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How To Play Mahjong On The Best Online Betting Site?

If you are playing on the best online betting site Singapore, there are games that you are looking to. One of them is certainly mahjong. This game is a classic among Asians, who have been playing the game for the longest time. It is a tile-based game that went into development in the 19th century. 

Origin Of The Name

The name of the game originally came from the Chinese word meaning sparrow. This is because the clacking of the tiles in shuffling is similar to the chattering of the sparrows. Another theory is that the game got its name from Madiao, from which the mahjong tiles came.

The game is played in many version in China, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. It is played using 144 tiles with Chinese characters and symbols, while there are versions that omit the tiles or add unique ones.

For many variations of the best online betting sire game, each player by getting 13 tiles.  In turn, the players get and discard tiles until they could get a legal hand by getting four melds (sets) and a pair (eye). The players for this game are seated around a square table, including East, South, West, North.

Equipment Of The Game

The old mahjong on the best online betting site uses a set of 144 mahjong tiles. The sets include counters, dice and marker to display the dealer and the round being played. There are sets which have racks to hold the tiles, notably if they are bigger or smaller than the required tiles. Here is the mahjong tile count per set:






















Symbolism Of The Mahjong Tiles

  • Suit – The suits of the tiles of the best online betting site are based on money. In old China, copper coins possess a square hole in the middle. People placed a rope through the holes so that they could tie coins into the strings.
  • Dot/Circle – Every tile is made up of a number of circles, with each circle a representation of the copper coin.
  • Characters – Named as every tile is a representation of 10,000 coins, or one hundred string of a 100 coins.
  • Bamboo – This is named as each tile (except for the 1 unit which has a bird sitting on a bamboo) made up of a number of bamboo sticks. Every stick is noted to represent a string that has a hundred coins.
  • Honour Tiles
  • Wind: This is one of two honor suits on the mahjong on the best online betting site. Another category of tiles would be representing each of the directions including East, South, West and North
  • Dragon Tiles – The three dragon tiles are of three colours: red: benevolence, green – sincerity, white – filial piety. These, in particular are derived from the ancient imperial exam, archery and the virtues of Confucius.
  • Flower Tiles – Flower tiles are optional suits on the best online betting site. They are typical option components to a set of mahjong tiles. These tiles often have artwork on them. A lot of people think not to such tiles, as they make it easier for you to triumph and get bonus points.
  • Seasonal – The seasonal tiles show spring, summer, autumn and winter. Meanwhile, the remaining flower tiles represent four Confucian plants: Bamboo, chrysanthemum, plum and orchid.

Rules Of The Game

The aim of the best online betting site game mahjong is the same as playing poker. Here you need to make matching sets and pairs. The game is set up with each player rolling the dice, with the player rolling the top number becoming the dealer. The tiles of mahjong are then shuffled face down, and the dealer will draw 14 tiles while all the other players draw 13 each. They then make a wall in front before placing the tiles together to form a square.

How to play Mahjong at trusted online casino in Singapore?
How to play Mahjong at trusted online casino in Singapore?

How To Play Mahjong At The Best Online Betting Site Singapore

The dealer of the best online betting site, located in the east, discards the 14th tile into the middle of the table. After that, the player on the dealer’s right will take their turn by getting one tile and discarding the other. The player may grab a tile from the wall, or get the last tile that was discarded. You then continue playing until you hear either “Chi”, “Gang”, “Pong”, which represent the sets being made on the best online betting site.

What Do You Want To Achieve In Mahjong?

In mahjong, you are aiming to make four sets of three tiles and a pair. Here are the types of sets a player on the best online betting site can make:

  • Pong: three identical tiles
  • Gang: four identical tiles
  • Chi: sequence of three tiles of the same suit

You are able to create these sets by taking discarded tiles on the table on the best online betting site.

Secrets To Playing Good Mahjong

Here are some quick tips to help you enhance your place of the game:

  • Should you be able to get three matching tiles on the best online betting site, look carefully on any other player discarding this tile. You can now call gang and make a set of four identical tiles. This will get you bonus points in the game.
  • You are able to win mahjong by yelling “mahjong” and getting the last tile you require from someone who has discarded it or drawing the last tile from the deck.
  • One tile could not be used in two sets on the best online betting site Singapore at once.

Mahjong Is Now Online!

Thanks to the best online betting site, the fast-paced game that has been part of many Asians’ lives has made it to the casino scene. Now, by either playing on your mobile or computer, you will be able to experience the excitement of mahjong wherever you are. Sign up for an account now, and see how online mahjong makes the difference.