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Ultimate Guide to Progressive Bonus Casino

Slot machines are one of the most well-played games in any Live casino Singapore and land-based casino. Aside from it is so easy to play, the jackpot that you could win is life-changing. Most especially when you play the progressive slot machines. Having said that, progressive bonus casino games attract a large number of players more than ever. As they can generate quite a profit without spending their own money.

Slot machines are not the only ones you can play with a progressive bonus. There are other online casino games that you can enjoy as well.

What is a progressive bonus?

A progressive bonus is often associate with slot machine games. Yet, these bonuses are not limited to slot machines. You can also use it in video poker machines and other poker games.

Additionally, the progressive bonus can also be enjoyed in table games like Caribbean Stud Poker. As this table games often offer progressive jackpots regularly. Furthermore, these games often offer constantly growing, huge jackpots on side bets, too.

progressive bonus casino
What is a progressive casino bonus?

As the name implies, the progressive bonus is a casino bonus in steps. It means that the more you play the game, then the more this bonus becomes generous and interesting.

However, you must fulfill the necessary playthrough requirements of this bonus within a certain period. It means that you must achieve the total volume of bets needed to unlock the various stages of the casino promotion.

How does it work?

Let’s say the online slot in Singapore gives you a progressive bonus of $10 when you reach the $1000 bets. Then, they will give you the second bonus of $20 when you reach the $2000 bet range. Moreover, the 3rd bonus you will receive will then increases to $50 when you reached their $5000.

How can you receive a progressive bonus?

If you are a regular player of an online Live casino in Singapore, then you will receive a progressive bonus. Notably, the playthrough requirements of these bonuses are important. On top of that, it can be challenging to fulfill as well. Most of the time, only players with a remarkable playing position can support them. Therefore, those players who only play from time to time rarely receive a progressive bonus. 

Progressive Bonus Casino: What are the time limits?

It is important to note that the important game requirements of progressive bonus that online casino Singapore offers are:

  • The total volume of bets required to unlock the stages of the promotion
  • Should be achieved within a pre-established time
  • If you can reach it, you must have a piece of evidence as well.
What are the time limits of these bonuses?

What are the playthrough requirements?

When you register an account in an online casino Singapore, you will receive casino bonuses. Usually, it can be in a form of free spins, cash bonuses, or free bets.

Amazing right?

Well, don’t be too excited because these offers come with strings attached. Those strings are known as wagering requirements or playthrough requirements. It means that for you to be able to withdraw the cash bonuses or collect any winnings you derive from it, you must first fulfill these requirements.

How does this wagering requirement work?

Receiving a progressive bonus like $1000, $2000, $3000, and more is pretty much enticing to new players. However, the total volume of water that you need to place is hard as well. Most especially if you do not play a lot or you only bet a minimum amount every time you play. To receive a progressive bonus, you must reinvest your winning in your future bets as well. It is almost certain that all the money needed for the requirements will not all come out of your pocket. So, a large part of the amount that you will wager will be made up of your winnings too.

So, if you are not a big roller and do not play consistently, these online bonus systems are absolutely a shock to you. Likewise, for consistent, regular, and big roller players, fulfilling the wagering requirements of this progressive bonus will be a piece of cake.

Which games are allowed for the progressive bonus?

The casino bonus you receive can only be played with selected games only. Usually, Roulette is always excluded from free casino bonuses without deposit and progressive bonuses. The doubling features of slot machines are slightly different as well. In an online slot in Singapore, your wager is a dry bet. It means that you could lose and you could win as well.

In addition, you can easily fulfill the progressive bonus requirements from the playing slot machine. You can quickly make the bet volume go up.

Will the progressive bonus right for you?

In reality, the online casino Singapore decides whether you are qualified for the bonus they give. Usually, these bonuses are exclusive and personalized. So, if you are a valuable and loyal player on their site, then the casino staff will contact you. They will email you to offer a nice progressive promotion.

Take advantage of the bonus of their VIP programs

Online casinos dedicatedly offered VIP programs to their loyal customers. Thus, online casino Singapore offers many progressive opportunities to their players. Aside from the progressive bonus, you will receive, the exclusive promotion also awaits you. This includes show passes, faster payments, travel, higher payouts, and more.

How can you calculate the playthrough of a casino bonus?

It is very much straightforward to calculate the playthrough requirements. All you have to do is multiply the bonus by the required number. Depending on the terms, sometimes you need to add the deposit amount and the bonus multiply by the wagering requirements.

progressive bonus casino
How to calculate the playthrough requirements?

For an instance, you deposit $100 and it has a 100% deposit bonus plus a 10x requirement. So, you will have a total value of $200.

To turn this into withdrawable cash, you then need to wager:

$200 x 10 = $2,000

It means that you need to wager a total amount of $2,000 before you can withdraw your winnings.

What are the advantages of a casino bonus on the slot machine?

We all know that progressive online slots in Singapore require you to bet the maximum amount to qualify for the jackpot. So, if you can collect your progressive bonus, then you have extra cash that you can stake.

Progressive Bonus Casino FAQs:

There are many types of bonuses that you will receive. Oftentimes, the amount of welcome bonuses that you receive is the percentage of the deposit amount you make. For an instance, you deposited $1,000 and you have a 50% deposit bonus, then you will receive an additional $500.

Playthrough requirements or wagering requirements refer to how many times you need to wager the bonus amount before can cash out the winnings you derive from it.

Well, this depends on the wagering requirements of the online casino. Some casino bonus requires you to wager both the deposit and bonus amount. While some playthrough requirements will only require you to wager the bonus amount only.