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Good Luck Animals: What animals bring good luck when gambling?

Since forever, most people believe in good luck and fortune. Thus, it has always been part of our everyday life. Yet, some people also would argue that there is no such thing as “luck”, instead, only chance events. Whether that is true or not, the truth remains the same. Beliefs surrounding luck revolve around animals that are believed to be lucky. That is why we decided to explore and make a list of good luck animals for gambling. You might interest in Gambling winning Tax guide.

What is luck?

By definition, luck is a combination of events, circumstances, and other things. Those are operating by chance to bring good or ill to a person. Either it is positive or negative; the concept of luck is a universal element of every culture.

Besides, our ideas and habits about being lucky are often the remainders of the past. In addition, it is a way of creating some kind of logic for our lack of understanding of how the world works. Oftentimes, we tend to make uncertainty hypotheses for unsure outcomes. Thus, we refer to this a luck as we try to find a way to control it.

Top 7 Good Luck Animals for Gambling

Rabbits – Good Luck Animals

good luck animals
What animals bring good luck?

In the English cultures, the rabbit has always been the most coveted animals. It is customary to utter the word “RABBIT” 3x the first thing when you wake up on the 1st day of the month for good luck. In addition, children receive white rabbits as a gift to ensure they would live a prosperous life. In various cultures, this good luck animal symbolizes prosperity and fertility.

Moreover, this belief does exist worldwide. Not only in Europe and in China, they believe in rabbit and good fortune to Africa and America. On top of that, carrying an amulet of “Rabbit’s left foot” also brings good luck for gamblers. Most of them would be walked into online casino Singapore carrying this lucky charm in their pocket.

Do you want to test if this good luck animal works?

Then, carry one and head over to your favorite online casino Singapore. Moreover, play the White Rabbit Slot. We wish you all the luck in this world.

Goldfish – one of the animals that bring good luck

Oftentimes, you may think “Short Memory” when you first hear the word “GOLDFISH”. However, did you know that it also means copiousness and fertility? In Ancient Greece, these good luck animals bring good fortune in relationships and marriage. Aside from that, this lucky fist is one of the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha.

It is believed that when you caught goldfish, in Slavic cultures, your wishes will come true. Not just one wish but all three of them.

In Feng Shui, this lucky fish is also present. They believed it brings good luck because of its movement resembling the chi energy. Although, there is no specific number of goldfish that you should own. Many believed that uneven numbers do attract energy that is more positive.

Do you want to test if these animals do bring good luck?

Try your luck at your favorite online casino Singapore. Then, try the famous Golden Fish Tank Slot and start catching your luck.

Does goldfish brings good luck in gambling?


For various reasons, frogs are believed to be lucky. People believed it brings good fortune and prosperity because they associated it with rain. Why? People believed that when it rains, the crops would grow. Then, the people will no longer be hungry. Aside from prosperity, the frog symbolized fertility as well as safe travels.

That is why you see people keeping a three-legged money frog in their homes. So that these good luck animals bring fortune and prosperity to their homes. Based on the legendary story, Lu-Hai saved a three-legged frog from a well. In gratitude, the frog always brings a golden coin to Lu-Hai every day. Moreover, this 3-legged frog figurine attracts positive energy.

What animals bring good luck?

A frog will surely never go out of the list. So wherever you go, remember to bring this lucky charm with you. So that you will be protected from your journey.

Moreover, bring this frog lucky charm if you want to gamble. You will never know, the good fortune will pour down on you when you play NetEnt’s Super Lucky Frog slot!

good luck animals
Is frog a lucky animal?


In Hinduism and many Asian cultures, the elephant is a very sacred symbol. The elephants symbolize good luck, power, strength, and wisdom. Aside from that, they are thought to bring:

  • Protection
  • Prosperity to the house
  • Love
  • Academic success
  • Fertility
  • Wealth
Does elephants symbolizes good fortune and prosperity?

We know that is hard to have a real elephant as your pet. However, you can display images and figurines to your home and offices. Moreover, you can try your luck with the super exciting Pink Elephants slot on your favorite online casino Singapore.


Are you looking for animals that bring good luck?

Why not raise these cute and huggable little creatures – the cats. In Ancient Egypt, this sacred animal symbolizes good luck. Many believe that black cats are a bad fortune. However, many Japanese people display black cat statues in their homes and office. Because they believe that, it brings good luck and fortune to the owner.

In addition, do you remember the famous Japanese white cat – Maneki-Neko? Japanese believes these cats with raised paws bring good luck and prosperity.

Wondering if this animal brings good luck to your gambling?

Then, try your luck to one of the online slots with the Fortune Cat theme.

good luck animals
Does cat brings good luck to your gambling?

Bugs and Beetles

Have you heard about lucky scarab beetles?

Well, these famous amulets of shape scarab beetles are considered lucky. In Ancient Egypt, it is believed to be the protector of one’s heart. Also, it brings joy and prosperity.

In Europe, they believe that you are lucky when a ladybug lands. You must stay still then, count the bugs’ black spots. They believe that the number of spots reveals how many months of full good luck you’ll enjoy. Moreover, you should make a wish before they fly away. For some, the number of spots reveals how many months it will take for your wish to come true.

Meanwhile, if a ladybug lands on you, do not ever harm them. Some believe harming this lucky insect will bring bad energy following you.

What animals are good luck for gambling?

The ladybugs surely bring good luck and prosperity. If you want to test if this is true, try your luck in one of the Bettle Jewels slots powered by iSoftBet.

Does Ladybug brings good fortune?

Pigs – Good Luck Animals

From China to Germany, pigs are considered animals that bring good luck, fertility, and fortune. The truth is Chinese believe that it brings huge wealth when used correctly. Moreover, you can attract positive energy by wearing colors that symbolize metal and fire. This includes:

  • White
  • Golden
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink

Aside from that, the piggy bank symbolizes money symbols. Thus, feeding it with coins is a sign of having a stable financial future. In China, they believe carrying pig talisman also attracts plenty of good luck for a self-employed person. Furthermore, you can also attract good fate when carrying this animal talisman all the time.

good luck animals
Does a pig symbolizes luck?

Do you want to check if these good luck animals bring good fortune?

Try playing the thematic video slot Piggies and the Wolf by Playtech.

Whether you believe in good luck animals, charms, colors, or numbers, it is important to improve your gambling skills. You must never rely upon the success of your game in pure luck. You must also have the knowledge and skills for the game you are playing.

Good Luck Animals FAQs:

People believe in good luck animals that bring good fortunes to whoever owns them. The most famous on the list of lucky animals are rabbits, elephants, goldfish, pig, ladybug, cat, and frog.

Asian people believe in Elephants, cranes, and crickets bring good luck. While in South America, they believe that a fish – kantrop, brings good luck. In Africa and Europe, the animals that bring good luck are rabbits, goldfish, and beetles.

In Western Europe, they believe that the rabbit’s foot could be charmed. Thus, it helps one lead a charmed and prosperous life. The rabbit foot was a phallic symbol. Moreover, it represents good fortune, increased fertility, and brings a bountiful harvest. Furthermore, the Celtic tribes believe that this animal spent so much time underground. Thus, they could communicate with spirits and gods. Naturally, carrying the rabbit’s left feet would be lucky and prosperous.