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Top Paying Casino Games

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Every casino game that you can find at LuxeBet88SG betting platform is designed to entertain you and make you feel good. But gambling online doesn’t end in fun, because you can also earn money from playing the top-paying casino games. From every casino game you’ve won at the casino, you can win real money prizes. Whether you’re into slots, blackjack, baccarat, craps, or arcade games, online casinos offer you a chance to win and make money. But we all know that online casinos will always have an edge over you. So to increase your odds of becoming a winner in the end, you need to take advantage of playing top-paying casino games at LuxeBet88SG.

Blackjack — 0.13% House Edge

When playing at the LuxeBet88SG online gambling site, keep in mind that most blackjack games give the house a slight edge. Furthermore, the payout odds may vary – with the lowest house edge being 0.13% and the highest reaching 16%. The reason why these house edge slightly differs is because some factors can affect them, including:

  • The rules of the blackjack variants
  • Your blackjack strategy
  • Number of decks used in blackjack

At LuxeBet88, the number of decks used can greatly impact the casino’s advantage. Simply put, the fewer decks in play on the blackjack game you are playing, then, the lower the house edge will be. As such, you’ll have a better shot of getting a Natural as well as using your card counting skills. This is also the reason why this game is always on top of the list of the best-paying casino games.

Online Slots — 0.93% House Edge

Slot games online are considered one of the most played games at online casinos. Aside from their being easy to understand and play, you don’t have to memorize any strategy. On top of that, modern slot games come with different themes, bonus rounds, paylines, and features. With that, online casino players who want to win big while having fun are attracted to try their luck in slot games. To improve your winning chances, it’s always best that you find the highest RTP slots at LuxeBet88SG for better rewards.

While many online slot games at LuxeBet88 have an RTP above 97%, some are more profitable than others. In fact, you can find the highest-paying slot games that have over 99% RTP. As such, you should focus on these games if you want to maximize your winnings.

Roulette — 1.35% House Edge

Every online casino player knows about roulette, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this is also one of the top-paying casino games at LuxeBet88. Many people are drawn to this game because of its simple rules as well as there are many online casino bonuses offered for live dealer games like roulette. Aside from the standard deviation of roulette (American, European, and French Roulette), there are now many exciting versions of it with innovative features.

In American Roulette, the house advantage usually ranges from 2.63% (for Surrender situation) to 7.89% (Basket bet), with a basic casino advantage of 5.26%. House edge on French and European roulette usually ranges from a minimum of 1.35% to 2.7% (for En Prison and La Partage rules).

Play The Best Payout Casino Games At LuxeBet88SG

These are just some of the best-paying casino games and there are still many of them to mention such as video poker, live poker, craps, and baccarat. If you want to increase your odds of winning despite the casino’s advantage over you, take advantage of the casino bonus offered by LuxeBet88. Ready to play the best high RTP slot games and lowest house advantage for live dealer games? Visit LuxeBet88SG today!


Which Casino Games Online Pay The Most?

At LuxeBet88, classic favorites such as craps, blackjack, RNG-based poker, French roulette, and video poker boast the highest payout rates.

Why Is It Better To Play Slot Games With Higher RTPs?

Higher RTP slot games online tend to offer more frequent wins since they are less volatile. However, do take note that the winnings for these online slots are smaller compared to low-RTP slot games.

Why Should You Always Consider The RTP Of The Game Before Playing?

The RTP of a game represents the percentage of the money that is expected to be returned to players as winnings over a long period of play that is relative to the total amount bet. So, if you want to win frequently and are not after those life-changing jackpots, it’s best to consider high RTP games.