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Konami Slots: Play Rock Around the Clock Slot Machine

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Do you want to play a classic slot game like Rock Around The Clock slot machine? Konami’s Rock Around the Clock is one of the first persistent state reel games to exist. Although we don’t see the game in many other areas, it’s still very popular in Las Vegas casinos.

Most games can’t offer a definite bonus. However, this Rock Around the Clock offers a unique clock feature that steadily fills up as you put wagers. In addition, it can tell you how close you are to a guaranteed bonus from the slot machine.

Meanwhile, this concept comes in a variety of forms. Yet, we’ll concentrate on the mechanical 3-reel variant in this article today. This knowledge should be useful to gamers with those machines near you. Because the mechanical 5-reel version uses a similar persistent state technique to get to the bonus.

Konami Slot Machines

The innovation and payout rates of Konami slots have been widely praised for years. In addition, they’ve firmly set their claim to a substantial section of the Singapore online casino gaming business.

About Konami

Jukebox repair and rental was Kagemasa Kozuki’s first business in Osaka, Japan. This was before Konami Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973. By that time, it had developed significantly. When Kozuki’s name was combined with the first two letters of his colleagues Yoshinobu Nakama and Tatsuo Miyasako’s names, the name Konami was created.

When the company’s focus turned to arcade games, the company’s first release came in 1978. By the next year, they were exporting to the United States, where arcade classics like Frogger would be a huge hit.

By 1982, Konami was active in the development of PC games, and the company’s first headquarters opened in the United States. They made a variety of games for the Famicom home gaming system, which was developed in Japan and distributed in the United States as the Nintendo Entertainment System. Metal Gear and the horror-themed Castlevania franchise were two of Konami’s best-selling titles on this system.

What are the popular Konami slot machines online?
What are the popular Konami slot machines online?

The rise of slots development – Rock Around the Clock Slot Machine

During the 1990s, the firm witnessed significant expansion, which included extending operations around the world, developing slot machines, and adding to its gaming portfolio with the invention of Dance Dance Revolution. They were listed on stock markets in London, Tokyo, and New York by 2003.

Furthermore, Konami has two main areas when it comes to slot machine operations. Their 120,000 square-foot Las Vegas complex, located near McCarran International Airport, serves North America, Latin America, Europe, Singapore, and Macau with games. Clients in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, and South Africa use their other offices in Botany, New South Wales.

Konami Holdings Corporation is the current name of the firm, which was changed in October 2015. Kagemasa Kozuki, the organization’s founder, remains chairman as of this writing.

Konami has risen from their being a jukebox repair and rental business to becoming one of the most well-known names in the world of video games and slot machines. Whether it’s technology advancements or customer wants, their goods are always on the bleeding edge. What’s more, their slots are now played in most areas of the world. In addition, their greatest popularity came as game creators for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Different types of Konami Slot Machine

Konami is well-known in the gambling industry for its adaptability and readiness to satisfy changing client expectations. They do so by providing spaces for every imaginable demography, and the following list shows a variety of game kinds now available.

  • Advantage 3 High Denomination
  • KonXion
  • Monument
  • Multiple Lines 15 Reels
  • Rapid Revolver
  • ReEleven
  • Roku Reels
  • ScatterReels
  • Stand Alone Progressive
  • Standard 5 Reel
  • Twin Play
  • Ultra Reels

In addition to these impressive-sounding game kinds, most Konami slots provide a variety of additional features. So, let’s dig differ to their famous Rock Around the Clock slot machines.

How to play the Rock Around the Clock slot machine?

Rock Around the Clock is a three-reel mechanical reel slot game. With a 27-line game, the bet increments we’ve noticed are the 50 credits consistently. In addition, the game specifies a stake level of 2. However, we are not sure whether this was simply a convention among Vegas casinos or if it’s the standard. So, there might be a less expensive version out there.

How to play Rock Around the Clock slot machine?
How to play Rock Around the Clock slot machine?

Each edition includes a premium sign with a transparent backdrop that may be lit up red, blue, or green with each spin of the machine. Because each color has a distinct reward level, there’s a bit of a volatility factor to this game. In addition, the color determines the payouts if you line up the premium symbol – it can be either a car or a 7. This will depend on which versions you’re going to play.

The Analog Clock – Rock Around the Clock Slot Machine

An LCD screen sits above the reels, wherein it displays an analog clock with a red border that indicates how far ahead of time it has progressed. In addition, it also shows an equally red white portion that you must traverse to reach 12 and receive a bonus. This clock is a single clock since it is a persistent state element that endures between players and bet levels. Moreover, the machine may also include a multiplier.

The arrow will travel a step closer to 12 every five spins by default. This will automatically activate the bonus once achieved. In addition, the arrow will move closer to the home above or beyond the 5 stakes per increment on any base spin. This will bring you closer to 12 quicker. Moreover, you may increase your bonus multiplier by increasing your bet level as well.

The Jackpot Feature

You can win the Jackpot feature or a spins feature whenever the meter reaches 12 on the analog clock. Meanwhile, a multitude of bonus possibilities is available in Classy Wheels. In addition, this is also the version that most slot players loved the most. There are two earlier versions of this slot game: Rhythm ‘n Riches and Shakes ‘n Spins. However, they only have one jackpot feature.

There are a variety of games available in this series, so will not be delving into each of the bonus features they offer. This is because none of them have a significant influence on the game’s Advantage Play scenario.

Going back to the jackpot feature, the clock will spin to a starting position after fulfilling the bonus. Then, it will continue to increment with base spins once more.

Rock Around the Clock Slot Machine: The Jukebox Riches (Jackpot Feature)

The Jukebox Riches or Jukebox Jackpot feature is available in all editions. In addition, both features operate in the same way. During the spin, the mechanical reels reveal a wheel of blank wedges. For the jackpot probability, you need to choose a record to define the design of the wedges. The wheel will then spins to discover who wins the reward.

Understanding the Benefits of Advantage-Play State

Do you want to know how to win the ultimate slot machine?

Like the few other slot games, you must spend a very obvious maximum amount to receive a bonus. Since you’re spending money during ordinary basic game spins, you can obtain line hits and other benefits to lower the cost of the game. In addition, the ability to have the clock possibly go ahead on any spin decreases the cost even further.

Even if it’s a $5 mini, you can usually anticipate something whenever you get a bonus. Therefore, those players who place higher bets may have a multiplier added to their winnings. If the game is in an Advantage Play state, higher bets, multiplier, and bonus will all get evaluated. When it comes to a multiplier, the closer it is to 12, the greater the benefit.

What is the benefits of Advantage play?
What is the benefits of Advantage play?

Playing Konami’s Rock Around the Clock Slots

The advantage of this game is that you know when a Prize Game is required. In addition, you will also know EXACTLY how long (at most) it will take you to reach the Bonus Game. This allows you to calculate how much money you’ll need to win the bonus.

On the top of the machine, there is a “Bonus Clock” that tells when you will reach the Bonus Game, which is at the twelve o’clock position. There are four spaces in between the different hours (which also have a spot) and five “notches”. After you fulfilled all these notches, you’ll advances to the next position – on the lone hand of the clock. In addition, each bet fills a notch.

Let’s say, your clock is exactly at 9 o’clock and you don’t have any filled notches. In addition, there will be 15 spaces for you to reach the twelve o’clock position. So, you must fill 5 notches for you to advance to the next position. In this case, if the minimum stake is $0.50, then you will need to play a maximum bet of $37.50 for you to reach the twelve o’clock mark. (15 * 5 * 0.50 = $37.50) 

What is the benefit of using Max Betting?

Because the base payouts appear to be precisely graded, we may assume that Max Betting has no advantage till you’re near the Bonus Games. Rather, do not Max Stake at any point, not until you are relatively near to a Bonus Game. This is the time you should boost your bet to $1.00. The more you wager, the more results you will see that lead you to the game that brings in one of the Progressive Jackpots.

The Progressive Levels – Rock Around the Clock Slot Machine

Regardless of how much you wager, you can theoretically win any of the Progressives.

The Base Pays

Even though our sample size was small, we are going to claim they sucked. Two of the approximately 100 spins that did not result in Bonus Games were lucrative. “Winning” spins are those in which the player loses a small amount of money. One of the best examples is Three Mixed Bars, which pays $0.10 on a $0.50 stake.

The Bonus Games – Rock Around The Clock Slot Machine

What is the bonus game of Rock Around the Clock slots?
What is the bonus game of Rock Around the Clock slots?

One of the first bonus games is called “Shakin’ and Reelin”. This involves another clock hand and two horizontal-running reels (one top and one bottom) with results running across them. Some of the results are “Collect”, while others are “Jukebox Jackpot”, and the rest are a credit award and the game continues.

Based on our personal experience, it was the first time we played the game that we did not hit for the “Jukebox Jackpot”. However, we did observe that while we were betting $1.00, the Minimum Jukebox Jackpot ran alone on the reels, when there were typically three of them in a succession. Although, we did hit it that time.

The JukeBox Jackpot

If you want to win any of the Progressives, you must first hit Jukebox Jackpot. The Jukebox jackpot will offer you three albums to select. And, each album corresponds to a set of colors that represent the Progressive jackpot that you can win if you land on that color. The spinner just falls on one of the locations after the colors have been defined, and that is what you get.

Rock Around the Clock Slot Machine Online Theme

The classic track from the 1950s by Bill Haley & His Comets serves as the theme for Konami’s rendition of “Rock Around the Clock”. In addition, Rock Around the Clock slots triples its bonus feature compared to the previous edition of the game. This gives you a better chance of earning prize money. In a system activated by the clock on your screen’s additional display hitting 12, the song plays in the background as clock figures move and groove to the music. It’s a highly engaging and entertaining game for all types of gamers thanks to the peppy soundtrack and intriguing characters onscreen.

Have you played Rock Around the Clock slot machine?
Have you played Rock Around the Clock slot machine?

Rock Around the Clock Slot Machine Overall Experience

The four-level progressives and stand-alone game themed on the fifties, as well as appealing bonus rounds, may keep players rocking around the clock on Advantage Revolution and Advantage 5 cabinets. As the band and Bonus Betty amuse you for longer and better than before, the volume also raises.

In addition, the slot machine also features two swinging tunes: Party All Night and Rock All Day on Advantage 5. On the other hand, the Advantage Revolution’s Shakes n’ Spins and Rhythm n’ Riches are sure to get players up and moving. Rock Around the Clock slot machine is one of the most engaging and fun slots games. Because it features colorful characters and clocks that players may quickly become addicted to.

Furthermore, Konami’s latest hit provides a second-to-none gaming experience. Because they provide hours of entertainment to everybody who plays the slot machine.

Do you want to play Rock Around the Clock slot machine online? You can check out the top online slots in Singapore and take advantage of their lucrative casino bonuses. If no slot clock appeals to you more, they also have tons of engaging slot machines to keep you entertained while winning real money.