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The 10 best nightclubs and bars in Singapore

Are you planning a night-out getaway in Singapore? Then, prepare yourself for the unforgettable nightlife experiences in Singapore. The best nightclubs are located in the city centre. So, you do not have to travel for long. Instead, you can easily have a meal on Club Street then head to Marina Bay. After enjoying your cocktail while enjoying the view, then end up dancing at the Clarke Quay.

Conveniently enjoy the top Singapore bars and best nightclubs

Before, the country is famous for being sterile. But, the Lion City has been shaking off the enigma of housing overpriced hub of commerce. Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of some of the top Singapore bars and clubs, the country now is Southeast Asia’s nightlife mecca. You can conveniently visit and enjoy the hottest Singapore nightlife clubs all on the same night.

Aside from that, the country houses the most glamorous clubs that host international DJs. This also includes secret dive bars and excellent night parties. So, when you visit the country do not forget to check out the 10 best nightclubs in Singapore.

Ten best nightclubs and bars in Singapore

1. Clarke Quay

When you are looking for a place to go for evening drinks, it will usually start at Clarke Quay. This place is a top favorite among locals and tourists. Moreover, Clarke Quay houses the best location in the city. You can enjoy the picturesque body of water with the shadow of the towered CBD skyline in the background. That is why this place is good for nightlife.

2. Marina Bay Sands Casino

Who would not love the Marina Bay Sands?

Of course, everyone loves Marina Bay Sands Casino. This place is truly the real focal point of Singapore when it comes to tourism, nightlife, and gaming. This massive complex looks wonderful in the daytime. Even so, it also looks great when the place hits the dark. You cannot ask for more when you are at this place. With its uber-cool bar, shopping malls, 24-hour casino.

Are you feeling lucky and want to bet all through the night?

This iconic place features almost 500 gaming tables and 1,600 slot machines. Moreover, it has more than 30 private gaming rooms. When you get tired of gaming, you can head up to the Sands Sky Park. Here, you can enjoy the awesome and jaw-dropping view of the city. Also, witness the fun-filled night happening at many rooftop clubs around the city.

3. Zouk – Best nightclubs in Singapore

Do you love to dance the night out? Then, you should never miss the nightlife at Zouk. This is an award-winning venue that features the hottest international DJs.

Zouk is tagged as the grandfather of all nightclubs in Singapore. Moreover, has been operating for over 20 years now. This massive converted warehouse houses three interconnecting clubs into one best nightclub.

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What are hottest night clubs in Singapore?

Searching for Singapore nightlife clubs?

Zouk is the best place to be when you want to party. Here, you can dance your night away until the wee hours of the morning. Enjoy the diverse music night experience as you jump happily from zone to zone each night.

4. Rooftop Bars

Rooftop bars are booming in the country like its neighboring country in Asia. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the most iconic skylines in the world.


The 1-Altitude rooftop bar is the highest among the bunch. Moreover, it offers a more exciting club vibe as the night progresses. 1-Altitude has the most wonderful alfresco spot that could not imagine. Here, you can experience the most incredible and best nightclubs experience in Singapore.

If you want a more laid-back and luxurious best nightclubs, do check out KU DÉ TA at Marina Bay Sands.

LeVel33 – Singapores’ best nightclubs

Of course, you should also visit LeVeL33. This Singapore nightlife club is the highest microbrewery in the world. LeVel33 offers their guest a chance to sip their tasty homemade beer. And take advantage of the view across Marina Bay.

What are the Singapore nightlife clubs that I should visit?


If you are a real sushi-lover, add Kinki to your list of nightclubs in Singapore. Kinki is one of the best rooftop bars in Lion City. Enjoy eating the delectable sushi and sashimi treats with some hap hazardously placed fairy lights on the background. Moreover, enjoy the music from the live bands playing against that stunning Marina Bay backdrop.

5. Orchard Road

This place is good for a nightlife adventure. Although the place is popular for its malls, you can unleash the party animal spirit on you during the night. The whole area of Orchard Road houses sophisticated bars after dark. Moreover, it is the best place for lavish pre-party lounges and fully-fledged clubs.

Furthermore, make sure to check out Emerald Hill Road, too. It is located beside Orchard Central. Here, you can find the best spot for a cheeky post-mall cocktail or draft beer.

6. Sentosa Beach Bars

Cannot wait until midnight to start the nightlife party? Well, you should head on to one of the top Singapore bars and clubs. Sentosa Beach Bars are the place to be when you want to kick off the party in the mid-afternoon. With Sentosa Island, you can enjoy the sumptuous Ibiza-style beach bars. Also, have fun with the weekend parties that often run through to the small hours.

If you are looking for the liveliest spots in Singapore, then head to Azzura Beach Club. You can also check out Tanjong Beach Club. This place holds monthly beach parties that most tourist surely enjoys. So, what are you waiting for look forward to Smack My Beach Up and have some fun? Also, do not forget to mark in your calendar the much-awaited Full Steam Ahead beach party every month.

7. Club Street – Chinatown

Club Street in Chinatown is tagged as the foodie paradise. But it is now emerging as a nightlife hotspot. After dark, the place is busy with people hopping from one bar to another.

8. Holland Village

Who would have thought that this place has an alter ego after dark? The out-of-town vibes of Holland Village transform into a nightlife spot as the sun goes down. Here, you can find more local crowds and ex-pats than a tourist can. Still, you will surely enjoy its best nightclub activities. The nightlife experience starts along “Lorong Mambong”. Then, continues to its quickly and cool pop-up bars. Moreover, you can also enjoy its occasional street parties and fancy alfresco restaurants.

9. Geylang

Geylang also houses the best bars and clubs in Singapore. If you just want to simply enjoy and buy drinks then go visit the innocent(ish) bars and clubs in Geylang.

However, this notorious district has a seedy-side also. In the south of Geylang Road, you can find “Massage” parlours and dodgy karaoke joints. Besides, the place has a line of host bars.

Top Singapore bars and clubs to visit

10. Gardens by the Bay

Tired of nigh-time activities in the Lion City. Then, head to Gardens by the Bay. In the daytime, you can enjoy spectacular views of giant tree structures in this futurist park. Moreover, at night, it offers a completely new level of nightlife activities. Have a spectacular view of the Super Tree Grove that is brilliantly illuminating with kaleidoscope colors.

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Best Nightclubs and Casino FAQs

Do you want to experience all the fun that Singapore has to offer? Well, Lion City offers more than the best bars and clubs. The country also houses outstanding casino establishments. Wherein, you can enjoy the nightlife activities like gambling, drinking, and partying.

Of course, yes. Singapore is known as Southeast Asia’s nightlife mecca. And you can experience vibrant nightlife activities in the country. From glitzy nightclubs up to award-winning bars, there is no dull moment in Singapore.

One word. Diverse. The nightlife scene in Lion City is very diverse. You can have the best nightclub experience from the top Singapore bars and clubs. Not only that, but you can also have fun in their casinos.