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Gambling Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

Gambling tattoo? Let’s face it and be real! We all have various interests and we would like to express them in different ways. Oftentimes, we express ourselves through art, whether it’s music, food, drink, or gambling. And when we say creative, we’re referring to tattoos. That’s correct, today we’re talking about the ink with a gambling theme! We’ll go over the most popular gambling tattoos that symbolize the thrill of playing at an online casino Singapore.

So, fellow daring players here’s hoping you locate your next favorite work of art! So, let’s start selecting the best tats ideas for gamblers!

What are tattoos and the story behind the ink?

Tattoos are ink and needle-based markings that are permanently applied to the skin. The cut scabs over and the skin heals to reveal a design beneath the new layer when the ink is deposited into the second layer of skin, known as the dermis.

Now, this practice is a widely accepted form of body art. However, there may be age limitations that limit the age at which you can have a tattoo. This all depends on where you reside.

 Furthermore, tattoos are rich in cultural history and deserve a little respect, whether they are memorial pieces or ones that convey interests, hobbies, or even love themes.

A brief history of tattoos

The original tattoos are made of ash and carbon. And as time went by, there are new ways to cover your body with tattoos. Nowadays, people are using henna, stick and poke tattoos, and so on. Back then, some people think that tattoos are unattractive. Thus, they only fit for persons with a negative reputation. However, others think that tattoos are symbolism of royalty and bravery.

In most cultures around the world, tattooing has long been a part of ceremonial rituals and passages. In addition, people wear tattoos to mark important events or pay honor or respect. They also use tattoos to connect their bodies with ash residue, then eventually carved beneath the skin.

Why do people mark their bodies with tattoos?
Why do people mark their bodies with tattoos?

The tattoo artist can etch these markings in any language and communicate a story. If you dare to imagine it, a tattoo artist can almost certainly create it and tell your story on a living canvas. From symbols depicting cultural motifs to phrases and font patterns, the tattoo artist can almost certainly create it and tell your story on a living canvas.

Also, tattoos have the artistic capacity to express volumes about:

  • Life
  • Decisions
  • Paying honor and memorial to life’s purpose and companions

Furthermore, many people get tattoos to memorialize their loved ones and to celebrate traditions and life events.

Gambling tattoo ideas and designs

Tattoos about gambling are sometimes associated with good fortune and luck. However, it is also possible that this person simply enjoys all things related to gambling. For instance, you may want to ink yourself with a 21 in Blackjack or a winning combination on the slot machines. So, without further ado, here are some of the classic and intricate gambling tattoo ideas.

Classy Gambling Tattoo Design #1: Lady Luck Tattoo

This gambling tattoo design is more for gambling men out there. They believe that Lady Luck and her ability can help you to have a lot of winnings. Others like to keep the Goddess near to their heart. That is why most of the Lady Luck tattoos can be found near their chest. 

Oftentimes, this gambling tattoo design depicts a gorgeous yet blindfolded woman. This symbolizes the chance’s non-discriminatory nature. In addition, a pair of lucky dice or a Full house comes with this Goddess design. Also, it can be a lovely lady seating in dice, cards, and wealth. Then again, the possibilities are limitless and the outcome is always spectacular.

Getting this tattoo inscribed on your skin is a sign of good fortune. Oftentimes, gamblers have this done after a big win at the online casino Singapore or a lucky event in their life.

Can a Lady-luck tats design make you lucky in gambling?
Can a Lady-luck tats design make you lucky in gambling?

Gambling Tattoo Ideas #2: Joker Card

Joker card tattoos are popular long before the movie “Suicide Squad”, wherein the Joker is almost always topless. The film isn’t all that horrible, but that isn’t the purpose. Truth is, the Joker has long been connected with not only Batman’s arch-enemy but also with gambling in general.

In addition, the Joker can be used as a wild card in some poker games. The second meaning of this widely tattooed character is a Texas Hold’em slang word. You can say you’ve got jokers if you have a pair of jacks.

Furthermore, this tattoo symbolizes good fortune. However, it is also a sign of deceit and misfortune. In addition, it symbolizes the vibes of the limitless desire and passion of its owner to dangerous games. Whether you are gambling at a land-based or online casino Singapore, taking a risk is a must. Therefore, having a joker-designed tattoo on your body can represent that you live for the excitement at Live casino in Singapore.

Colorful Casino Design #3: Roulette Tattoo

Even if they never go to a casino, some people want gambling-themed tattoos to look fashionable and cool. The colorful Roulette tattoo design is one of those “basic” tattoos that many people receive. They want this gambling tattoo although they never really played the game.

Well, it is no surprise because this is a traditional casino themed design as well as it can be done in a variety of ways such as:

  • The Roulette wheel itself
  • Just the numbers
  • The combination of wheel and Las Vegas sign

Even though the design looks average, still many players adore it and want to wear it on their bodies. There is no doubt that some people want this tattoo for its looks alone. Because the shadings, colors, and overall design of this gambling tattoo are visually appealing.

Furthermore, others may be impressed by the image because the game is based on luck and chance. They believe that such an evocative design will allude to good fortune in their own lives.

Meanwhile, you can check out the best Live Roulette casino in Singapore to give the wheel a spin. That is if you want to check out the game before getting a permanent representation of this gambling tattoo on your body.

Casino Intricate-ink Design #4: Playing Cards

Playing cards is yet another classic and very popular gambling tattoo design. You can express your passion for gambling just by having a deck of cards on your chest or biceps.

In addition, the Ace of spades design represents both good fortune and death. The American soldiers paint an image of Ace of Spades on their helmets to terrify their opponents during the Vietnam War. This symbolizes terrible luck and death for the opponents while good luck for the American soldiers. But today, you will commonly see this design inked on gang members, bikers, and gamblers.

What are the most popular gambling tattoo designs?
What are the most popular gambling tattoo designs?

People who want to commemorate their favorite casino games can get a playing card-designed tattoo. In addition, you can also have it if you wish to have a visual reminder about the unpredictable or elusive characteristics of existence. In any case, the deck of cards is a more refined and modest tattoo design.

Gambling Tattoo Ideas #5: Dead Man’s Hand

If we must say so, this is the most beautiful and meaningful gambling tattoo we’ve ever seen! This phrase expresses a profound idea. You can form the “dead man’s hand” which contains the fifth card when you hold two black Aces and two black eights in poker.

Wild Bill, the Old West folk hero who inspired this term. He was slain on the one occasion when he failed to watch his back while playing poker. Moreover, he was also holding this particular poker hand when he was murdered. Since then, it becomes a well-known symbol in pop culture that symbolizes caution, awareness, and wisdom in gambling. Be wise and cautious, peeps!

Tattoo Design #6: Dice

Rolling dice has historically been involved with gambling and risk-taking since the start of civilization. In addition, dice tattoos are often part of a bigger design, such as a gambling sleeve, but they also have their secret meanings.

A simple dice tattoo signifies the uncertainties of the future. Moreover, the tattoo could indicate good fortune or a burning desire to play games if the flames are surrounding the dice. In addition, the dice numbers may have personal significance for the player, such as birthdays or lucky numbers.

Gambling Tattoo Design #7: Skull

Are you planning to have a tattoo?

If so, then you might want to consider having a skull-inspired design. Because it represents triumphing over adversity or even death. In addition, the skull is a symbol of strength and power. So, if you have this gambling tattoo on your body, you will be immune to bad luck.

Do you want to protect yourself from a losing streak?

Skull tattoos, when combined with casino themes, indicate breaking a losing streak. It also signifies defying the odds and winning in an unexpected situation.

Do you like skull-inspired casino markings?
Do you like skull-inspired casino markings?

Casino-inspired Tats Design #8: Lucky 7s

In traditional slot machines, the lucky sevens are the highest-paying slot symbol. If you’ve ever played slot machines, you’ve probably seen the lucky 7s. Getting the 7s tattooed is a symbol of pure luck in the casino or life.

Some believe that this legendary number 777 is a highly spiritual angel number. People think that it is a sign of getting Divine Guidance in the Holy Bible. Moreover, people that get these magic number tattoos usually pair them with other symbols that are representative of a significant life event.

Casino-themed Tats Ideas #9: Poker Chips

In a poker game, poker chips are the plastic pieces that symbolize the win condition. One of the reasons why poker is considered a casino game is that accumulating a high stack of chips can become addictive. This tats design can be a perfect alternative if you’re looking for a gambling tattoo for poker fans.

These chips symbolize more than just a passion for the game of poker. They also depict a symbol of life’s love.

But how do you do it?

A stack of chips, on the other hand, is more than simply money in a card game. It also represents an additional chance to win. In addition, it also represents a valued item that demonstrates your ability to defeat your opponents.

 People who have this tattoo pattern on their skin frequently believe it represents a prior success as well as more to come.

Gambling Tattoo Design #10: Whiskey

In most gambling tattoos, the Jack Daniels bottle and whiskey glass are only minor components. Many poker players believe that being intoxicated improve their skills, which is why people link consuming strong casino drinks with table games. However, professional poker players consider that playing while intoxicated is a bad idea. It is because you will not be in your best state of mind.

Final Words:

The purpose of gambling tattoos is to help you express your passion for the casino and your favorite games. However, some tats ideas just use casino themes to communicate other emotions.

Now that you know what the symbols mean, it’s time to evaluate different gambling tattoo designs and discover which one you prefer. While the significance of a tattoo is important, you should pick something that fits your personality and style. After all, you’re getting something inked on your flesh for the rest of your life.

Then again, choosing an appropriate tattoo design takes patience, much like choosing an online casino Singapore. If you want a high-quality tattoo, make sure you spend some time looking for a design that perfectly reflects the meaning of your life events.