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How To Improve Your Odds In Roulette?

There are many casino games online but nothing beats the charm of the classic game of luck – roulette. Whether you’re playing in a land-based casino or at the LuxeBet88SG betting platform, you’ll notice that the number of players who want to try their luck at the roulette table never ceases. Yes, online roulette is a game of chance, but can you really improve your odds in roulette?

Never Bet On Just One Number

When you want to improve your odds in roulette, then you shouldn’t limit yourself to placing a bet on just one number. It’s because your chance of winning here is just 1 out of 37 or 38, depending on the roulette variation you’re playing at LuxeBetSG.

In reality, you wouldn’t invest your time in an activity with such a low likelihood of generating profit, right? The same goes when you’re playing at a casino. If you actually want to make money in roulette, be sure to make it right and place bets that give you more likelihood of success.

Bet On Any Single Number, But Not With Number…

If you really want to take the risk of placing a bet on a single number, be sure to avoid betting on the Number 17. Studies have found that roulette players tend to lose most of the money betting on number 17.

In many cases, many players are drawn to the number because it’s located right in the middle of the roulette layout, giving them an idea that is a good option. However, a study shows that the number 17 is not really recommended for single-number bets. So, next time you want to consider placing bets on single numbers at LuxeBet88SG online gambling, avoid number 17 to help you minimize losses.

Betting On Rows Not Singles

Keep in mind that you’re not limited to betting on just one number because online roulette offers you many betting options to choose from. Instead, you can choose to bet on one of the three rows that can help you increase your chances of winning at 1 out of 3, rather than the 1 out of 38 odds (single number bet). Although your winnings are not that high for each bet, betting on the row means you’re likely to walk away with more in the end than taking your chance on a single number.

Opt For Bets With 50/50 Chances

Aside from betting on row bets, you can improve your odds in roulette at LuxeBet88 by opting for 50/50 bets such as the odds/evens, high/lows, or red/black betting options.

When playing roulette at LuxeBet88SG, all of these roulette bets offer significantly better odds compared to betting on a single number. Let’s say you were to make 50 bets. So you may expect to win only about 1.5 bets on a single number, whereas you could win an average of 25 bets on a 50/50 bet.

Don’t Just Stop With One 50/50 Roulette Bet

This LuxeBEt88SG tip follows the same concept as the one we mentioned earlier. To improve your odds in Roulette, you can consider placing bets on multiple 50/50 odds simultaneously. You can consider placing bets on High, Red, or EVENS all at the same time. Doing so, you can potentially win all three and make you sleep in the comfort of your home with a big grin on your face.

Improve Your Odds And Maximize Your Winnings At LuxeBet88SG

Now that you know the ways to improve your odds in a game of luck like Roulette, it’s time to put these tips to the test at the LuxeBet88SG betting platform. You’ll never know, you’re the next happy player of live Roulette games in Singapore today!


What Are The Best Odds In A Roulette Game At The LuxeBet88SG Betting Platform?

Generally, the outside bets in roulette can give you more favorable odds compared to inside bets as it offer a 1:1 payout. In contrast, straight bets and even-money bets in European and French variants can offer you higher payouts of 35:1.

Are Roulette Games At LuxeBet88SG Rigged?

No. All of the roulette games and other casino games at LuxeBet88SG are tested regularly for fairness. Plus, these games are developed by trusted casino game developers in the industry, ensuring their fairness and quality. Not to mention that LuxeBet88SG is a regulated and licensed betting site, so you can ensure that playing on the platform is safe and secure.