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Poker Chips: How to tell a real casino chip from fake ones?

Casino poker chips an important role in any casino game and online casino Singapore. It symbolizes money in terms of cash in the gambling world. And these chips come in several colors and have a certain value. When you are going to play poker, a unique poker chip is used when you are wagering. Not only that, but it also how players determine who wins the game.

What are casino poker chips?

In brick and mortar casinos, they use poker chips in replacement for cash. So, instead of playing with bills and coins, you need to wager with chips. Also, the more poker chips you have, then the higher stakes you can play.

Casino poker chips are not only used in a casino or in a live casino in Singapore. There is also a private house that utilizes poker chips. That is why you can buy customized poker chips that are monogrammed. Also, there are poker tokens that contain certain pictures or images. With this, it can be hard to distinguish which poker chips are real and not.

But some players buy casino chips and play. They often take for granted if the chips are real or not. And more often than not, they are not aware of counterfeited casino chips.

What is the value of each casino poker chip?

Below are the denomination and color of each casino chip. And the value often depends on the casino that you are playing.

Basic Poker Chip Colors and Standard Values

  • White Poker Chip = $1
  • Pink Poker Chip = $2.50 (This poker chip is rarely used in poker. There are times that it is used in black-jack)
  • Red Poker Chip = $5
  • Blue Poker Chip = $10
  • Green Poker Chip = $25
  • Black Poker Chip = $100
poker chips
What is the value of each casino poker chip?

Full Poker Chip Colors and Standard Values

  • White Poker Chip = $1
  • Yellow Poker Chip = $2 (This color is rarely used in poker games)
  • Red Poker Chip = $5
  • Blue Poker Chip = $10
  • Grey Poker Chip = $20
  • Green Poker Chip = $25
  • Orange Poker Chip = $50
  • Black Poker Chip = $100
  • Pink Poker Chip = $250
  • Purple Poker Chip = $500
  • Yellow Poker Chip = $1000 (Some times is in color burgundy or gray)
  • Light Blue Poker Chip = $2000
  • Brown Poker Chip = $5000

Can you fake casino chips?

Counterfeiting casino chips are hard to imagine. Simply because for over the years, fake poker chips haven’t succeeded. Each chip has an exact color, weight, and design. And not only that, most casinos in the world have customized casino chips that contain their logo. Plus, casino chips are marked with special ink. And it can only be visible using ultraviolet rays. So, you can rest assured that your poker chips are real.

What are the signs of a real casino chip?

A lot of casino players think that casino chips are standardized. It is true for some online casino Singapore, but chips vary from one casino to another. Some say that casino chips should weigh 11.5 grams but this is a myth. There is no standard weight for chips. The truth is poker chips in top casinos range in weight from 8.5 grams up to 10.8 grams.

Real Poker Chips have stamps or markings

All casino chips have a logo, stamps, or markings that or show where they came from. With these markings, you can notice that casino chips are accepted in this area.

And often than not, you cannot use it in other foreign casinos. That said, there are still casinos that will cash “foreign” casino chips for players. Particularly, if the casino abroad is controlled by the same operator. Although, there can be limits to the exchange.

Yet, if the casino does not accept foreign chips. Or, they do not allow exchange, then it will immediately be flagged as fake.

Distinct poker casino chips color

Before, every casino has its colors for the different values of its chips. But today, the colors have become fairly regulated. Still, you can easily tell the fake casino chips to a real one. Every casino has its shade of color making its unique poker chips very distinct from others.

Moreover, the color of the poker tokens does more than simply presenting their value. It also deters fakes. More so, it denotes table limits and indicates signs for the table games. A red casino token indicates that $5 is the smallest wager on that table. While the green chips state that $25 is the accepted smallest bet.

What are the casino chips security features?

Aside from the logo, special markings, and colors, there are methods that casinos used to fight counterfeit. Casino chips security highlights help in protecting the casino’s chips. But it depends on the denomination of the poker tokens. To simply put, the higher the value of the chips, the more sophisticated security features they have.

What are the casino chips security features?

Security Features of Casino Chips

Exclusive usage of poker chips within premises

Once you leave the premise, your poker chips will be useless. A lot of casinos never accept from another casino. By performing this restriction, tracking counterfeit poker chips are easier. Moreover, you cannot use the casino chips in another branch. Some may accept it and some will not.

Sophisticated camera systems in the casino

Security camera aims to fight cheating with the premise. But it also monitors every activity. With an advanced security system, the casino can detect any attempts of using falsified poker tokens.

Laser printed unique poker chips designs

Today a lot of casino uses laser printed images, artwork, and casino logo within the chip. Back in the days, most forged poker chips use inlay graphics. And this design is easy to remove and replicated. But with laser images within the chips, it is impossible to remove and replicates. Also, they use pictures with tiny and delicate details that are hard to detect by untrained eyes.

Using ultraviolet inks in the chips

Another way to differentiate fake from real is the UV inks. A lot of casino uses ultraviolet inks on their chips with low-value. These UV inks are invisible to the naked eyes. And it makes counterfeiting less appealing for criminals because it is expensive.

Poker chips with holographic images

Thanks to the advancement of technology, counterfeiting chips becomes more expensive. The holographic images within make the poker chips more secure and easy to check.

Unique poker chips with laser-etched serial numbers

Today, online casino Singapore are now able to track their chips. Also, it gives them the ability to decommission them when massive theft occurs. So, they do not need to replace all their chips when this incident happens. But instead, they just have to figure out what are the pieces involves in the robbery. The casino will just have to invalidate the lost chips for cash out.

High-valued casino chips have RFID

No matter how sophisticated the security features casino chips have, people still find ways to replicate them. Most especially for chips with a high denomination. Again, thanks to the technology. By using the RFID on poker chips, it is impossible to replicate. The casino can detect the fakes of their central monitoring servers.

Poker Chips FAQs:

Casino poker chips generally come in four types. And they are more prevalent from one another. Plastic, composite clay, composite, and ceramic chips are the common types of chips. There are also metal or pewter chips. But this is very rare to use.

You can distinguish real from fake chips from their markings, or stamps. Holograms, serial numbers, UV markings, and RFID are the advanced features of chips. Although you cannot see it with naked eyes, the casino can tell the fake from real.

Yes, of course. Yet, you cannot use it outside the casino premises. Likewise, if you take home high-value chips, it will be difficult to cash them later. Most likely, you will need to answer a lot of questions. And if you are not able to answer them properly, your chips will end up confiscated.