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Buying Tips: Decks of nice playing cards you can buy

Do you want to start collecting nice playing cards? Yet, you do not know where to start.

Collecting playing cards as a hobby can be so addicting, most especially if you are playing at top online casino in Singapore. Moreover, if you want to be a pure collector, you need to know what type of deck to hunt for. Thus, hunting for a nice set of playing cards can be an endless quest through it never grows old.

What types of playing cards are you going to collect?

Have you been collecting classy decks or rainbow playing cards lately?

Whatever type you want, you must enjoy them. There are many hard to resist and creative designs available today. That is why many cardists enjoy collecting a different variety of decks. They enjoy gathering playing cards with different patterns and colors.

As a first-timer, you need to spend time searching. Most especially if you are eyeing to get a hold of those elusive and hard-to-find editions. Thanks to the internet – that provides you with endless options. So, finding those limited editions wouldn’t be that hard. In this article, we will guide you on how to buy a nice deck of playing cards. As well as answer some of the frequently asked questions that newbies often asked.

Playing Card Collecting Tips

What basic playing card terms should I know?

When it comes to the playing card industry, you should familiarize yourself with the different lingo that most experience collectors used. And as a newbie, you might feel alienated when you first hear these words and phrases. Here are some of the basic terminology:

Tuck Box – This simply refers to the box that the deck of cards come in. And it is usually wrapped in cellophane.

Embossing – This refers to the dimpled finish on the surface of the cards. Sometimes, this pertains to the raised surfaces on more luxurious tuck boxes.

Foil – This pertains to the metallic printing on the higher end of tuck boxes of cards. Other companies are producing a deck of cards with spot UV printing. This process adds clear coats on the selected part of the card or in the box. Moreover, the spot UV prints add a tactile feel and glossy look to a nice deck of cards.

Brick – This refers to a dozen decks of nice playing cards. Oftentimes, you can buy a bring in a brick-shaped box.

Court cards – These deck of cards consist of face cards. This includes the Jacks, the Queens, and the Kings. Court cards are also known as, “picture cards” or “courts”.

Spot cards – This refers to the number of cards from 2 to 10.

Indices – This points out the numbers and values of the cards on the opposite corners.

Pips – This symbolizes the suit symbols: Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds.

These are the terms that you should when collecting cards. Moreover, you will learn more as you go along with your hobby.

Where do I buy decks of nice playing cards?

Before you buy your first deck, you need to know what you are buying options are. Here, we listed the basic things that you need to consider.

1. Search for the publisher sites

Today, many creators of custom deck of cards allow cardists like you to buy directly from them. Theory11 and Ellusionist are one of the biggest brands today. They produce and sell high-quality custom decks of nice playing cards.

Moreover, these companies are already established and successful. That is why you consider checking out on their websites. Companies like Seasons Playing Cards, Art of Play, and Kings Wild Project also produce nice decks of cards. Here, they give you options to buy directly from them.

Additionally, some publisher offers exclusive offers. Therefore, you can get hold of that limited edition’s of nice-looking deck of cards.

nice playing cards
Where do I buy rainbow playing cards?

2. Kickstarter – stay in touch with the latest release of playing cards.

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of the newest cards in the market today? Then, crowdfunding is a great place to browse and shop. There are weekly release of the new Kickstarter project that you can watch out. Likewise, you can get hold of the latest and greatest decks in the market. Still, there is a downside with Kickstarter projects. There are times that you will come across with poor creator. They often do not follow through with their promises. On the other hand, the delivery period took longer than expected.

Are you planning to buy sports-themed playing cards via Kickstarter?

You need to carefully research first.

And be very wary of indulging yourself in Kickstarter projects. It is still best to do your research first when looking for a nice deck of cards to collect. Most especially if you plan to collect limited editions. With crowdfunding, there is no guarantee that you are the only ones who get hold of a particular deck. There is a big chance that there are hundreds of it.

3. Look for reliable and proven online retailers playing cards

When buying cards online, make sure that you choose reputable online retailers. In addition, the site should specialize in custom cards. To help you spot a good one, the site should offer a wide range of quality products.

Oftentimes, reputable online retailers curate their stock. Moreover, they weed out their low-quality items. Besides, they offer loyalty programs and special monthly subscriptions. As a newbie cardist, you need to take advantage of these freebies. Also, look out for clearance items, sales, and coupons. Therefore, you can buy decks of nice playing cards at lowered prices.

4. Do not be left behind with eBay auctions

When it comes to collecting hard-to-find items, eBay is the best place to be. Simply because online retailers often post their listings on the online marketplace. Here, you can find a wide range of logo playing cards at a cheap price. Moreover, you can also find hard-to-find rainbow playing cards and sports-themed playing cards.

Even so, there is also one risk when buying in eBay. You are not always confident with the seller you are dealing with. There are reports that some sellers that sell inferior copies of playing cards. So, be very careful when dealing with online sellers.

Having said that, you should always do your research first before hitting the buy button. On the other side, research is also important when you plan to play at the best Singapore online casino today. By doing so, you can rest assured that you are only playing at a reliable and trustworthy online betting sites.

nice playing cards
How to buy sports-themed deck of cards on eBay auctions?

5. Find reputable collectors that offer private sales.

If you plan to buy or sell nice deck of cards with collectors like you, you can check out the cardist community. Oftentimes you can find collectors that sell or buy decks online. Playing Card Marketplace and United Cardist on Reddit are some of them. It is worthy to keep an eye on this sub forum and community. Because there are cardist that unloads a complete collection of cards at reduced prices. Hence, if you want to have a large number of decks watch out for private sales.

6. Join collectors clubs

Joining collectors clubs is also a great way to shop for nice playing cards. You can take advantage of collectors that sell their old collection of decks.

What are the other factors I should consider when buying?

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you also need to consider this when making a decision.

  1. The Price
  2. Range
  3. The Availability of nice playing cards
  4. Reputation of an online seller of cards
  5. Shipping time and shipping cost
  6. The Packaging
  7. Bonuses and Extra Freebies

Additional buying advice in choosing a nice set of playing cards

Where to buy nice deck of cards? There is no simpler answer to the question. There are many ways to get hold of your much-wanted cards. Here are some of the more buying advice that we prepare for you.

  1. Only buy decks of cards that you like.Playing card collection can be so rewarding. However, it can be also costly in the end. Do not indulge yourself in quickly buying the latest hype in the market. If you do not like the collection, do not buy it. This is your collection, hobby, and not theirs. Therefore, buying only the things you like will be worth it. Moreover, avoid spending money on something that you hate.
  2. Be selective and do your research.Some collectors sell nice playing cards online. However, you should not deal right away. Instead, make thorough research and be selective with the decks that you will buy.
  3. Research the seller, communicate well, and give feedback. If this is your first time dealing with a private seller, make a research first about the seller. Of course, we do not want your first time collecting to be awful. Likewise, communicate well when dealing with them. You should always communicate promptly and positively with a private seller. As well as, do not forget to leave feedback on your purchase.
nice playing cards
How to choose a nice set of cards?

What playing card brands should I know about?

Are you inspired to collect different playing cards while playing at top online casino Singapore? These brands offer a high quality and nice deck of cards in the market. Moreover, they have been in the playing cards industry for a long time. So, you can rest assured that they are reliable and proven.

  • Theory11
  • Ellusionist
  • Art of Play
  • US Games Systems, Inc.
  • Guru Playing Card Company
  • Vanishing Inc.

Decks of Playing Cards FAQs:

The cost depends on the brand that you are looking for. For an instance, do you want to buy unique or custom decks from brands like Dan and Dave? It will roughly cost $5-$15 per deck. Moreover, the same goes for Theory11 and United States Playing Card Company.

As of today, the most expensive deck of playing cards in the world is the Venexiana Gold. The cost of this 52-deck of cards is roughly over $400. This deck is a gold foil-stamped deck that is why it is costly. Likewise, there are only 212 pieces of this kind in the market. Next is the White Centurions. IT has an astonishing price of over $300 with about 1,000 decks available in the marketplace.

Are you planning to collect hard-to-find a deck of playing cards? These brands should be on your lists: Original Stud Playing Cards, Original Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards, Brown Wynn Playing Cards, Scarlett Tally-Ho Playing Cards, Venexiana Gold Playing Cards, and Boss Deck.