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Live Casino 101: How To Play Mini Roulette Online?

The casino game of roulette has long been regarded as a classic. And if you were under the impression that they couldn’t create another roulette variant? Think again. Mini Roulette Online is a more “portable” variation of the traditional casino game and online casino Singapore. When playing online, you can now choose between regular roulette games and the smaller version of the game.

Mini roulette is essentially a smaller version of the standard roulette game played in Europe. In addition, it features the same outside wagers.

Sadly, you will need a little amount of good fortune if you want to win at mini roulette online. Despite that, mini roulette has gained popularity among many Singaporean players in many reputable online casinos. This also includes those who are new to playing online roulette games.

What Are The Rules Of The Mini Roulette Game?

The rules for mini roulette are the same as those for traditional roulette. Predicting the location of the ball’s landing after the wheel has been spun is the object of the game.

On the roulette table, players will place their bets. Once all bets have been placed, the wheel will start spinning. The whole range of traditional roulette wagers will also be available to players, including:

  • Straight bets
  • Splits
  • Street bets
  • Corner bets
  • Red/black
  • Odd/even
How to play mini roulette?
How to play mini roulette?

After the dealer announces the game’s result. With mini roulette online, there aren’t any special rules or betting strategies. One distinction is that the player receives half of their wager back if the ball lands on zero.

With a mini roulette game, you can wager on a single number or a group of numbers. In addition, there are fewer numbers in play when you play mini roulette. This also makes the game simpler to play and simplifies betting.

How to Play Mini Roulette Online In Singapore?

1. Examine The Mini Roulette Table

Look at the mini roulette table to choose your strategy before you start betting at top online casino Singapore. There are certain obvious changes to watch out for regardless of how many rounds of Roulette you’ve played. The table’s columns of black and red numbers from 1 to 12 are separated by a single zero at the top.

So, are you going to wager on red, a straight, or maybe even a corner?

2. Spin The Mini Roulette Wheel

After deciding on your mini roulette betting strategy, it’s time to place your bets and then spin the wheel. All that remains is for you to keep your fingers crossed and wait. Because the RNG determines the outcome, you must hope for the best while watching the ball spin around the wheel.

3. It’s Time To Collect Your Winnings

You will know immediately whether you earned your wager when the ball lands in a pocket. If so, kudos to you! Why not give it another shot if you still haven’t? To try to continue your winning run, look at our mini roulette tips at best and most Singapore online casino.

4. Reassess Your Roulette Betting Strategy

Are you feeling unlucky and not yet winning? Now is the moment to decide how much you will wager on the upcoming spin.

Don’t forget that if zero is called, you’ll get 50% of any individual number of bets returned.

To determine which bets are hazardous and safe, check out the player odds in the table below. What seems good to you will be obvious.

You are now prepared to start over. Good luck!

What is the best mini roulette online strategy to win?
What is the best mini roulette online strategy to win?

Mini Roulette Online: The Odds & Payouts

As mentioned earlier, in mini roulette online, there are fewer numbers in play. Because of this, the chances for Mini roulette are substantially different than for regular European or American roulette.

Before you play, make sure to become acquainted with them. Since there are only 13 numbers available to wager on, you cannot place a Dozen bet.

Type of Bet

Player Odds (%)

Mini Roulette Payout

Straight (single number)



Split (two numbers)



Street (three numbers)






Corner (four numbers)









Mini Roulette Betting Strategy

  • Take advantage of playing mini roulette online at top online casinos in Singapore.
  • Avoid betting on zero. The house edge on all wagers covering zero is 7.7%.
  • Be cautious of the house edge. Even though mini roulette online is a lot of fun and easy to play, don’t overlook the dramatic house edge.
  • Take advantage of mobile gaming. If you enjoy playing roulette on the go, mini roulette online is ideal for you. It helps you avoid fiddly controls. At the same time, you can receive payments wherever you are!

What Is The Difference Between Regular Roulette And Mini Roulette Online?

The main difference between the two is the layout of the mini roulette table. In addition, mini roulette also uses a smaller wheel.

Since there are fewer numbers available, the betting structure will also change. Classic European Roulette uses 36 slots. However, the mini roulette online only uses 13 slots. Furthermore, the payment for zero is also different from that in the regular roulette game. This yields a payout of half the wager while playing mini roulette.

Different bets have different payouts as well. When playing the mini roulette game and moving the mouse over specific parts of the table, all of the payouts are visible. We’ll also notice a variation in the house edge.

One of the largest house edges of any roulette game available online may be found when playing mini roulette. The house edge in the tiny roulette game is 7.69%, compared to 2.7% in the regular European roulette game.