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Ways to choose your lucky lotto numbers and win the jackpot

Are you looking for ways to increase your chance of winning the lottery at trusted online casino Singapore? People think that the lottery is a game of chance. Well, the truth is there is a strategy that you can use to increase the chance of winning. Others consider that their birthdays are their lucky lotto numbers. On the other side, people believe the number 8 is lucky based on Chinese culture.

Most people want to win in a lottery or take home the jackpot. However, playing in a lottery is a gamble and you do not know what would be the results, right? Well, you need to keep an eye and those most common lottery numbers. Nevertheless, before anything else. You need to know how the lottery works to increase your odds of taking home the jackpot.

How does the lottery work?

For you to win in a lottery at top online casino Singapore, the numbers you have pick must match the numbers drawn. After buying a ticket, you need to select a set of numbers called a “line”. Moreover, this line can be a set of 3-7 numbers from 1-45 or 1-50, depending on the lottery game that you are playing. Besides, the more your numbers match the numbers, the more chance that you could win. Likewise, for you to take home the jacket, all your numbers must exactly be matched to the numbers drawn.

When you are planning to play a lottery in a Singapore online casino, you need to set a budget. More often than not, you lose more than winning the jackpot. That is why you need to set a budget of how much you are willing to spend on the lottery. After that, choose the type of lottery game you are going to play. Your odds of winning depend on how many numbers must be matched. In addition, the range of the numbers from the lottery you are playing.

Keep in mind that the lottery jackpot that you can take home depends on the number of winning tickets. Therefore, if two winning tickets have won the same set of numbers, then you need to divide the jackpot into two.

How to pick lucky lotto numbers?

Even though playing the lotto is a game of chance. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you cannot have a way of picking lucky lotto numbers. You can pick lucky lotto numbers scientifically or mathematically. You also have an option to choose random numbers or go with the traditional lucky numbers. Either way, you can experiment with all the options. You will never know when will the lady luck smiles on you.

Ways to choose lucky lotto numbers

Method 1: Choose the most winning lottery numbers

If you have a chance to look up the all-time frequencies, then do so. As much as possible, analyze the numbers based on a large period. Although there is no clear way to identify the winning number. Look up both for the frequent and less frequent winning number.

Yet, you will notice that the most winning lottery numbers they are, the more likely they to remain frequent. However, ensure that you are only looking at the right frequency chart of the game you want to play. Of course, there is a big difference if you are looking at the stats of Powerball and Mega Millions.

Choose your lucky lotto numbers according to the frequency chart.

After studying the numbers in the frequency chart of the winning number, you need to review the odds. You should review the odds for those most winning lottery numbers as well as the numbers between.

You can select a lucky lotto number based on the most frequently drawn numbers. When you notice the few numbers stand out among the rest, consider including them on your list.

You can also select numbers from the list of less frequently drawn. Although this might seem counterintuitive, you can still consider this. There is a big chance that you can with your picks alone. Simply because other people are busy picking the most frequently drawn numbers.

lucky lotto numbers
How to choose your lucky lotto numbers according to the frequency chart?

Accept that each number has an equal chance of being picked.

In a lottery, all the lottery balls are checked and weighed. Therefore, you can rest assured that they have an equal chance of winning. Although when you are looking at the frequency chart, there are numbers that tend to be drawn. Still, each number has an equal chance of being picked.

Method 2: Use the Delta System to pick your lucky winning numbers

Learning the Delta System is picking lucky winning numbers

The Delta Lotto method is one of the ways to win the lottery. Moreover, it is based on the statistical study of numbers that are close to each other. Some records winning lottery numbers are derived according to this method. To say, winning lotto numbers are based on research. Still, there is no guarantee that you are going to hit the jackpot if you use the Delta System.

Choosing the lowest number

In Delta System, the number should be ranging from 1-5. For example, you choose number 1. This number is part of the winning delta number and has a 60% chance of winning. However, you can still choose any low number in the series of 1-5.

You delta pick: 1

Picking 2 numbers between 1-8

After picking your first number, you need to choose 2 numbers between 1-8. You can also choose consecutive numbers or any of the combinations. For example, you pick 3 and 5.

Your delta pick: 1-3-5

Selecting a number close to 8

Here, you can select a number below or above the number 8. For example, you select the number 9.

Your delta pick: 1-3-5-9

Randomly pick 2 number combination between 8-15

In this step, you need to select a number away from each other. You can now choose your favorite number that comes in the range of 8 and 15. Keep in mind not to select a smaller number. Let us say you select a lucky lotto number of 11 and 13.

Your delta pick: 1-3-5-9-11-13

After selecting all your delta numbers, you now have a 6-digit lucky lotto number.

Adding up all the numbers on your delta pick.

Now that you know the sum of your delta pick, you need to ensure that it will not go over the highest number allowed in the lotto games you are playing. So for your delta pick: 1+3+5+9+11+13=42. We got a sum of 42 and you are playing in a 6/56 lotto number. Your delta pick is ok. However, if the sum is over 56, you need to reselect the sum of your number combination. Just make sure that the sum will not exceed 56.

Rearranging your delta pick

When it comes to the Delta system, it does not necessarily that need to be in sequential order. You can change the sequence and try some different variations.

How to use the Delta System to pick your lucky winning numbers?

Writing down your final delta pick

After rearranging the sequence, you can now use it in creating your lucky lotto numbers. Then write down the first number in the sequence. This number will remain unchanged throughout this process.

Let us say you have a series of 5-1-3-11-13-9

  • Your first lucky lottery number is 5.
  • Add your 1st lucky number to the 2nd delta number in the series. Then, this will be your second lucky number: 5+1=6.
  • Afterward, add your 2nd lucky number to the 3rd delta number in the series. This will be your third lucky number: 6+3=9.
  • Add the 3rd lucky number to the 4th delta number in the series. Then, this will be your fourth lucky lotto winning number: 9+11=20.
  • Add the 4th lucky number to your 5th delta pick. This will be your fifth lotto number: 20+13=33.
  • Then, add the 5th lotto number to your 6th delta number. This will serve as your sixth and final lotto winning number. 33+9=42.

In summary, we have the final lottery number of 5-6-9-20-33-42. What is more, you are now ready to bet on your lucky lotto numbers.

Method 3: Choosing lucky numbers that are significant to you

If you believe that your birthday or special events in your life are your lucky numbers, then feel free to bet on them.

  • Birthday
  • Age
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Special occasions

Moreover, you can also pick numbers that are commonly picked in a lottery-like number 7 and 11. After establishing your winning number combination, be sure to stick with it.

Method 4: Using random numbers from lucky number generators

Using lucky number generators is the simplest way to come up with lucky winning numbers. It can be based on numerology or outright randomness alone.

Lucky Lotto Numbers FAQs:

Many people believe that the number 7 is a lucky number. Moreover, almost 25% of lotto players who chose this number end up winning the biggest jackpots.

Yes, according to Richard Lustig, you can put the odds in your favor. Lustig figured out that there are certain patterns in every lottery game. That is why he consistently wins in almost 20 years now. Therefore, you cannot say some people do have all the luck. To win in a lottery, it is just a matter of how you play.

Lottery jackpots are mostly progressive. Meaning when no one wins the jackpot today, it will roll over between successive draws. That is why it became larger and larger. In addition, one or more winners can win lottery jackpots.