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Gambling skill games you can play for real money

Gambling skill games are one of the most popular games both offline and online casino Singapore. Although luck plays a role, your decisions play an important role in determining whether you win or lose. This is why many people play skill-based games for real money. Simply because they know, they can control the action of the game to some extent.

What exactly are skill games?

Skill games are games wherein the players’ ability and casino strategies they use are vital factors to know who wins. The majority of gambling games are based on pure luck. While skill games need smart and strategic decisions to improve your chances of winning.

Skill games are usually played at home, but they can also be played on an online gambling site. Many of these social skill games involves in gambling. Many are playing skill-based games for real-money stakes. Usually, players agree on a stake when playing gambling skill games, with the winner taking all the money. Aside from online gambling sites, players can also participate in tournaments to earn money.

Furthermore, you have to refrain from making poor decisions when playing gambling skill games. By doing so, you are only going to hurt your chance of winning.

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Different Types of Gambling Skill Games

You will notice that the skill games that we are going to discuss can be considered board games. Here, we are going to tackle board games that have been around for many years now. Still, they have not changed or evolve since they were first formulated.

Skill Based Gambling Type #1: Arcade Games

Arcade games are one of the most popular skill-based games in gambling. You may notice that kids usually play a game wherein they put quarters in the machines. A great example of these arcade games is video games and pinball machines. In arcade games, your skills are based on your dexterity in pressing the button.

Skill Based Gambling Type #2: Card Games

Many people think that all card games involve a great degree of chance and luck. Still, how you play the games plays a vital part whether you win or lose. Most online gambling sites offered card game tournaments to their players. In card game tournaments, players can play against each other online.

Gambling Skill Games Type #3: Game Shows

These type of gambling skill games usually dominates the casino floors of land-based casinos. Usually, these game-show-based games are based on games. With online game show-based games, they operated differently. Thus, you need to use your skills to win the game. Here, you are playing the games against your online opponents, and you are playing the game. You need to win points to become a winner.

Gambling Skill Games Type #4: Word Games

Word games have been popular since ancient times. Many online gambling sites are offering word games with cash prizes. Thus, they also held tournaments so that players can compete with each other for real money. Usually, the grand prize of these gambling skill games is pooled prize. Therefore, the winners can get a percentage of the total prize pool.

Skill Based Gambling Type #5: Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are one of the fast-growing and popular gambling skill games today. Here, players are using their knowledge in sports like football, baseball, basketball, and more. Fantasy Sports also held season-long leagues as well as daily matches for quicker results. In any case, you need to make sure that the player you pick should perform better so that you have a better chance to win.

Most Popular Gambling Skill Games


These gambling skill games have been popular games for hundreds of years now. You can play Dominoes for real money or play it informally with your friends. One thing that sets dominoes apart is the number of ways you can play the game. Despite that, the basic gist is the same. In this skill-based gambling game, you have a set of tiles with a specific number of pips on each side. Then, you and your opponents are going to take turns in laying down those tiles.

The primary goal of dominoes is to connect each tile from one another. For instance, the tile has an open side with five pips on it. Then, you have to lay down tiles with five pips on them as well. However, if you do not have a tile with five pips on it, then you need to pick from the pile.

This process will continue until one player has no more domino pieces in their pike. Then, this player will become a winner.

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What are the gambling skill games you can play for real money?


Rummy is one of the most famous card games that you can play in a social setting. Today, Rummy can also be played for real money online. Moreover, you can play it in different formats.

To play this game, you have to get rid of all your cards quickly before somebody does. If you do, you can earn points according to the other remaining cards. Just like dominoes, you can either pick up an unknown card from the main pile. In addition, you can pick a card from the discard pile. Moreover, you can discard your card if you wish as well as lay cards on the table.

The cards can be arranged in certain combinations including the two basic forms:

Runs = Here, you need to arrange at least 3 cards in the consecutive rank of the same suit.

Sets = Here, you need to arrange at least 3 cards of the same number.

Furthermore, as you lay these cards down, then you will have fewer cards in your hand. Also, you can earn a bonus when you lay down your entire hand all at the same time. In rummy, you must have the skill of knowing when to pick up from the discard pile to improve your hand. Also, you must know when to discard cards.


Backgammon is one of the classic skill games that most people enjoyed today. Here, you have to get your 15 tiles off the board before your opponent can do the same. Your pieces will be then removed around the board according to your dice rolls. Notably, double rolls are valuable. This is because they allow you to move around much faster than any other roll.

How to play Backgammon and win real money?


Of course, when it comes to skill-based gambling, chess will never go out of the list. This game requires mental and strategic decision-making skills. The goal of this skill-based game is to capture your opponent’s king. Thus, you need to ensure that your opponent’s king cannot make any move while securing your pieces at the same time.


This game is one of the newer gambling skill games on this list. This game is based on dice rolls. So, you can say that luck also comes to play. However, your skill of determining when to use certain rolls scores helps you to win.

Gambling Skill Games FAQs:

The skill games are determined mainly on the mental/physical level of expertise of the player. Besides, players can win the game based on their knowledge and experience rather than luck. While in a game of chance, the player has o control over the outcome. Thus, they only win based on pure luck.

These are gambling machines that have been designed to reward players based on their ability to play a game. The player’s skill, knowledge, and ability play a vital part in the outcome of the game.

These skill-based gambling games are far more complicated to play than slots. This is due to the reason that it has different nature from the casino games you play. To make it easier for you to play, you first need to learn the basic rules and strategies. Of course, you also need to practice to enhance your skills.