts. In addition, they also have a difficult time overcoming a lot of numerous gambling-related issues.

What are the common signs that you are suffering from gambling addiction?

You are suffering from a gambling problem if you take out a loan to gamble or pay off your gambling debts. In addition, you are also gambling a lot more than you should do. You are also embarrassed and guilty of gambling. Aside from suffering from financial troubles, you are also having career and family troubles. Even though you tried to quit, you still failed to stop or cut down your gambling habit. Besides, the people around you are voicing out their displeasure with your gambling. Furthermore, you are depressed, unhappy, and hopeless because of your gambling.

Wanting to quit gambling?

As we said, gambling is a form of entertainment and it can be hard to decide to stop doing something you enjoy. There may be times when it seems impossible, but keep in mind that many individuals have quit gambling.

Make every effort to avoid gambling and the optimum outcome is that you do not gamble. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you do fall to gambling. You can always get back on track and learn how to quit gambling better the next time.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that slips are common and can occur at any time when trying to quit. When you have lapses, becoming aware of the triggers that urges you to gamble might help you better manage temptations in the future.

Try some of our shift methods to offer yourself the best chance of adhering to your new route.

How to stop gambling?
How to stop gambling?

How to stop playing a casino: The urge to gamble

When you try to quit gambling, you will experience withdrawal symptoms commonly experienced by smokers. Your urges to gamble are a natural part of the process of recovering control. Therefore, there is an unavoidable aspect of quitting gambling.

You develop more and more control each time you conquer an urge.

While you can limit your exposure to gambling triggers, you will not be able to avoid them. This is why it is so crucial to learn how to control your cravings and successfully quit gambling.

Why you should quit gambling?

If you’re a gambler, you should think about stopping before you run into any of these issues. Here are 7 reasons to stop gambling if you need some extra inspiration.

1. Should you gamble, when the casino has always had an advantage?

When gambling, you should always remember that the online casino Singapore always has the upper hand. Of course, except for card counting and player vs. player poker games such as Texas Hold’em.

The difficulty is that these house margins are so thin that you might not notice them. You will only realize it until you’ve been playing for hours and your bankroll is depleted.

Here’s an illustration:

You are a skilled Blackjack player and you managed to reduce the house edge to 1.0 percent. In this case, you will theoretically lose $20 each hour if you wager $25 per hand and play 80 hands per hour.

In the short term, the 1.0 percent house advantage does not seem like much. However, when you’re losing $20 each hour, this adds up quickly.

On the other hand, when you play slots, things only grow worse. It is because they move at a faster speed than table games. Each spin is decided in a matter of seconds, which means you will be spinning hundreds of times every hour.

Therefore, if you bet $400 on a slot machine with an 8% house edge and lose $32 in an hour, you have lost $32. Besides, this is a lot if you are just a casual slot player who likes to kill time.

2. You’re going to fall victim to the Gambler’s Fallacy, so how to quit gambling?

One of the common reason why most people lose on gambling is that they become a victim of the Gambler’s fallacy. They often believe that past results can influence future results. This is completely not true especially in Singapore online casino games that are based on pure luck.

The Gambler’s fallacy is most common in games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps, which all include even money bets.

Consider the following scenario:

Let us say, you have lost four consecutive Blackjack hands. You triple your next bet since you are “due” for a win. This is because according to probability, you should have won at least one of these hands.

Do you think you have a better chance of winning the following hand?

No, because your odds remain unchanged from the prior three hands.

Many players, however, make the mistake of assuming that historical outcomes can be used to determine a reasonable betting strategy. This is especially riskier if you raise your stakes since you believe you are due for a win.

3. Should you gamble knowing that gambling can be so addicting?

Did you know that gambling could increase the dopamine level of your body?

Yes, it does and this is the reason why many people enjoy gambling. This is because dopamine influences the reward and pleasure centers of the brain.

So, when you play table games and online slots in Singapore, you always feel rewarded whether you win or lose. 

What is riskier is that the more you gamble, the longer it takes you to get the same benefits as when you first started.

Why does gambling is so addicting?
Why does gambling is so addicting?

As a result, this is where your gambling addiction starts and develops. If your gambling addiction is combined with the casino’s long-term advantage, then it could lead to serious financial problems.

If you are gambling in top live casinos in Singapore, you do not have to be afraid. This is because not everyone reaches this stage. Furthermore, reliable online casinos in Singapore promote and support responsible gambling. You can manage your gambling session and set out a betting limit on your bankroll.

In case you are already suffering from gambling problems, you can apply to their casino self-exclusion program, too.

Do you want to quit gambling at a certain location?

You can participate in a program known as “voluntary self-exclusion”, too. In this program, you choose the venues from which you want to be excluded. Then, sign a contract promising not to access or use the gaming sections at those locations. If you do enter, the agreement gives such places legal authority to remove you.

4. You need to know how to quit gambling because it already affects your mood.

Gambling has a wider range of highs and lows than almost any other activity.

When you win, you feel wonderful. However, this is not completely the case when you are having a losing streak. Most of the time, you may become illogical and enraged with others.

Still, this is not rational thinking when it comes to the notion of the house having a long-term advantage. After all, if you do not want to lose any money, then don’t bet at all.

On the other hand, some gamblers do not think that way. Their illogically thinking can alter their attitudes after experiencing a losing streak. In this case, you may start behaving badly towards others just because you have a horrible gambling session.

This is even worse when your mood starts affecting your gameplay at the table. In most cases, you can start making poor financial and strategic decisions. Popularly known as tilt, this psychological state has fatal effects. However, you will not even notice its effect until after the damage has been done.

Therefore, if you do not want to suffer through these unpredictable mood swings, then you should learn how to quit gambling. Instead, you need to learn how to spend time on more enjoyable hobbies like exercising and outdoor activities. In addition, you can also hang out more with your family and friends. Starts leaving a gambler’s life and has a mindset that “I need to stop gambling now”.

5. Did you know that some casino patrons may be robbery targets?

Whether or not casinos promote crime in surrounding neighborhoods is a controversial topic with contradictory evidence. Whatever the case, one obvious fact is that casino patrons can be robbed.

When gamblers visit land-based casinos, criminals are aware that they have money on them. Moreover, this resulted in several robberies both outside and inside casinos.

Should you gamble in a land-based or in an online casino?
Should you gamble in a land-based or in an online casino?

Let us just take the Scott Montgomery case as an example. He is a professional poker player who was kidnapped and forced to hand over $2,000 in a Bellagio bathroom.

Robbers have been known to stalk casinos in search of huge jackpots. Although these winners have the option of being escorted out of the casino, thieves will still follow them to their hotel or home.

If any of this makes you feel uneasy, you should quit gambling to prevent being a robbery target. At the absolute least, stay at home and gamble from the comfort of your smartphone or computer at top Singapore casino sites.

6. How to quit gambling: Gambling is a time-consuming activity.

If you bet in a land-based casino, you are most likely to spend a lot of time playing slots and/or table games. Even if you play small sessions at online casino Singapore throughout the day, by the end of the week, these sessions can add up to hours.

In the end, gambling can be a huge waste of time. Moreover, given that gambling provides no benefit other than enjoyment, you may start to regret the time you have spent on it.

Worse, if you spend a lot of time understanding strategy and/or becoming a better player. At first, the concept of beating the house as a Blackjack card counter may sound enticing. However, it can also become less thrilling, after hours and hours of learning how to count cards.

You can try engaging in other fun and gratifying hobbies that cost little or no money like:

  • Bike riding
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Throwing a party
  • Playing sports
  • Going to a waterpark
  • Walking your dog in the park

Do you enjoy going on gambling trips? Then, you should also consider whether you can have just as much fun on the trip without gambling. You will have more money for other things on the trip if you do not gamble.

7. Gambling can cause social problems. I need to stop gambling now.

We already mentioned how too much gambling can make you angry and impair your mood. As a result, you will begin to have social troubles with your friends and family members.

If you have an addiction that prioritizes spending time with others, this problem will only become worse. While shutting out conversations with your family and friends, you may also stress about the next time you can play and make up for your losses.

If you are depressed or anxious over losses, your personality will change as well. This shift in mindset together with your losses can cause major issues in your relationship or marriage.

How to stop playing in a casino?
How to stop playing in a casino?

Another disadvantage is that you may only identify with other gamblers while ignoring the rest of the world. While it is fun to meet new people, you do not want your entire social circle to be made up of gamblers.

What is the most effective technique to overcome a gambling addiction?

1. How to quit gambling: Acknowledge that you have a gambling issue.

Gambling addiction is similar to any other addiction. If you want to quit, the first step is to admit you have a problem. Experts warn that if you are unable to take this crucial initial step, the treatment will be ineffective. Therefore, admitting you have a problem shows you are ready to make a change.

2. Refrain from falling into temptation.

If you are suffering from gambling addiction and want to quit, then avoid temptation. You should keep away from casinos, poker games, racetracks, and anything else that can remind you or tempt you to gamble. Also, remove negative influences from your life. Furthermore, cancel or close your credit card accounts, if you are using them to fund your habit.

3. Seek assistance.

It is difficult to overcome a gambling addiction on your own. Family and friends can be a great source of encouragement, and Gamblers Anonymous can help recovered addicts share their stories and find support.