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Self Exclusion: How to ban yourself from the casino?

Gambling can be exciting, thrilling, relaxing, and addicting (Read on how to stop Gambling addiction) all at the same time. You can have fun playing and winning some money. Yet, for some, it can be bad most especially for vulnerable players. They tend to be compulsive in gambling to the point that it affects their normal lives. Well, if you are one of these, self-exclusion can be a great option for you.

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Do you spend too much money and time gambling in a betting shop or casino venue?

How were your gambling activities?

Do you spend too much money and time gambling in a betting shop or casino venue? If, yes then, you might probably have a gambling problem or addiction. Well, there are things you can do to stop playing so much or spending too much. A self-exclusion can also help you ban yourself from the online casino Singapore.

What options available to help you manage your gambling habit?

Many casino operators have seen their players get addicted to gaming. That is why they offer responsible gambling options to help you reduce your gambling.

  • Deposit Limits – Here, you are limiting how much money you can deposit into your account.
  • Time Limits – Online casino Singapore sites offer time-limits options to their players. This limits and restricts them from using their accounts from time to time.
  • Account Statement – You can get a record of how much you already have spent from gambling.
  • Set Maximum Bet – This limits how much money you can wager on an individual bet.
  • Permanent Closure – You can contact the casino provider to close your account permanently.
  • Self Exclusion – You can take a break and turn off your online casino Singapore account for short periods.

What is Self exclusion?

Self exclusion is a voluntary option for people who wants to take a break from gambling. It is also a great way for people who are experiencing gambling problems. So they can keep away from their accounts for a certain period. This gambling exclusion helps you to cut down, have a break, or quit any gambling activities.

Moreover, you can set how long your exclusion period will be. Yet, Self exclusion has a minimum period of six months.

How does Self exclusion work?

A Self exclusion program can help to be excluded from the part of the gambling venue. Also, you can exclude yourself from the entire venue or an online gambling service.

How does self-exclusion work?

Self exclusion from a venue

If you are going to exclude yourself from a venue, this means you can still enter the casino premise. Yet, you are not allowed to enter the specific part of the venue you asked to be prohibited from. If you insist to enter these places, the casino staff can remove you. Due to the reason, that bans yourself from the casino.

Self exclusion from online gambling site

Here, you won’t be able to use your account for wagering during the exclusion period. Yet, you can still withdraw any remaining balance from your account. You can temporarily deactivate your account for a short period.

Your self-ban can be for days, weeks, or months. Alternatively, you can also exclude yourself permanently from that trusted online casino Singapore site.

Why should you sign yourself out of the casino?

If you cannot control your gambling urges, then, Self exclusion is the right option for you. Your decision to self-exclude is a great way to control your gambling problems. Besides, Self exclusion is free. Whether you want to take a break, cut down, or quit gambling, self-excluding is easy and free.

How do I ban myself from casinos?

If you want to learn how to ban yourself from the casino, well, it is very easy. You can exclude yourself from visiting a casino, hotels, clubs, or any gambling venues.

The self exclusion n process is usually an interview to the venue in question.

Then, you need to sign an exclusive agreement in which identifies the part of the venue. Or, the venue itself that you want to be excluded from.

Moreover, you can self exclude yourself from many clubs and pubs.

How to ban yourself from the online gambling site?

Each online gambling site is slightly different from the other. Usually, you have two ways to ban yourself from a gambling site.

Online Casino Self Exclusion Options

  1. Ban yourself through your account
  • First, go to the account setting.
  • Next, search for an option like “Manage This Account” or “Responsible Gambling”.
  • Then, choose the self exclusion option that best suits you.
  1. Contact the online gambling provider

You can contact your online gambling provider by email or online chat. Alternatively, you can personally call them and ask help to ban yourself from the site.

Moreover, you can manage your account and alerts. By doing so, you can stop receiving notifications, alerts, and ads from the site. To do this, go to the setting account. Then, look for something like “Alerts”, “Notifications”, and “Messages”. After that, select an option like “No messages” or “No notifications”.

How to ban yourself from the online gambling site?

Self Exclusion Online Casinos: The Self-Help Groups

Self-help groups help people with gambling problems. These groups can provide you with information on how to self exclude yourself.

Self Exclusion Group

  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • GamCare
  • GambleAware
  • BeGambleAware
  • Bacta Self exclusion Scheme

Self Exclusion Gambling Softwares

  • GamBlock
  • Betfilter
  • GamBan

Can I ban someone else from the casino?

As a concerned family member or friend, we want to help our love who is suffering from gambling addiction. We want to intervene in their problems. Thus, we want to learn how to ban someone from the casino to some extent.

Yet, you cannot ban someone from going to the casino.

The person in question should do the self exclusion himself. The self exclusion program clearly states that it should be voluntary and not imposed. Thus, the player must take the initiative of excluding himself.

self exclusion
Can I ban myself from casinos?

How to lift a self-ban from a casino?

Normally, the self-ban program duration could last as little as 6 months or as much as 10 years. Thus, you need to fill the duration of exclusion. In addition, you can decide whether you want to self-exclude yourself permanently.

Do you want to reverse your self exclusion?

Well, once your application is approved you cannot reverse it. You must wait until the duration time is fulfilled. That is the time you can change your status. You can either extend the exclusion or reverse it.

Additionally, you cannot remove self exclusion on an online gambling site. It is important to know that gambling companies take this program very seriously. Thus, they will not reactive your account for any reason. If your request is within the exclusion period you have applied for, they will not reverse it.

Moreover, they clearly state this on their website. Furthermore, they will make an effort to try to close any new accounts that you might open on their site.

Do not that reversing your exclusion depends on your level of commitment. Moreover, you need to consider the progress you have made during that period.

In case you want to reverse your ban after the self exclusion period you need to:

  • Contact their customer service and request for account activation.
  • If they verified that your exclusion has ended, they will send you a confirmation email.
  • Also, a cooling-off period may be applied before you can access your account again.

Gambling Problems? Voluntarily Ban Yourself from Casino

By voluntarily applying to the self exclusion program, you are banning yourself from gambling. Self exclusion is established within the communities and jurisdictions where legal gambling takes place. You need to ban yourself voluntarily from the legal gambling venues within the said jurisdiction.

Moreover, no one can ban or exclude you from the program. Additionally, the period may last for a declared or indefinite duration. Besides, this all depends on the agreement. More importantly, you must be brave and desperate to fight your gambling addiction.

Do you have gambling problems?

If I apply for casino self exclusion, who will know that I join the program?

The gambling venue needs to maintain a register of excluded persons. Thus, this list will only be available to the staffs who are needed to be informed about the exclusions. Therefore, it will only be you and the casino staff who will know about your Self exclusion. Moreover, the venue must keep your information strictly confidential.

Self Exclusion FAQs:

Casino exclusion is a program wherein you can apply voluntarily. This program prohibits you from visiting gambling venues during a specified period.

No. the Self exclusion program is free.

Struggling to control your gambling urges? Then, self exclusion is the right option for you. Self-excluding can help you stay away from your favorite gambling venues and websites.

It depends on you. You may apply for a duration period of six months up to five years. In case you chose 5 years, your account will be automatically remove from the list after 5 years. Alternatively, if you want to quit gambling you can self-exclude yourself permanently. Do note that in lifetime exclusion, you cannot remove yourself from the program.