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ATS Betting: How Do You Bet Against The Spread?

A favorite is usually present at a sporting event. This is how the point spread evolved. Moreover, it’s how the bookies level the playing field and make the favorite’s odds more appealing. When you wager “against the spread,” or ATS, you are not betting for the outright winner. To “cover the spread” and receive the payment, the favorite must win by a certain amount of points (the spread).

Let us go through the fundamentals here at best online betting site.

What Exactly Is Point Spread Betting?

The oddsmakers use point spread betting to even out a sporting disparity. In sports betting, picking the clear winner constitutes a moneyline wager. Therefore, a team must cover the spread to win the wager.

Point spread betting is a fantastic strategy since it allows both the favorite and the underdog to earn from a wager. The oddsmakers do so to make the outcome 50/50. However, the bettor must keep in mind that even if the team he bet on wins the game, it does not necessarily mean the bet wins money. Instead, to be eligible for payment, the team must win by the point spread.

A negative (-) number in the odds indicates the favorite, much like the moneylines do. In contrast, a positive (+) number will therefore represent the underdog. The favorites must win by a margin greater than the spread to “cover the spread.” Furthermore, the underdogs cannot risk losing by a bigger margin than the spread indicates.

What Does Betting Against The Spread Means?

In ATS betting, you are betting on the game’s underdog and the total number of points scored. In this case, you need the “underdog” to either win the game handily or lose by a less margin than the “Point Spread” you’re given to come out on top. Take the next example into consideration.

The New England Patriots have a -7 advantage over the New York Jets, who have a +7 advantage. We’re picking the underdog New York Jets in this instance with a point spread of +7.

For us to win our wager, one of two events must take place. The Jets must first win the game or suffer a loss of no more than seven points. Meanwhile, the game is deemed a tie if the score at the end is exactly 7. In this case, the bookmaker will return your wager.

What Are The Possible Factors That Could Alter The Point Spread?

Point spreads can fluctuate depending on a variety of variables. Depending on where the money is moving, the public bettors can force the bookmaker in Singapore to change the odds. In addition, injuries, weather forecasts, and other outside variables can also be a factor for the odds to change.

For example, a prominent player is absent from the game or if one side collects large numbers of wagers. In this case, sportsbooks will adjust the betting line.

What does betting against the spread mean?
What does betting against the spread mean?

Suppose that Dak Prescott is hurt a few days before playing the Bears. Dallas will lose their starting quarterback, which will make it difficult for their offense to score.

Dallas will be given a more manageable buffer by the oddsmakers. If it drops to -2.5, the Cowboys will only need to defeat their opponents by a field goal rather than by a five-point margin.

Under peculiar conditions, sportsbooks in Singapore could lower the vig to entice bets on a particular team.

Be aware that some bookmakers offer spreads at odds of -105 rather than the standard -110. It’s a means of increasing revenue, which is what we all desire. Point-spreads offering +100 occasionally appear in some sportsbooks.

Additionally, an “even-money” wager is one in which the payment if your team wins is equal to the stake.

How To Compute The Payouts Against The Spread?






+7.5 (-100)


48.5 (-110) Over


-7.5 (+100)


48.5 (-110) Under

You may notice that there is a three-digit number next to each spread in the example above. Furthermore, it has a questionable moneyline appearance. Well, it has moneyline odds. The amount of money you need to bet to win $100 is represented by those negative numbers (in this case, -110). Be aware that bookmakers still take a cut when you wager against the spread.

Most of the time, you will encounter “Even bets” in sports betting. This indicates that anyone you bet on will result in the same payment. However, this isn’t always the case. Let’s examine the next example below.






+3 (-105)


49.5 (-110) Over


-3 (-115)


49.5 (-110) Under

The Patriots are a three-point favorite in this game, but bettors must pay a premium to place an ATS bet. The bookmaker, on the other hand, appears to be enticing you to place a -105 ATS bet on the Chiefs.

Are Spread Betting Options Available for Other Sports?

NFL and college football ATS betting is as common as it gets. There are other sports, though, where point-spread wagering is an option.

These are present in baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer. Although others may use a different term or a derivative of it, the fundamentals remain the same. For example, in hockey, the spread is called the puck line, in baseball, it is a run line, and in soccer, a goal line. Well, those are all spreads. And, they are virtually typically 1.5 spreads in baseball and hockey.

Is ATS betting available to all sports?
Is ATS betting available to all sports?

In Summary

In order to determine the winner at best online betting site, the number of points added or deducted from the total of one team is known as a spread. Betting on the favorite and succeeding in your wager is known as winning against the spread.

Remember our NFL examples from above if you have any further inquiries. Remember that spread betting operates in the same manner in basketball and other high-scoring sports. Lastly, keep a watch out for half points, which signify that a decision has been made. But it might not necessarily work out for you.

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