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God of Gamblers: Who are the Deities of Luck and Fortune?

If we will go back to the history of gambling, we will see that ancient cultures love to gamble. Up to the point that their decision-making depends on the outcome of dice. They often threw coins to resolve their conflicts, earn freedom, or regain possessions. However, it was not easy to put all their luck on a bet. That is why ancient people turned their hopes to the god of gamblers for help.

God of Gambling: Why gamblers believe on them?

They turn to deities of good luck and good fortune when they wish good odds upon themselves. They even pray to Lady Luck – the elusive mistress to smile on them. And let the hands of supernatural power help them win. However, the god of gamblers is often associated with trickery and mischief. Some of this playful gods/goddesses are light-hearted. While other deities have led to world-shattering events.

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God of Gambling: Why gamblers believe on them?

Many people still believe in the gods of gamblers and deities of luck. We all know that gamblers are a superstitious bunch. From luck animals, charms, numbers, and colors, they all believe in good luck and fortune. Gamblers often pray to various deities for luck in the online casino Singapore and at the poker table and also having lucky lotto numbers. However, which gods of luck and fortune can you turn to?

God of Gamblers: Where to Turn for Divine Luck, Fortune, and Prosperity?       

The Greek God of Gambling: Hermes

We all know that Hermes is the messenger of the gods as well as the guide to the Underworld. However, did you know that he is also the Greek God of Gambling?

Yes, he is the one that most gamblers prayed to before they take part in a gambling game. Apart from that, he is also the Greek God of hazard, earnings, and gaming. Not to mention that he was the also the God of:

  • Road
  • Trading
  • Flocks
  • Commerce
  • Thieves
  • Merchants
  • Wealth
  • Language
  • Crossroads
  • Sports
  • Athletes
  • Boundaries and borders
  • Graves
  • Shepherds

Hermes is the son of Zeus – who is the ruler of the Greek Gods. In Roman Mythology, Hermes is also known as Mercury.

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Searching for the Greek God of Luck?

Searching for the Greek God of Luck?

A lot of people considered Hermes as the protector of human heralds. Apart from that, he is also famous for being a charlatan. Thus, people believe that he can outwit the other Gods and Goddesses for the good of mankind. Hermes can even manipulate the other deities for his reasons.

On top of that, Hermes is a jack of all trades and a master of all. The plethora of things that Hermes is known for, makes him the most unique among the Greek Gods. Because of trickster behavior, he becomes the deity of God of Gamblers.

The Egyptian God of Gambling: Thoth

The Egyptians have their Gods of Gamblers. Aside from having almost the same power as Hermes, Thoth is famous for being the God of Wisdom. Also, Thoth is said to supervise gambling. Not only is that he also popular for being the God of:

  • Writing
  • Science
  • Magic
  • Art
  • Judgment
  • Dead

Searching for the God of Gamblers?

According to Mythology, there are only 360 days in a year. And the Nut was unable to have children because she was sterile during these days. However, Thoth gambled with the Moon in a game of dice for 5 days and won. That is why it became 365 days in a year.

Therefore, it is no surprise when the Ancient Egyptians prayed to Thoth before they place a stake in gambling. Ancient Egyptian performed religious rituals including the throwing of pebbles and sticks. To determine the outcome of a game, they will count the number of objects on the ground. The even number indicates the positive outcome, while the odd for the negative outcome.

Additionally, Thoth is believed to be the judge of godly disputes. Oftentimes, these disputes are resolved through a game of dice.

Searching for the God of Gamblers?

The Roman God of Gamblers, Luck, and Financial Gain: Mercury

Earlier we mentioned that Hermes is also known as Mercury in Roman Mythology. Mercury or Latin Mercurius is the Roman God of Luck and Financial Gain. He is the son of Jupiter. In Roman Mythology, he is the fleet-footed messenger of the gods and goddesses. Aside from that, he is also known as the God of:

  • Merchants
  • Travelers
  • Transporters of goods
  • Protector of thieves and frauds

God of Gamblers?

Mercury also represents luck, poetry, eloquence, and trickery. Moreover, he is believed to be the guide to the underworld.

The Hindu Goddess of Gambling, Wealth, and Fortune: Lakshmi

She is the Hindu’s Goddess of good luck and prosperity. Lakshmi is one of the counselors of Vishnu. In addition, she is believed to held sway over the minds of Gods and men. Her charms attract demons and deities – who fought to win her affection.

Gamblers call her name when they need some good luck on their gambling.

However, what makes men think they can impress this goddess to earn favor on their gambling endeavors?

Well, the entire premise of Lakshmi is to bring material satisfaction and contentment. Apart from signifying wealth, her role in the religion has evolved. Thus, Lakshmi is also associated with the luck that gamblers often seek out.

However, this Goddess used to live with demons before she joined the Gods. That is why her nature is a bit deceitful.

So, do you want to trust your luck to her? Perhaps, she can help you. However, if she deems you unworthy, you better be sorry.

The Slavic God of Fortune and Wealth: Dažbog

Dažbog also kown as Dabog, Dazdbog, and Dajbog. In Slavic Mythology, he is the God of the Sun, Rain, and Flame. He is considered an ancestral deity and a cultural hero in Mythology. Dažbog is known as “Giving God”. If we are going to translate Dažbog literally, it would be “Dispenser of Fortune”.

The Norse Goddess of Luck and Prosperity: Gefion

Aside from being the Goddess of unmarried women, Gefion is also the bringer of good luck and prosperity. In addition, she is known as Goddess for:

  • Investment
  • Intelligence
  • Virginity

The Japanese Gambling Deity: Kangiten

Japan is a land with a prominent gambling culture. For those who seek prosperity, they turn to Kangiten – the God of Gambling. He is associated with knowledge and wisdom.

The gambling deity is wielded with great power. As well as protector above all.

In Japanese lore, Kangiten is said to have a tempestuous character. He is also prone to outbursts. Aside from that, Kangiten was also irritable just like the other Gods of gamblers. God of gamblers? Those who want to take a chance on life worshipped him. This includes actors, geishas, and gamblers.

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Who is the Gambling Deity in Japan?

The Chinese God of Gambling: Nezha (Li-Nezha)

Most of the deities and gods of gamblers are associated with luck, prosperity, and wealth. However, Nezha is listed as God of Gamblers because of despair and downfall. As such, the common fate of gamblers when they lose.

As a God of Gamblers, Nezha is famous for his trickster qualities. Much like Hermes, which often leads Nezha in trouble. People worship him and ask for protection. According to the legend people prayed to him to help them win in lotteries and gambling.

The Greek Goddess of Fortune: Tyche

During the Hellenistic period, Tyche is highly honored and worshipped. She was the tutelary deity of wealth and fortune. Aside from that Tyche is also known as the Goddess of success, luck, and prosperity.

According to Ancient Greeks, Tyche has the power to reward people with extreme amounts of wealth. Aside from that, she also rewards people with riches beyond comprehension.

Furthermore, Ancient Greeks believe that if Tyche was seen with a horn, then, she was ready to reward some good blessings. In contrast, if she was seen balancing on a ball, then, it was a sign of bad luck or misfortune. According to Ancient Greeks, the ball could either move in both direction:

  • Path of riches and wealth
  • Path of misery and bad luck
Who is the Greek Goddess of Fortune?

Aside from that, if the Goddess of Gambling was seen blindfolded, then, it is a sign of:

  • Vein
  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Dread griped

This is why she is also famous as the “Blind Mistress of Fortune”. Just like in gambling where the outcomes are unpredictable, Tyche causes people fortune or fate.  Moreover, Tyche was so adored that the Greek cities. They even build their iconic versions of the original Tyche (Tychai).

God of Gamblers FAQs:

In Greek Mythology, Hermes is the God of gambling. He is famous for his divine trickster of outwitting other gods. Aside from that, they believe that he invented the dice. Thus, gamblers prayed for him for luck and wealth. Hermes is often prayed for before gamblers took a chance on Slots, video poker, roulette, and table games.

St. Cajetan is the patron saint and protector of gamblers. He also helped gamers, document controllers, and the unemployed.

Macuilxochitl is the god of games, gambling, art, dance, feasts, and beauty. The Aztec people pray to him before playing board games and football.