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Poker Personality Test Part 2: The 16 Personalities Strategies

The 16 personalities strategies are essential to your gambling habits. By doing so, you will learn how each type of personality influences the games and strategies. Also, it helps you understand yourself better. All it takes for these changes is just hanging out here and enjoying ourselves! In addition, it helps you understand who you are. 

Find out your personality type and what it means to you as a gambler. Moreover, we will show how each of the sixteen types influences gambling behavior. We have learned that different games are best for different types of people. Therefore, we recommend these games based on this information. Here is the continuation of the Poker personality test part 1. 

The True Methodologists: Who are the Sentinels?

The Sentinels are made up of four types, namely:

  • ISTJ
  • ISFJ
  • ESTJ
  • ESFJ

They are linked together by their shared traits of observation and judgment. In addition, the Sentinel personality type is the most RESPONSIBLE and STRUCTURED. Thus, they are ready to work in groups and follow the rules. These people are often self-motivated. Moreover, they mostly prefer to adhere to tried-and-true methods to trying something new.

However, that has not to say they are not willing to take chances now and then.

Nonetheless, they would prefer to follow a system and rationale than improvise. Even if, they were being impulsive or dangerous. This group is the least likely to take a risk. But if they find games that they can be systematic in, then they might like it. As a result, games like Poker or Blackjack are perfect casino games for them. In these games, they can fully utilize their abilities.

16 Personalities Strategies: ISTJ Personality (The Logistician) 

Popularly known as The Serious Players. The ISTJ personality type is thought to be one of the most common. They are characterized as being responsible, serious, and always following the rules. Moreover, ISTJs are not impulsive nor risk-takers. Quite the opposite, they prefer to first check and analyze all the facts before taking action. 

They aThey do not rely on anyone for anything. They think that relying on someone is a sign of weakness. So, even while working as part of a group, ISTJs are typically observed working alone, focused on completing their goal. Therefore, ISTJs would not engage in any gambling activity until they had all of the data. At the same time, they must have weighed all of the benefits and drawbacks. As a result, individuals may discover that they are more suited to systematic games like poker.

Some players are good at poker. We think that people with these types of personalities. Since there are so many games that would be good at it: ISTJs. They will analyze everything and make the best moves possible to win the game. Online games are a good option for people who want to play and not be distracted. You may want to play something like Casino Hold’Em since there is no distraction when you are playing and can focus better.

16 Personalities Strategies: Sentinels: ISFJ Personality

16 personalities strategies
Who are the Perfectionist players in the 16 personalities strategies?

Often tagged as The Perfectionist Players or The Defender. They are one of the 16 gaming personalities strategies that are the most RESPONSIBLE and HARDWORKING. In addition, they work hard to go beyond. Therefore, they can meet or exceed the people’s expectations. Furthermore, ISFJs can also become extreme perfectionists. Wherein, they constantly criticize their work.

Nonetheless, they are undeniably goal-oriented. Although, we cannot say that ISFJs like contests. When it comes to gambling, they are most likely to perform better in RNG games. Thus, they would prefer Blackjack games because of their practical and observational talents.

Poker Personality Test: ESTJ Personality

Popularly known as The Calculative Players or The Executive. These type of gamblers often adheres to their moral code of what is good and wrong at all times. Moreover, they are extremely aware of their environment. Aside from that, ESTJs make it a point to learn all the information about anything that directly or indirectly affects them. 

Furthermore, ESTJs would analyze and evaluate their chances of success before starting to work on a project. So, if it’s high, then they will devise a strategy. So, they can get to work straight immediately. On the other hand, if they think that their efforts will not result in the intended results, then they may postpone them. Thus, they will wait for the perfect timing to resume the project. 

Due to this, we cannot whether ESTJs love gambling. They will only play casino games only to satisfy their needs to win. Notably, these types of poker personalities would never choose games based on pure luck only. Instead, they calculates the odds and probabilities of winning before they can make judgments. 

So, what are a type of online casino games they would play?

Poker and Blackjack games are ideal for them. It is because the ESTJs enjoy analyzing probability and devising tactics. These games involve strategies and intelligence. 

Furthermore, they would also like to play at a live dealer online casino Singapore. This is due to the reason that it would allow them to engage in some social interaction with other players. 

Still, the mind of a gambler is like this. They will only put in money if they are sure that they will win.

Poker Personality Test: ESFJ Personality (The Practical Players) 

Usually called as The Consul. This poker personality is one of the most popular types in the world. They may be immediately identified by their superior social abilities. Because of that, it makes them popular among their peers. 

These players are real philanthropists who are guided only by their faith in:

  • Law
  • Tradition
  • Authority

They want to have control over the situation. If they cannot do that, it will make them feel anxious.

So, how are ESFJs in gambling?

16 personalities strategies
How are the ESFJs in gambling?

When it comes to gambling, The Consuls like games that enable them to engage with other people. At the same time, it allows them to practice their skills. That is why, instead of playing at a traditional casino, they would rather play at a live dealer casino. In addition, they are most likely to play Caribbean Stud Poker in online casinos in Singapore. They can also enjoy the online gambling experience of Dragon Tiger online. These games often allow them to have more control over the game as well as they can make their judgments.

The 16 Personalities Strategies: The True Adventurers – The Explorers

The Explorers features four gaming personalities:

  • ISTP
  • ISFP
  • ESTP
  • ESFP

True Adventurers commonly have OBSERVANT and PROSPECTING characteristics. Thus, they often stand out as the most SPONTANEOUS and ADVENTUROUS Poker players. The explorers don’t always need to find logic and assurance in every situation.

Instead, they are at ease with a little amount of turmoil in their lives and making rash judgments. So, it is no surprise that they like experimenting with new things. Aside from that, they are always searching for ways to shake up their routine.

So, it is no surprise that these type of players loves and enjoys gambling. In addition, they like relying only on chance. Besides, they regard the trills as an adventure. Therefore, Singapore online casino games like Roulette and Video slots appeal to them the most. This is because they do not have control over the game. Instead, they are only relying on lady luck to win.

16 Personalities Strategies: The ISTP Personality

Popularly known as The Spontaneous Players or The Virtuoso. These Poker personality types are naturally IMPULSIVE, CURIOUS, and FUN-LOVING people. They like discovering new difficult hobbies. At the same time, enjoys exploring and creating new things. 

However, the personality of ISTPs is a little erratic. Thus, they like their independence and frequently act without thinking about the side effects. 

In addition, they do not like being bound by a set of norms. Instead, they enjoy having the freedom to make their own decisions in both their professional and personal lives. Having said that, it is not surprising to know that ISTPs enjoy gambling. They are good at it.

However, The Spontaneous Players seldom play casino games with the chance to win money. Rather, they are staking for the pleasure and excitement that gambling online provides. Due to this, they would probably attempt to play casino games like:

  • Video slots
  • RNG roulette 
  • Live dealer roulette 

These games are perfect for them if they want to test their luck. However, if they want to use their logical thinking, they can play Texas Hold ‘Em. The ISTPs would be successful playing this game since they will know exactly what to do. Thus, they can wager precisely the appropriate amount of money to make a respectable profit.

16 Personalities Strategies: ISFP Personality

16 personalities strategies
What casino games are suitable for Competitive players?

Often known as The Competitive Players or The Adventurer. These poker players are genuine artists who love defying social conventions and violating the rules. Moreover, they like putting their ideas, occupations, and social relationships to the test. In addition, The Competitive Players often seek out dangerous activities to test their limits. At the same time, for them to experience intense emotions. By doing so, these players typically perform well while in a thrilling situation. If you fall into the category of ISFPs then you must, however, be cautious not to overdo it. Notably, ISFPs are not planners; they like to make tiny plans regarding their projects and ideas.

So, it is not surprising to hear that ISFPs uses gambling to fuel their interests. Needless to say, The Competitive Players are both good at both RNG and live dealer games. In the same manner, they can very well play Casino Hold ‘em, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Blackjack. 

Poker Personality Type: ESTP Personality 

Often called The Risky Players or The Entrepreneur. These gamblers are rational people who enjoy being the center of attention. In addition, they are the ones who often employ their smart minds for abstract thought and conversation. 

Furthermore, these ESTP personalities enjoy drama and enjoy being in the middle of the actions. Notably, they do not do it to satisfy their emotional demands. Rather, they do it to test their rational minds. For the same reason, ESTPs are more inclined to engage in dangerous activities or circumstances.

16 Personalities Strategies: What casino games are perfect for them?

The ESTPs’ highly developed perception helps them to detect nuances and changes. Thus, it allows them to succeed in nearly every activity they are engaged in. That is why Entrepreneurs enjoy gambling. They love the way it challenges their smart minds. 

While being very reasonable and analytical, this personality type would most likely avoid riskier games such as:

  • Video slots
  • Roulette
  • Wheel of Fortune

In reality, they would only play these games because they want to put their wits and emotions to the test.

16 Personalities Strategies: ESFP Personality

Often called The Careless Players or The Entertainer. This type of Poker personality is the last on the out list and they are perhaps the most impulsive among them all. In addition, they surely enjoy being in the:

  • Spotlight
  • Socializing
  • Appreciating

However, these types of gamblers cannot follow plans. Instead, they want to be challenged emotionally and intellectually. Even though someone will demonstrate the benefits of repeated steps, still, they detest it. Instead, they are striving to avoid it. They often participate in the situation without using their logic. Rather, they will dive blinded and just hope for the best. 

As a result, The Careless Players are more inclined to engage in gambling as their pastime. Furthermore, they are constantly willing to try new things. The ESFPs would happily take advantage of this chance. It is because online casinos in Singapore provide so many gaming options today.

Among the 16 personalities strategies, who are the most impulsive casino players?

Also, the ESFPs love the excitement of winning. That is why they love playing hundreds of video slots available in Singapore. However, let us not rule out Live Dealer casino games like:

  • Immersive Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette 
  • BlackjackStill, keep in mind that
  • Baccarat

These Singapore online casino games arouse their competitive spirit.

Personalities Strategies FAQs:

The Analysts are the Architect, Logician, Commander, and Debater in the poker personality test. The Architect is a creative and strategic thinker. Logicians are creative thinkers who have an intense quest for knowledge. The Commander, on the other hand, is a creative, daring, and strong-willed leader. They also constantly find a method or try to invent one. Furthermore, the Debater is an inquisitive thinker who is also intelligent. Furthermore, they are incapable of resisting an intellectual challenge.

Among the 16 personalities strategies, the INFJ personality type is the most uncommon. If you fall are in this INFJ personality type, you are a one-of-a-kind individual. In truth, only about 1% of the overall population falls into this group.

One of the most widely used personality tests is the Myers-Briggs type indicator. The assessment has a 95% accuracy rate and a 95% average test-retest correlation. As a result, they are one of the most trustworthy and accurate personality tests accessible.