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Weirdest Bets Ever: What are the craziest bets people actually bet on?

People indeed love gambling and a bunch of gamblers is betting on almost everything. From who will win the football league up to trivial things, many people enjoy gambling. But not just that, gamblers are also known for making the craziest bets that you could imagine. In this article, we will be featuring some of the weirdest bets ever that people bet on.

Weirdest Bets Ever: The bet on the Taser

How far can you go from gambling? Would you tase your partner for it? As crazy as it may seem but some gamblers do the weirdest bets ever that you could imagine. John Grant and his wife Nicole are living proof of this.

weirdest bets ever
What are the weirdest bets people actually bet on?

The couple’s American Football teams met in the championship game in 2014. They agreed that whoever lost their team would be tased for three seconds by someone who supported the winning team. Nicole was backing for Tinley Park’s Green Bay Packers while John was rooting for the Chicago Bears. John tased Nicole when Chicago won the game, as greed.

But John did not stop there, so she then went to the police station and reported her husband for repeatedly tasing her. John was arrested for felony possession of an electric weapon.

Crazy right, but certain people love to make the weirdest bets ever. So, it is probably best to stick to playing to the best online casino Singapore or sport betting sites in Singapore.

The Man Who Gets $100,000 Breast Implants For Bet

Well, some people do the strangest things after losing a wager. And looks like Brian Zembic made one of the weirdest bets ever made. At first, he once lost a bet worth US$7,000 to a friend. As a consequence, he spent a month in his friend’s bathroom. He again made a daring bet of sleeping under a bridge for a week. But that’s just not that, there is a bundle of money worth US$20,000 strapped on his leg.

If you think that Brian is crazy enough from doing that, think again. Because he committed the most audacious thing you’ve ever heard in your life.

Weirdest Bets Ever: Did you know that some man gets breast implants for a bet?

Weird, right. But some people do these things for the money. And Brian Zembic is the man who gets breast implants for a bet. He agreed to have silicone breast implants. Then, live with them for at least a year to win a $100,000 bet.

Zembic found a fellow gambler who also happens to be a plastic surgeon and defeated him at backgammon to get his surgery for free. He was victorious in his bet to keep the breast implants for a year. Brian Zembic’s images are all over the internet and he is famous for his boob job.

weirdest bets ever
Who is the man that gets breast implants for a bet?

Zembic grew accustomed to the implants and began to enjoy them. After that, he decided to keep the implants for nearly two decades. In 2014, Zembic even turned down a $10,000 bet to have his implants removed. Until his teenage daughter persuaded him to remove his implants in 2017. After that, his perspective on life has shifted. He now believes that money isn’t as important as it once was.

Weirdest Bets Ever: The $5 Stakes

When it comes to strange bets, there are times that everyone becomes a winner. Some of the most unusual bets in history were placed at Singapore’s top online betting sites. Because they covered everything from greyhound racing to football and cricket tournaments.

Perhaps, only the $5 wager bet is at the top of the list. For example, in 1960, Bob Cerf who is the founder of Random House made a bet with the author Theodor Geisel. Cerf bet that Geisel couldn’t write a book with only 50 or fewer unique words. But Geisel took this challenge seriously and delivered. Under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss, he published one of the most famous children’s books of all time, Green Eggs and Ham.

Although Cerf never delivered and never paid the bet, it is safe to say that Geisel did quite well.

Roulette: The Riskiest and Weirdest Bet Ever

Ashley Revell made the riskiest bet in Roulette in 2004. Revell decided to sell everything he owned and including his clothes. Then, he put his entire life savings on a single spin at a Roulette table.

As the old saying goes, “without a risk, there is no reward” looks true in Revell’s case. Although this rarely happens, the extremely high risk he took paid off. When the white ball landed on the red, Ashley Revell immediately doubled his money. It must have been the biggest sigh of relief in history. Then, he walked away from a winner because he knows when to stop gambling and enjoyed all his winnings. By the way, he used the money to start his own gambling company.

The Gambler With Suitcases

weirdest bets ever
What are the weirdest bets ever made by people?

This story shouldn’t go out on our list because it is remarkably one of the weird vegas bets in history.

William Leen Bergstrom was not a professional gambler, but he was one of the most well-known gamblers in Vegas history. He entered the Horseshoe casino carrying a suitcase containing $777,000 and another containing nothing. The majority of the funds were likely borrowed. And he was hoping to take advantage of a casino promotion that promised to match any player’s first bet stake.

Bergstrom put all of his money at the craps table and bet on 7.

Weird, right. Why do you have to stake all your money in one single bet?

But looks like lady luck is on his side, he then won another $777,000. Then, he stuffed all his winnings into his empty suitcase and left. His ambition had been to bet $1 million. That is why he returned three years later with over $500,000. Once again Bergstrom, win big before disappearing.

Finally, Bergstrom made his $1 million bets in March 1984. Sadly, he lost all his money. Unfortunately, Bergstrom could not accept his defeat and committed suicide a few days later. Even though the ending is sad, still, he is remembered as one of the greatest gamblers in Vegas history.

Weirdest Bets Ever: Reporting Naked on Air

After losing a bet, weather-woman Doria Tillier had to deliver the forecast in the nude to French viewers. The 27-year-old reporter did not think France would qualify for the 2014 World Cup. Therefore, she made a bet to present the weather forecast “au naturel” if they did.

The French team made it to the World Cup in Brazil. This is why you can imagine how the ratings soared when Tillier kept her promise. Then, took off her clothes and ran across a field for the cameras during her weather segment.

For better or worse – Would you dare to bet your wife in the game of chance?

weirdest bets ever
Would you dare to bet your wife in the game of chance?

Well, looks like a desperate and confident gambler is all set to make the weirdest bets ever in history. In particular, Andre Karpov has decided to his wife’s vow to the test. The risk of betting his wife in a poker game against Sergey Brodov. When his wife learned about it, she immediately filed for divorce against Karpov.

Unfortunately, Karpov landed up losing that bet. And in yet another bizarre twist to an already bizarre situation, his wife or ex-wife eventually married Brodov. Although Sergey Brodov had already “won” her, he still gets the girl. Well, some guys have all the yeah?

If you’re thinking about doing something drastic but want to stay married to your wife, you might want to stick to betting in a live casino in Singapore instead.

Deceiving Death… and the State

Arthur King-Robinson, who is 91 years old, has made the weirdest bets ever in 2005. He bet £500 that he would be dead by the end of the year at 6:1 odds.

Bookmaker William Hill accepted this ominous bet of the former solicitor. He does this to make an effort to sidestep a £3,000 inheritance tax. Arthur King-Robinson’s estate would have been subject to the tax if he died by December 6, 2005. The bleak scenario took a brighter turn when King-Robinson did not die. Aside from avoiding the death tax, the bookmaker also pocketed £500.

A rarity in Sports Racing

Some people have an uncanny ability to recognize talent when they see it. In 1998, Richard Hopkins accompanied his son to a go-kart racetrack, where he was blown away by a young racer named Lewis Hamilton.

His admiration for the child prompted him to place three wagers:

  • Hopkins staked £200 on Lewis Hamilton winning a Formula One race by the age of 23. This was a 22:1 bet.
  • He staked £100 that Lewis Hamilton would win the Formula One World Championship by the age of 25. This was a 500:1 bet.
  • Hopkins also staked £50 that both of his previous wagers would come true. This was a 1500:1 bet.

As weird as it may sound, but Mr. Hopkins predicted it all true. Mr. Hopkins received a total payout of over £165,000 after Hamilton won his first race at the age of 22 and went on to win his first world title at the age of 23.

weirdest bets ever
Weird but would you dare bet on the future?

How about you?

Have you made the weirdest bets ever in your life? We hope that you won’t make any ridiculous bets that you will regret. Remember that gambling should be fun and it should not harm you or anybody else around you. Even if you are a daredevil, want’s to make outrageous bets in your life, just consider the people around you.

Weirdest Bets Ever FAQ:

In 1980, a gentleman walked into a Las Vegas casino carrying $777,000 in cash in his suitcase. This man is William Leen Bergstrom. He bet it all on the toss of dice at a craps table. When he won and doubled his money, he left the casino without a fuss. Then, throws his winnings in the trunk of his car.

Sports, politics, television, and film are all well-known betting markets these days. However, you can also wager on a much broader range of topics than just those. This includes the weirdest bets ever like betting on UFOs, Cheese rolling, WWE, Pesapallo, Ferret Bingo, and more.

In the history of sports betting, those who have the most luck at the races have the most wins. With a little knowledge and a lot of luck and faith, Conor Murphy turned $75 into $1.5 million. Kerry Packer’s $2 million bets in 1987 did not pan out. If you want to place your wager, visit one of our recommended sports betting in Singapore.