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Blackjack Split Rules: When is the best time to split in Blackjack?

In any Blackjack game, the Blackjack split rules are important to increase your chance of beating the dealer. The split bet serves as an important tool to players competing with the dealer. Find out what it’s all about and when can you split in Blackjack.

In Blackjack, every betting strategy can be stronger from one another when it has clear motives. So, if you have a solid understanding of the card values and pair, it adds up to the excitement of this casino table game. Moreover, your knowledge of the number of moves per deal also adds up to the thrills.

However, you should let all these emotions distract you. Instead, make them a motivation to familiarize themselves with every aspect of the game and rules of each online casino in Singapore. Because there are game rooms and online casino Singapore that have different Blackjack split rules. In addition, they also differ in the moves that you can make. 

What does split mean in Blackjack?

Split bet or splitting is offered to players when their initial two-card hands are of the same rank. It gives you an option to split your cards into two separate hands. Then, you will receive an additional card from the dealer for each hand.

In Blackjack split rules, you must place an additional bet on the newly created hand. In addition, the amount should equal the amount of your initial bet. This option to split in Blackjack provides an enormous value to the player when used wisely, of course.

The idea of splitting cards is twofold. It can help you improve your low and weak hands as well as increase your chance of hitting stronger hands.

Furthermore, Blackjack split rules can be very simple and complicated all at the same time. Normally, new Blackjack players often commit mistakes when splitting. Thus, they used this option unnecessarily and when not needed. As a result, it often cost them a lot of money.

Good thing that Blackjack split rules is rather easy to understand. Most especially if you are playing your favorite Blackjack games at top online casinos in Singapore. Otherwise, split bets can vary according to the specific Blackjack split rules that we will discuss later on.

blackjack split rules
What does split mean in Blackjack?

Blackjack Split Rules: When can you split in Blackjack?

In the Blackjack game, you cannot split as you wish. Because there are certain hands that probability dictates if it is favorable for you to split your hands. In addition, there are hands that you should never split. Also, some hands depend on the dealer’s upcard whether you should split or not.  

Notably, these are not rules that will guarantee you a win every time if you follow them. Instead, you are more likely to win in the long run, if you follow these Blackjack split rules.

Blackjack Split Rules: Always Split Your Aces

In Blackjack, there are many cards with a value of ten. So, splitting your Aces makes sense.

Because if you don’t split your Aces, then one is worth one while the other is worth 11. This means that only a nine on your next card can take you to 21. On the other hand, drawing a 10 value card leads you to count both Aces as one. Thus, it leads you directly to a total hand value of 12.

Splitting your Eights

If you’ve been playing Blackjack for a while, you know that having a pair of eight means fairly poor hand. Whether your split your initial hand or not, pair of eights will not give you room for improvement. Thus, drawing a card above fill will only get you bust.

That is why we always recommend that you split your pair of eights to have a better chance of having a competitive hand.

Should you split or not?

Blackjack Split Rules: Never Split your Tens

Can you split in Blackjack when you have Tens?

It is a risky move to split your tens, but if you have the guts and audacity then go ahead. Splitting your tens is not a percentage call. Because if you do, you also dismantle a very promising hand. Thus, your chances of improving your hand with either split are slim to none.

Do not split a pair of four

You cannot go bust on your next hit when you have a pair of four. Thus, the most that you can get is a total hand value of 19. However, if you decided to split your hand, then only three cards can make your hands better than your initial hand. These are five, six, or seven-value cards.

Never split your fives in Blackjack

Having a pair of fives means you got a total hand value often. This also means it is the best time to double down because you have a great hand. But of course, the dealer shouldn’t have an Ace, nine, or ten. If you opt to split your pair of five, then you are most likely to hit a lower value hand. Worst, there is a high chance that you draw a card that will get you busted.

Blackjack Split Rules: When splitting depends on the dealer’s up-card

1. Split when you have 2, 3, or 7 while the dealer’s upcard is 2 to 7 inclusively.

In Blackjack, 2, 3, and 7 cards are often regarded as stinkers. It means that they all have the potential to get you bust in one or two hits. To avoid this, you must split them. Based on probability, you have more chance of improving your hand when you split.

2. You have a pair of nine while the dealer’s upcard is 2 to 6 inclusively, eight, or nine.

Hitting on a total hand of 18 is crazy. Yet, it is a beatable Blackjack hand. Therefore, standing is not an amazing position as well. In this case, splitting is the best move for this hand.

3. You have a pair of six while the dealer’s upcard is two to six inclusively.

If you split your sixes, then you are more likely to defeat the dealer with this range of his upcard. By doing so, there is a big chance that you could get a ten. Also, these give you a position to beat the dealer who could get busted.

Additional Blackjack Split Rules

In every Blackjack variant, you must check out its rules. There are times that the rules vary in land-based and online casino Singapore. Thus, Blackjack split rules are not immune to uncertainties. Here are some of the things that you should keep an eye on.

  • Some online casinos in Singapore only allow their player to split on ten-value cards of the same rank. Therefore, splitting a pair of ten is fine while a Jack-Queen hand is not permitted.
  • After your first split, doubling down or splitting your hand further may be limited.
  • In addition, an Ace and ten-value card may consider as a non-blackjack 21 after splitting.
  • In general, players are not allowed to hit again after splitting a pair of Ace.
blackjack split rules
What are the Blackjack split rules?

Is there a disadvantage to splitting all your cards?

Yes, just like any type of gambling, there is a risk of every action in Blackjack. Therefore, you must weigh down the pros and cons when you decided to split your Blackjack cards. Yes, you have a chance to double your winning by splitting your hand. However, there is also an equal chance that you lose twice when things go wrong.

Thus, we do not recommend splitting every single pair that you have at all times. Rather, you need to choose the perfect timing for this. If you are unsure of your decision, then do not split.

Notably, you must also accept that even if you use the perfect Blackjack strategy, still the dealer can be a winner. Remember that Blackjack is still a game of chance, thus you cannot 100% predict what would be the outcome of the game. So, when you lose a hand do not get frustrated. Instead, focus on the cards that you will be dealing with next and review your Blackjack strategy chart.

Also, you can take advantage of playing the Blackjack on top Live casinos in Singapore for free. By doing so, you can hone your Blackjack splitting skills without betting real money. You can play a few hands and try the Blackjack split strategy to see how you get on. Once you notice that you are playing correctly and get hold of the game, then it is time to wager for real money. Also, do not forget to take advantage of the casino bonuses offered by Singaporean players.

Blackjack Split Rules FAQs:

Splitting pairs in Blackjack will protect you from getting busted. At the same time, it also helps you to win by improving your low cards. In short, it helps you turn your losing chances into winning chances. In addition, splitting also helps you to double your winnings and minimizes your losses at the same time.

For starters, split bets are optional. It is completely up to you if you want to split or not. Furthermore, there are cases that even if you have a pair, it is not advisable to split. Then again, you should consider some factors when splitting.

In Blackjack split rules, you should never split Jacks if you want to win. A pair of jacks give you the best hands in Blackjack. Thus, the probability of improving your hand is very low after splitting. If you have a pair of Jack, it is better to stand and not to split.

In Blackjack, it is always recommended to split a pair of aces and a pair of eights because they are a perfect pair to split. In addition, pair of nines are also good for splitting, too.