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Collecting Gambling Chips: What collectors need you to know?

People collect almost anything and this includes collecting gambling chips. Collectors are very famous online and almost every genre has a fan. The collections rise in value as they get rarer. As a result, it leads this hobby is a wise long-term investment for both land-based and online casino players in Singapore.

Rare casino tokens are one of these greatest items that you should start collecting. Aside from their distinct color patterns, gambling chips only take up little space and don’t cost a fortune. That is why casino aficionados like us find this hobby a simple and gratifying pastime.

Why start collecting gambling chips?

Any gambling enthusiast would appreciate a set of casino chips as a keepsake. Many collectors discover their love while playing poker – as you may have seen in the movies. Since casino chips play an essential role in the game, both as a tool for bluffing and as a way to unwind.

Still, you may jump onboard regardless of your favorite casino game. Chips are inexpensive. Also, casinos generally employ a specific color scheme and branding to give the collection a professional appearance. Some individuals collect casino chips intending to sell them on eBay. There is a lot of demand for certain chips on eBay, but there are few ways to get them unless you go to the casino.

What has to stop you from collecting casino chips?

To poker players and gambling enthusiasts, collecting gambling chips may appear to be a natural step from the game of poker. On a personal level, having that chip you tossed into the middle of the poker table to make the winning hero call means a lot more than getting a trophy for winning a poker tournament.

Do you want to establish a poker chip collection?

The problem is you don’t know where can you get them. For obvious reasons, casinos are famously protective of their poker and table game money. So, collecting gambling chips isn’t so much about casino poker chips. Instead, it is about collecting rare casino tokens from all around the world. We can assist you with everything from buying poker chips to getting poker chips as a casino.

What gambling chips to collect?

As a newbie casino chip collector, you should know that the most costly casino chips are not the oldest or rarest. Instead, you should seek one-of-a-kind gambling chips. At the same time, you should concentrate on collecting chips with a certain theme.

Even if you are not collecting poker chips for investment, you may also focus on chips that you acquire from the casinos you visits. Over time, these items can quickly become a prized possession to you.

Casino chip collectors can also examine the chips for their collections that feature intricate patterns and designs. It’s crucial to have enough information on the chip, such as:

  • Name of the casino
  • Logo of the casino
  • Date of manufacture

Notably, gambling chips with intricate patterns are more valuable than those with simple designs. Moreover, many casino chip collectors are collecting unusual chips and rare casino tokens. However, these casino chips must be in good condition to be collected.

What is the best denomination to collect?

If you haven’t begun your collection yet, the most pressing question is what denomination of casino chips you should start with. In our opinion, you should stick to the low $1 denominations of gambling chips. These are simple to obtain since they are subject to fewer rules. Also, they do not demand a significant expenditure. Most casinos even provide commemorative chips that will give your collection a one-of-a-kind appearance.

On the other hand, some individuals prefer to collect $5 and $10 chips or even the larger $25 and $100 denominations. Still, these denominations require too much money and can lead to casino problems.

Gambling Chips: Where can I buy casino chips?

The most convenient way to obtain gambling chips is to purchase them straight from the casinos. This adds sentimental value to the gambling chips you are collecting. Usually, you can buy casino chips at the cashier or the table in most casinos. Several casinos feature a casino cage where they keep a larger assortment of chips than are utilized on the casino floor. Yet, these gambling chips would be neither uncommon nor unique.

Auctions are the greatest locations to go to if you’re looking for unique and rare casino chips. Rare casino tokens are auctioned on various websites like eBays. We suggest that you join a chip collectors’ network or club where you may buy and sell chips. Moreover, you can buy rare casino chips at trade fairs.

What you should know about gambling chips collection?

Notably, you must be cautious and always verify with the dealer before removing chips from the table. You can ask them whether you are permitted to keep them. However, you cannot take off any of the poker chips during poker tournaments.

Since most casino chips have much anti-forgery technology, some casinos may be hesitant to part with them. Even if you will offer to pay cash for them, they would not sell their casino chips to you.

So, if you plan to collect gambling chips straight from the casino, make sure that you ask the cashier about their internal regulations. They will also inform you whether are any available rare casino tokens for collectors.

How to check if the casino chips are genuine?

If you are planning to buy gambling chips online, then you should ensure that it is genuine. Otherwise, these casino tokes will not be valuable at all. Good thing, there are many pricing guides for collectors of casino chips available on the internet today. Aside from that, many reputable clubs are educating their members about the best prices for collecting gambling chips.

If you are new to casino chips collection, then it is vital that you first research the specifics of casino chips. Also, learn the fundamental facts like the various designs of casino chips. In addition, you need to know what are materials used in manufacturing them.

It would be feasible to determine which chips are valuable and which are common with adequate knowledge. An intriguing collection of rare and expensive casino chips can be trade to other collectors for a considerable sum of money.

How to tell if gambling chips are of good quality?

You must know about chip quality if you want to sell and/or purchase casino chips online. Needless to say, it is critical to accurately list it and learn to recognize it visually including the:

  • Edge of the token
  • Inlay – the sticker or label in the center of the chips
  • Hot stamp – the dry print with the casino name

These are all the areas that most chips collectors pay special attention to when collecting casino chips.

How are collectors grading the casino chips?

The natural use of chips and tokens has resulted in grading descriptions or standards. The Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club has established and supported the following five grades. Thus, casino chips are graded by collector groups based on their condition:

  1. New (N)– This refers to casino chips that are never been used in a game. Therefore, wear, scratches, dents, or nicks should not be visible in the item.
  2. Slightly Used (SU)– These refer to casino chips that show some signs of wear which are still acceptable. It should still be glossy and have good inlay quality.
  3. Average (A)– It refers to gambling chips with a month’s or a year’s worth of use The edges would be slightly rounded. Also, nicks would be evident and the inlay is showing some signs of wear.
  4. Well Used (WU)– This refers to casino chips, where bigger flaws are to be expected throughout the elements. In addition, parts of the stamp and inlay may have worn away, but they are still recognizable.
  5. Poor (P)– There may be extensive scratches or missing inlay in the casino chips. Also, the edges would be rounded like car tiers.

Furthermore, there are broken chips with serious flaws, canceled chips that are no longer in use, and changed chips with manufacturing flaws. As you might expect, the perfect quality of gambling chips does not necessarily imply a greater price.

Some collectors prefer to collect worn-out chips while others seek rare series with production flaws. Casual casino chip collectors are typically unconcerned about chip quality. Still, if you are purchasing online, you should look into what’s available.

How much are my casino chips worth?

Do you want to know how much are your casino chips worth? Well, casino collectors use these five fundamental criteria to determine the price of each chip. Below is the list of these factors to know how to identify the casino chips worth.

The price of a chip is determined by five fundamental criteria. In order of significance, below is a list of these factors:


In gambling chips collection, the greater the price is, then the fewer chips there are. Even though thousands of years have passed, still, the supply and demand relationship hasn’t changed.


Las Vegas, Nevada is the most popular site for collecting chips. As a result, if all other factors are equal, a chip from Las Vegas is more valuable than one from any other location. Anything else from Nevada is a close second. The desire to acquire one chip from each club or casino, whether in Nevada or Deadwood, is tremendous.

Furthermore, non-Nevada chips do not have the same demand as Nevada chips. Still, there are exceptions. Thus, gambling chips from certain casinos are more valuable than the other casinos. Casino chips from well-known casinos, such as the Flamingo, Sands, or Dunes, are far superior to a small club.

Aesthetic Appeal

The worth of a casino chip is heavily influenced by its aesthetics and creativity. Simply said, a chip with a good image inlay is considerably more expensive and desirable than one with a basic hot stamp.

Therefore, a gambling chip with an inlay but no picture would be somewhere in the middle. Of course, a chip with a hot-stamped image is preferable to one with only hot stamped text. Therefore, the condition of the chips contributes to their visual attractiveness.


Mold is one of the most important considerations that you should know as a beginner. Serious collectors have distinct tastes.

Gambling Chips: Best and popular molds used in the classic era of chips

  • Arodie – is by far the greatest mold.
  • Old crest and seal chips or C&S
  • Sm-key or small Greek key
  • Rectl or rectangle

Above-average molds are:

  • C&J or Christy & Jones
  • Rcthrt or rectangles and hearts
  • Diswrl or dice with comet’s tail
  • HCE or H with rectangle


The condition of the casino chip is a huge deal for collectors. It is because it applies to every single chip ever produced. In recent years, the chips’ condition became considerably more important.

As a result, estimating the value of chips that aren’t widely marketed or discoveries is possible utilizing these five criteria. A rare, NEW condition chip from Las Vegas with an Arodie mold and a great-looking, classic image from a famous, historically significant online casino Singapore would theoretically be the most expensive chip.

Gambling Chips FAQs:

Of course, you want to take care of and preserve your prized and rare casino tokens. Some collectors store their chips in a coin safe capsule and place them in an album for gaming tokens. This album consists of a brown leatherette binder with vinyl pages where you can store your rare casino tokens.

Although it is possible to counterfeit casino chips, still, it will not be an easy task for you. Aside from the specialized equipment used to manufacture the chips, casinos are implementing much anti-forgery technology. Besides, forging casino chips are illegal. Thus, you cannot get away with it if you get caught.

You should know that poker chips are worthless outside even though they are precious in a casino. So, before you leave the casino, you should exchange your casino chips for cash. Around the world, the chips denominations are: purple poker chips are worth $500, orange chips are $1000 while the grey ones are worth $5000.