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Ultimate Casino Bonus Bagging Guide This Year 2021

Every online casino Singapore offers some sort of welcome bonus to their new players. They do this to persuade you to register and select their website over their competitors. Did you know that you could make money with these online casino bonuses? In this casino bonus bagging guide, we will explain how you can do this. We will teach you can convert your welcome bonus into real money.

What is casino bonus bagging?

Also known as “Bonus Hunting” or “Bonus Whoring“. Bonus bagging is an advantage play technique that you can use to generate a profit from any online casino promotions. In bonus hunting, your goal is to play an ultimate strategy so that you can “BAG” as much of the bonus amount as possible. Of course, without violating or breaching the terms and conditions of the casino site.

In bonus bagging, it means that a player can gain an edge over the house. In addition, it helps them turn their casino bonus into a profit. Oftentimes, Poker and Sportsbook games are always being associated with bonus hunting.

For Sportbooks, bonus bagging is popularly known as matched betting. Here, the player is making a guaranteed profit. However, bonus bagging arbitrage can also result in a complete ban on all casino networks.

Casino Bonus Bagging Guide: How does bonus whoring works?

Bonus bagging is a great way to make a profit that is tax-free as well as comes with low risks. This is why we are guiding what bonus bagging is and how it works. Moreover, we will be discussing what the risk of bonus bagging are when you are not doing it right.

Casino Bonus Hunting Guide: Learn the rules of thumb

Online casino Singapore are generous in giving lucrative bonuses to convince players to register. However, that was years ago, they give offers that are hard to resist. More so, the wagering requirements are very low, wherein, you do not need any strategy to make a profit.

Sad to say, many players have abused the situation. That is why it is harder to take advantage of their promotions today.

Casino Bonus Bagging Guide: Learning the two-tier staking strategy

You need to come up with a two-tier staking strategy. So that you can successfully bag casino bonuses today. A two-tier staking strategy means you are staking big in the beginning. Then, you are reducing the bet size until you have reached the wagering requirements. The point here is, your winnings should outweigh your losses in the end.

Do the rewards of casino bonus hunting make the risks worthwhile?

Usually, players may accept a large bonus by using this kind of strategy. They can instantly double their initial deposit as much as 100%. Two-tier staking can also give them more casino funds to play with. Here, they are only playing casino games where the chance of losing is low.

Casino Bonus Hunting Guide: Things you need to know

We listed some of the things that you need to know in this casino bonus bagging guide. Before you jump into bonus bagging, take time to learn and understand all these things.

  • Expected value of the casino bonus
  • Casino terms and conditions
  • Online casino wagering requirements
  • Bonus value
  • Types of casino games you can play
  • What the RTPs for the games you can play is.
  • Know the house edge of the game you are playing.
casino bonus bagging guide
What are the things you need to know about bonus hunting?

When you already know and understand these things, then you now have a chance to beat the system. You are set to go to plan your moves.

  1. Make a small initial deposit.
  2. 2, Next, claim the welcome bonus.
  3. Then, play the slots with the highest RTP and tiniest house edge
  4. You can go through the task of completing the requirements using the two-tier plan.
  5. Finally, you can now withdraw your winnings.

Always REMEMBER: Read the terms and conditions

We strictly emphasize in this casino bonus bagging guide that you should read the TOC. It is direly important that you read and understand the terms and conditions. The TOC will have all the important information to make your strategy a success.

  • The TOC will specify what are the games you are allowed to play to fulfil the requirements.
  • In addition, it will states how much money you need to wager before you can make a withdrawal.
  • You can read at the TOC how much a game counts towards reaching the casino wagering requirements.
  • In TOC, you can read the maximum and minimum stakes you can make in a bet.
  • Aside from that, you will also learn how to claim the casino bonus in the TOC.
  • The TOC will specify what makes you eligible or illegible to claim the bonus.

Do you want to learn more casino bonus bagging guide?

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Casino Bonus Bagging Guide

You need to know how exactly the terms and conditions and wagering requirements work. Before you try to beat the system, do not skip reading the TOC. Other than that, there is no better casino bonus bagging guide to help you. You will not have a chance to win against the system. Even if you join many casino bonus bagging forums, you’ll lose.

Casino bonus bagging – Is it Illegal?

Casino bonus bagging is not exactly deceptive or illegal. However, it goes against the casino’s terms and conditions. Once the casino notice that you are breaching any of their terms, you cannot withdraw from your account.

Worst, it could lead to outright banning of your account. Naturally, you need to do anything to avoid this from happening. That is why, before sign-up for an account make sure that you understand the TOC of the casino.

Now that we have mentioned the wagering requirements. We will briefly talk what is a casino wagering requirement.

What is the casino wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement refers to how many times you need to bet the casino bonus. This means that you need to spend a certain amount of money to play in the casino. After that, the casino bonus becomes real money that you can withdraw. Before you do it, you need to fulfil several wagering conditions of the welcome bonus.

If you have fulfilled all the requirements, bonus bagging gives you an advantage that results in a guaranteed profit. Those players who purposely do casino bagging, often play aggressively. Thus, they always target high volatile casino games. Moreover, they are playing games that offer good odds.

Not only that, they try other games like Pai Gow, Hold’em, and Blackjack. They mixed up their playing strategy and played a variety of casino games. So that the casino won’t suspect them of bonus hunting.

After they have finished their job, then, they will hunt down another bonus straight. However, if you are always going to do this at the same casino. They could flag your account as a bonus abuser.

What is casino bonus abuse?

Bonus abuse is a strategy aiming to gain an advantage over the Singapore online casino. Here, your primary goal is to make a profit only and not to gamble. Then, repeat the same process repeatedly.

Back then, casino players can easily get away with this. Because online casinos before are lacking in restrictions surrounding the casino bonuses.

Nowadays, the systems are already in place and are much stricter than before. It can now detect those players who abuse their casino bonuses.

What is casino bonus abuse?

Casino practices that may be considered casino whoring:

  1. Creating multiple online casino accounts.
  2. Not meeting the casino wagering requirements.
  3. Always claiming the same casino bonus multiple times.
  4. Staking a large number of bets with bonus money.
  5. Not playing the eligible games so that you claim your casino bonus.

Unluckily, some innocent players are caught in this trap, too. They are also been accuse of bonus bagging because they are inexperienced. More often than not, these novice players do not bother checking the terms and conditions. For that matter, ignorance is still not an excuse. If you are being accused of bonus bagging, you still going to lose the battle. Even if your argument is not reading the TOC, there is no way that you could win.

For once, the casino terms and conditions are there for a reason. Do not just ignore it. You need to take time to read it.

Casino Bonus Bagging FAQs:

Bonus bagging is a practice where a player claims multiple bonuses. Moreover, they completely disregard the casino’s terms and conditions. Their only intention is to make a profit despite the bonus rules.

It is when a player disrespects the terms and conditions/wagering requirements of the casino bonus. In addition, it is when a player creates many accounts to claim the welcome bonus.

Casino bagging is profitable. However, there is a bit of struggle. You need to learn how to build your two-tier staking strategy to become successful. Aside from that, you must ALWAYS READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Even if you do not plant bonus bagging, it will save you from all the troubles.