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Biggest High Rollers in Singapore: Perks and Privileges

Do you want to become one of the biggest high rollers in Singapore? Well, you are not the only one dreaming to be a casino whale. In fact, almost every gambler wants to become one because of the rewards and privileges they get from the casinos.

Whether it is a land-based or online casino Singapore, they love catering to the players that spend a lot of money on them. Thus, the casino will always go out of its way to keep these high rollers happy and satisfied. They make sure that they have provided an exceptional experience to keeps these big spenders coming back for more.

Few lucky players that make the cut of being a high roller can enjoy lucrative perks and privileges that normal players dreaming of.

What is a high roller?

They are often referred to as casino whales or cheetahs. A high roller is a casino player who spends a lot of money carelessly. They do not mind that they are blowing their money fast and recklessly. Thus, what they always do is place large stakes at the online casino Singapore.

biggest high rollers in singapore
What is a high roller in a casino?

Does high roller get great benefits?

Being a high roller, you are also holding the most-coveted status in gambling. Thus, you may enjoy being flown to the land-based casino via a private jet. In addition, you will be transported back and forth via a limousine once you land at the airport. Not only that but you will also get escorted to the penthouse suite. You can also enjoy the finest meals and liquor.

Are you dreaming to become one of the biggest high rollers in Singapore? Then, you should know how to reach the highest VIP levels in the gambling world.

What are the perks and privileges that you can expect as a high roller?

As a high roller, expect that you will enjoy a lot of perks and privileges. Here are some of the advantages of being a VIP player in a casino. 

Exclusive VIP Rooms for the Biggest High Rollers in Singapore

Casinos often have exclusive VIP rooms that only casino whales and VIP players can enter. Expect that these VIP rooms have all the amenities and luxuries that regular players want to enjoy too. Moreover, the gambling tables only accept high stakes. Also, you can expect that staff is extremely proficient and professional.

biggest high rollers in singapore
How much do you need to gamble to be considered a high roller?

Exclusive VIP Rewards Programs

This is one of the many great things as one of the biggest high rollers in Singapore – the rewards programs. The online casino Singapore may offer you almost everything as a member of the VIP – from cashback rewards up to luxurious packages like:

  • Exotic holidays
  • Exclusive stays in hotels
  • Limousine rides
  • Spa packages

To enjoy these benefits and privileges, you need to belong to the VIP club. It means that you need to meet the minimum betting requirements of the casino. High rollers in Singapore have no problem with this because they keep splashing cash whenever they visit a casino.

Designated parking and concierge services exclusive for high rollers

If you regularly visit the casino, then most likely you will have designated parking spaces and valet services. Expect that the casino will take care of all your transportation needs from and to your destination.

A dedicated host exclusive for the biggest high rollers in Singapore

biggest high rollers in singapore
What are the perks and privileges enjoyed by casino whales?

If you are one of the biggest high rollers, expect that the casino will appoint a casino host for you. This person will make sure that you are well accommodated and well pampered. Thus, he will make sure that you will always have drinks and the best seat at your favorite exclusive restaurant in the casino. Also, the casino host will be taken care of all your accommodation and other extras.

Lavish birthday gifts for the biggest high rollers in Singapore

Are you a regular player or a high roller? Once you become a member of the loyalty programs of the casino, expect to receive birthday gifts from the casino. However, casinos often give lavish birthday gifts to their VIP players. Not only that, but the casino also will offer you private rooms to host your birthday parties.

The casino showered their VIP gamblers with personalized rewards. By doing so, a personal connection between the casino and the casino whale is built too. Thus, it also builds invaluable loyalty connections as well.

Cashback Rewards for the Biggest High Rollers in Singapore

When you spend big, then there is a big chance that you win big too. Of course, there is a fat chance that you will lose big as well. Casinos are exclusively offering high rollers cashback when they are losing a large amount of money. Thus, they are getting a percentage of their cash bet over a certain period.

This cashback reward softens the blow of the losing streak. It can actually work as an advantage to a casino. There is a big chance that the high roller will also use this cashback money to play more. Thus, the money will also end up back in the house anyway.

Exclusive guest perks

One great advantage of being friends with high rollers is that you will also enjoy the perks enjoyed by them. Oftentimes, casinos are extending the perks to the chosen guest/friends of the VIP player. Thus, they will also experience the VIP treatment as well as enjoy the same level of VIP service.

High Roller VIP bonuses

When you become a high roller, expect that you will always receive the exclusive promotional bonus. In fact, when you make a deposit you will get many times bigger deposit bonuses than a regular player. Thus, you will also earn more loyalty points for making large bets.

Exclusive events for the Biggest High Rollers in Singapore

You can enjoy the backstage passes, VIP concerts, and major pool parties when you become a VIP player in a casino. As a casino whale, expect to enjoy VIP privileges and passes.

biggest high rollers in singapore
Do high rollers in Singapore get great perks?

Extended credit lines for the Biggest High Rollers in Singapore

The casino is extending loans to their players offering them a casino marker. A casino marker is a short-term, line of credit with no interest. If you are credit-worthy, then you will qualify to get these loans. Thus, you can borrow money from the casino and you need to pay it within 30-days.

For casino whales, the casino is extending their credit lines to keep these high rollers playing. Thus, they offer gambling markers to high-stake rollers to chase their losses and ensure that show does not stop.

Ways to Reach the High Roller Status

Do you want to reach the casino whale status? Being a high roller does not mean that you should be a multi-millionaire. All you have to do is to catch the casino’s attention. Here are some of the ways to reach the highest level of VIP gambling status.

Place huge bets

Placing huge bets is one of the most obvious things to catch the attention of the casino. By doing so, you can become one of the biggest high rollers in Singapore. Of course, the amount of money you need to wager differs when you are playing in a high roller casino in Las Vegas.

For an instance, you always bet $100 per hand in an online casino in Singapore. Therefore, you can qualify as a big roller. However, this same amount will not be going to get you in the high roller status at a Vegas Strip Casino. In a high roller casino in Las Vegas, you need to really bet a large amount of money up to $100,000 per hand.

Of course, you do not need to place a bet this much to be a casino high roller. By betting at least, $500 or $1,000 per hand would be sufficient. You will get the attention of the casino if you consistently wager this much.

How to become one of the biggest high rollers in Singapore?

Deposit large amount of money

The casino is interested in how much their players are willing to deposit on their bankroll rather than how much you initially wager. When you make a big deposit, you are also giving the impression that you are willing to lose a large amount of money.

When you deposit at least $100,000 or more, except that the casino will treat you well. However, you can still get VIP treatment at many casino establishments by depositing at least $10,000.

Play at smaller casinos

Your big bets are highly valued at small casinos than at the high prominent casino. So, if you want to be treated like royalty, target the smaller gambling venues. We are not saying that you won’t receive nice comps at high roller casinos in Las Vegas. Our point is that you different casinos have different ways to reward their big spender players.

Biggest High Rollers in Singapore FAQs:

Now that you know the privilege and perks of becoming a high roller, it is no surprise that you want to become one. All you need to do is catch the casino’s attention by placing a large number of bets. Also, you climb your way up to the ladder of VIP by earning loyalty points. You can also become a high roller by making a large deposit and playing big.

In a land-based casino, you may need to bet at least $50,000 or $100,000 to the games to become a casino whale. However, in an online casino, you can be considered a high roller when you at least deposit $5,000 or even less. Being a VIP gambler depends on the qualification of the casino you are playing with. It is best that you speak to the casino host about the requirements.

Often referred to as casino whale or cheetah. A high roller is a type of gambler who consistently placing a large number of bets. These gamblers often receive exclusive and lavish rewards and privileges from the casino. This includes free private jet transfers or limousine service. VIP events pass. Exclusive games. Luxurious accommodation. VIP bonuses and more.