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SG Sportsbook: How to be a Professional Sports Gambler?

Many people around the world dream of becoming sharp sports bettors. Like many other professions, being a professional gambler requires a lot of hard work, betting skills, and discipline. If you are serious to learn how to be a professional sports gambler at trusted online betting site, this article may teach a few tricks that professional gamblers use.

There are proven strategies to succeed in every work or industry. And, it is critical to understand and implement them, whether it is learning skill or achieving success in any job or career. It’s the same as placing a wager on a sporting event.

It will take time and effort to become a professional sports gambler. Despite that, the payoff will be enormous in the end so they are serious about becoming a sharp bettor. Of course, skill contributes to success. But, following these seven principles will increase your chances of becoming a professional sports gambler.

How to become a professional sports gambler?

Here are seven strategies used by professional sports betting gamblers to make long-term income. All of these sports betting strategies are interconnected. While you can begin with one or two of them, you will eventually need to master all seven. The best part is that after nailing down the most important and valuable one, the others will fall into place naturally.

How to become a professional sports gambler?
How to become a professional sports gambler?

1. Learn how to make a lot of money in the game.

Most sports bettors seldom consider what they would have to do to place huge wagers. However, many of these same gamblers aspire to wager on sports full-time and make a fortune doing so.

Do you want to know how to be a professional sports gambler? Then, you must understand that even when you earn a long-term profit, the margins are thin. This means that to produce a lot of money, you must be able to put a lot of money to work.

If you can earn a 1% profit on your bets for a year, you’ll need to wager $10,000,000 for the year. So, that you can make $100,000 per year. And a one percent profit margin is nothing to laugh at. Truth is, many professional sports gamblers struggle to achieve this 1% profit margin.

Is it possible to put down $1,000,000 in bets every month?

Every day, it amounts to more than $33,000. Not only do you need to put this much money into play, but you also must find enough games that are worth playing.

2. Professional sports gamblers use systems and their eyes.

Every sports bettor loves to have a full sports betting system that generates successful bets using data. And, we are certain that you’d like to have one too right?

Yes, it is feasible that there are existing systems that can accomplish this without involving humans. However, we’ve yet to come across one. When handicapping sports events, some bettors are using methods to assist them. However, they still have to change what the systems produce depending on what they know and observe from watching games.

To make winning wagers, professional sports gamblers use

  • A combination of systems
  • Eyes
  • Wits
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
What do sports bettors consider when placing a bet?
What do sports bettors consider when placing a bet?

So, if you want to know how to become a professional sports gambler, you should also create systems. This system must be able to use data and outcomes to help you locate profitable games and lines. However, you should also watch games. Then, use what you see to help you make better and more profitable decisions.

3. Always use the betting lines to gain profit.

Let’s consider these two different lines from two different sportsbooks.

Sportsbook A:

  • Man City +2 ½
  • Chelsea -2 ½

Sportsbook B:

  • Man City +3 ½
  • Chelsea – 3 ½

Professional sports gamblers seek lines that differ from one sportsbook to the next. So, when they discover new lines, they have additional potential to earn. Occasionally, they do bet on both sides of a game.

You won’t find a value just because you find two different betting lines. However, after evaluating the game, these different lines do boost your chances of winning.

In the game with the lines shown above, you handicap the game. Then, you conclude that Man City will win. So, you will bet on the line that pays 3 ½ points.

If, on the other hand, you handicap the game, then conclude that Chelsea should win by six points. Therefore, you’ll bet on Chelsea and give them 2 ½ points.

Although a one-point discrepancy in the lines may not appear to be significant, it might be the difference between winning and losing. So, every time you can place a bet with a better line, your long-term winnings also improves.

When learning how to be a professional sports gambler, you must recognize the long-term value of finding and using the best lines. So, the next time you place another bet, you must first do what a pro sports bettor does.

4.  How to be a professional sports gambler? Value is the only thing that matters.

Professional sports bettors are solely concerned with value and nothing else is matters. If you see anything worthy, then you should place a wager. Moreover, you shouldn’t place a bet if you do not see the value.

That’s all there is to it.

Sadly, this is not how most sports bettors think. Most sports bettors allow a variety of other factors to affect their wagering decisions.

So, allow us to ask you this question.

Are you focused just on value or do you allow other factors to impact your betting decisions?

How to become a professional sports gambler?

If you want to become a professional bettor, then you must think that betting on sports is a business. You will not be a long-term winner if you do not handle your sports betting activity like a company. Additionally, profits are the lifeblood of any business and nothing else matters.

Decide right now that you will never put a sports wager if you cannot find value on those lines.

A combination of smart handicapping and lines creates value. You won’t know if a game and line are worth betting on until you handicap it. Moreover, you must compare your forecast to the available lines after handicapping the game and predicting the outcome. Only then can you determine whether or not a game is worthwhile.

5. Learn how to manage your bankroll effectively.

Do you maintain a separate bankroll for all of your sports betting activity? Or, are you placing bets using money straight from your pocket or bank account?

Why managing your bankroll important in sports betting?
Why managing your bankroll important in sports betting?

As we said earlier, not handling your sports betting like a company, will also make you struggle to make a long-term profit. Therefore, using a separate bankroll is an important part of handling your sports betting activity like a company.

To become a professional sports gambler, you must successfully manage your bankroll effectively. To maximize your wins, you must also know how much you may wager on each game. Additionally, you must also learn how not to bet too much. So, when you go on a losing streak, it will not harm your bankroll too much.

The ideal condition is to have a large enough bankroll. So, you will be able to wager the maximum amount of money on every game in which you believe you have worth. However, most sports gamblers can’t afford this. So, you will have to learn how to manage the bankroll effectively to maximize your winnings.

6. In Sports betting, there is no such thing as loyalty.

Having no loyalty is similar to the part about the only thing that matters is value. However, there’s such a huge gap in most sports gamblers’ betting behavior. So, we should include the loyalty part. You can’t be loyal if you want to be a successful sports gambler.

That isn’t to say you can’t be loyal to your friends and family. What we are saying is that you can’t let things like loyalty get in the way of making money bets.

You probably began betting on sports because you are a supporter of a certain team. When you’re a fan, it’s acceptable to bet on your favorite team. However, you can’t do it when you start considering your sports betting as a business.

Do you want to know how to be a professional sports gambler?

Then, you should remember that the only that matters in sports betting is VALUE. Therefore, it does not matter how much you want to support your favorite team. If they don’t have value, you shouldn’t gamble on them.

7. How to be a Professional Sports Gambler When it’s acceptable, play both sides.

When seeking value, it’s occasionally possible to find it on both sides of a game. This scenario commonly happens when you are betting on an EFL game at the best sportsbook in Singapore. Then, something may change throughout the week. So, you place a bet with a value on the opposing side.

Another circumstance that arises from time to time while looking at sports betting lines is the one we described earlier. You may bet on Chelsea and give them 2 ½ points while betting on Man City and getting 3 ½ points. Here, you may win on both sides of the game if Chelsea wins by three points.

You can also find exchange opportunities from time to time when you lock in a guaranteed profit by betting across many sportsbooks. However, this is a difficult approach to bet on sports.

How do professional sports gamblers find value?

Choosing the appropriate bets, to begin with, is an important part of professional sports betting. Therefore, you’ll need to identify the most valuable bets for this. In other words, seek for undervalued favorites or undervalued underdogs. Besides a bettor can find value in various ways since each sport is unique. Finding value, though, will always follow a similar pattern.

How do sports bettors find value on odds?
How do sports bettors find value on odds?

How to identify value in professional sports betting?

1. Don’t be fooled by the odds.

Do you want to be a professional sports gambler? Then, you should do your research first before looking at the bookmaker’s odds. So, you can analyze the result of any sporting event that you want to wager on. You should not look at the odds. When you look at the odds, it can impair your judgment even before you know which outcome you are predicting.

2. Make your prediction of the outcome.

In professional sports betting at trusted online betting site, you must choose which of the two outcomes you believe is more likely to happen. For example, you need to decide whether you think a football match will end in a victory, defeat, or a draw.

3.  How to be a professional sports gambler? Improve your predictions.

Of course, no one can predict the future. So, even if you choose the most likely scenario, there’s no assurance you’ll be correct. Now you should decide – objectively – what the odds are of it happening or not happening. Then, try to quantify it in percentages. In football betting, for example, you can conclude that the underdog team has a 60% probability of winning.

4. Computing and setting your odds.

The implied probability for each set of odds is different. And, you may use this probability to compute odds. A probability of 33%, for example, has 2/1 or 3.00 odds. Top Sportsbook in Singapore allows you to use their Implied Probability Calculator to compute odds.

5. Compare your odds to the odds offered by the bookmakers.

After calculating your odds, compare them to what the bookmakers are offering. Consider why the odds offered by the bookies differ from your own. Do you believe your odds are more accurate than the bookmakers? Or, does the sportsbook provide better odds than your estimate? You’re free to place your wager on whatever odds you think are more valuable.

Sports Gambling Pro Key Takeaways

  • Keep your mind and your money separate.
  • Consider money as a tool for conducting business.
  • Desensitize yourself to change.
  • Never think about your wins and losses in terms of what you could have bought with the money you won or lost.
  • When you’re winning, think about your advantage just as much as when you’re losing.
  • Consider your cash as an investment fund.
  • A larger bankroll is the best thing you can do with your sports betting profits.

Professional Sports Gambler FAQs:

Yes! Thousands of bettors have figured out how to make their pastimes as profitable as possible. Truth is, they are enjoying their handsome winnings.

The vast majority of professional sports bettors keep their earnings hidden. They do, however, frequently report profits in units or percentages. The majority of professionals win roughly 55% of their wagers, which is 5% more than a 50/50 guess. Therefore, they can win more if they have a larger bankroll and can put larger bets.

Yes. If you make sports betting your full-time job and put in the hours, it may become a profession. While only a tiny number of sports bettors are successful over time, it is feasible to become one of them.