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Fun Casino Online: Social Gaming VS. Real Money Gaming

What motivates you to play online games? Is it about having fun or earning real money? What would you choose if you are faced with these two option? Surely- you are torn between the two because both have their appeal to you. However, which one is superior – is it the fun casino or real money casino? Together, let’s find out what would you choose between the two.

What is social gambling?

Social gaming or social gambling is playing in a social media or mobile application. Usually, social gaming is associated immediately with Facebook. Also, you will first think of games like Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille, Mob Wars, and other games.

Singapore online casino games like online slots, Blackjack, Poker, and Texas Hold’em can also be played on social media platforms. You can enjoy playing all by yourself or with your social friends. What’s more, social gambling is free. This is also the main reason why people are attracted to play these games.

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What is social gambling?

Social gambling, is it real?

Yes, it is real. If you want a fun, wholesome, and exciting gaming experience, then a fun casino is right for you. Fun casinos neither offer gambling nor an opportunity to win real money.

Instead, offers you all the fun and thrills with their exciting social casino-style games. Moreover, it allows you to practice your favorite casino games without wagering real money.

How does fun casino works?

In a fun casino or social casino, you are not betting real money when you play. Also, you wouldn’t receive real money when you win. Instead, you are earning virtual currencies, benefits, and other improvements. Aside from that, you can also buy fun casino goods using cash.

Although you are using real money to buy stuff in a fun casino online, it is still not consider gambling. It is because you are not wagering real money when you play. At the same time, you are also not winning real money when you win. The games at a fun casino online are for entertainment and fun purposes only.

When you play for fun casinos, there are certain goals and tasks that you should do. And when you achieved it, you can share your results with your friends.

Social gambling apps offer exciting and enjoyable real Vegas slots. Where that you can play on your mobile devices.

Fun Casino Online: The Pros and Cons

Playing any casino game is both fun exciting. You will also feel the thrills and tension of watching the ball landing on the Roulette wheel. At the same, you will also feel the buzz of playing a hand of Blackjack or Poker.

With a fun casino, you can get to play all the gambling games offered by the online and land-based casinos. The only difference is that you are not risking real money in these casino games.

The pros of playing in fun casino

Learning how to play casino games with fun casino

Are you a complete beginner in gambling and you don’t know how each game works? If so, then you must learn and understand the rules of the games you want to play. The fun casino offers you an opportunity to learn how to play. At the same time, you can hone your skills without risking all your money.

No risk of losing real cash in fun casino

When you play casino games in an online casino Singapore, the misery of losing is very high. You can experience the thrills of gambling without placing yourself at any sort of financial risk. In short, you can play as long as you want without worrying about emptying your bank account. 

Fun casino online: Legal in jurisdiction

Social casino is legal in jurisdiction wherein online casino Singapore is prohibited

Even though you are staking and playing casino games, you are not gambling in its truest sense. You are only playing in a social online casino but do not involve real money. Aside from that, it is also available to people who do not gamble for personal, personal, or religious reasons.

The cons of playing in fun casino

There will be no money won in fun casino

You are not wagering real money in a fun casino, so you won’t win real cash too. Somehow, this is the downside when you play for fun casinos. No matter how many credits you have won, you cannot convert it into real cash.

Fairly free access in fun casino

In general, fun casinos are a potential getaway for younger people. Even if there are some age restrictions, it can easily bypass that even kids can get into. It means that social casinos may contribute to developing knowledge about gambling for younger people.

Based on statistics, about 2% of teens are getting addicted to gambling. Thus, they have early exposure to gambling games because of free sites readily available on the internet. Moreover, they familiarize themselves in casino games even before they move up to real money gambling.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of playing in a fun casino?

Real Money Casinos: Play casino games that give you real money

Do you ever bet on a game of chance with cash? Online casinos wherein you can wager with real money are the counterpart of land-based casinos. When you play with real money casinos, you have the potential to win. However, you also have the potential of facing financial trouble because of losing.

Big Money Casino

Betting big money in the casino online takes you to a whole new level of excitement. That is why many risk-takes love gambling in an online casino Singapore. It is because they love the feeling that extreme activities bring to them.

While others are gambling for entertainment, some focus to earn extra money online. When you wager online, you can do both. You can have fun and earn additional money while staking real money on a gambling site.

What’s more, if you lucky hit the winning combination of the progressive jackpot, your life may change. This gigantic jackpot added fuel to fire why online casinos are rapidly growing these days. In addition, the various casino bonus and loyalty programs attract more players to gamble in an online casino rather than play in a fun casino.

Real money gaming – why is it popular?

The more you play in a real money casino, the more points that you can earn when you are a member of its loyalty program. Therefore, you can get various kinds of rewards. that you can use in playing. This includes:

  • Free spins
  • Casino chips
  • Free money
  • Tournament tickets and more

However, the casino bonus that you may receive in a real money casino can be very tricky. You must always read the wagering requirements as well as the terms and conditions attached to them.

Moreover, you should know how to use these casino bonuses wisely. Thus, take advantage of it to increase your chance of winning.

The Pros of Real Money Gaming

Real money casinos can help you win big

As mentioned earlier, a real money casino allows you to win big prizes. Aside from that, you have more chances of winning in an online casino than in land-based casinos because of RTP. The reason behind this is that running an online casino is much lesser than a land-based casino. So, they can offer bigger RTP to its player compared to the land-based casino. Thus, you can expect to win big when you play in an online casino than a traditional one.

It is more convenient to play in a real money casino

Gambling in a real money casino is much convenient than in a land-based casino. You don’t have to travel as well as spend money on accommodation. Just like social gaming, you can get to play anytime and anywhere. You can even get to play from the comfort of your home and win big as well.

Fabulous casino offerings

Given the tight competition in the iGaming industry today, top real money casinos are offering great promotions and bonuses to its player. That is why many gamblers are taking advantage of these offerings.

Such casino bonuses can help increase your odds of winning. Aside from that, you can increase your bankroll with the lucrative welcome and deposit bonus online casinos have in place. So, if you get tired of playing in a fun casino, then try your luck to earn real cash in real money gaming.

Wide variety of casino games

Have you ever visited a land-based casino?

If so, then you have noticed that the selection of games offered is very much limited. However, this is not the case when you choose to play in a real money casino online. Online casinos have a wide variety of casino games in all forms of variations.

In a land-based casino, your choices may be limited to about 10-100 slot games. However, a real money casino online could offer you more than that. Also, you can play thousands of slot titles.

The only problem is how you could try them all out. Playing casino games online offers you an exceptional iGaming experience.

You have a various payment method

Playing in a live casino in Singapore involves real money transactions, too. In a land-based casino, your option is somewhat limited to cash, credit cards, or cheques only. However, the online casino Singapore can offer you more than that. You can choose a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options like:

  • Credit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Bank transfers and more

The Cons of Real Money Gaming

You Can Lose Big

When a real money casino became your choice than a fun casino, expect that you have the potential of losing big money. So, you must learn how to manage your bankroll carefully.


With so many online gambling sites lurking online, you can easily fall into rouge casino operators, too. Although the vast majority of online casinos are operating fairly and ethically, still some crooks do exist. That is why you need to look for licensed and trusted online casinos.

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Is it safe and secure to play in an online casino?

Gambling Addiction

Gambling online is very much accessible. That is why vulnerable players often develop a gambling addiction. It is because it is TOO EASY for them to gamble. Thus, they are not able to control and monitor the time and money they have spent gambling.

Longer time cashing out

It is so quick and easy to fund your account, yet, cashing out may take a little longer. The withdrawal period may differ depending on the payment method you use as well as where you live.

Fun Casino FAQs:

All online casino games allow you to win real money. Some of the most popular gambling games that you could play include an online slot in Singapore. Poker. Baccarat. Blackjack. Roulette. Pai Gow. Texas Hold’em.

Social gaming or social gambling is not illegal because there is no money involved. It will only consider gambling when you are staking real money. At the same time, you win real money or the equivalent of it. When you are playing in a fun casino, you can’t win a cash prize of any value. In short, you are only gambling for fun.

Fun casinos also generate because of advertisements. At the same time, they offer special features on their games wherein you can only unlock them by micropayments. The basic idea behind this is that it is fun. You can win real cash in any online casino game. Then, the players can buy it for a very small amount of money.